Какие LED лампы лучше не покупать

Which LED bulb is better not to buy, or why LED bulbs – bad Shine.


I'm Andrew Finashin and you are on the channel, the name of which I have not yet invented Many waited for test – H11, but I've decided to gather more samples for this test.

in order to talk about them in one video.

Today let's talk about the LED lamps.

Which LED lamps worth buying and which are not worth it.

Many people have asked.

Therefore, I decided to remove the video on this topic.

Let's start! Unsuccessful purchase – 1 The first type of lamps that do not have to buy, because it is wasted money.

These lamps.

in this lamp, lots of diodes, they are powerful and everything is distributed to evenly, but huge disadvantage of this lamp is that it will Shine brightly only in the hand, but, inside lights, she will Shine – bad, because none of these diodes will not get into focus, the focal length for the headlamp is of great importance.

Who do not believe, you can remove your halogen bulbs, put crooked, and see how the light is reduced.

The problem is that the headlights have been designed under a halogen lamp, in which the helix has a small area and is located in a well-specified location on the headlamp, and this led bulb will Shine worse, because none of those diodes would not be in the focus point These lamps are leaving the market, they are becoming less and less.

Let's move on to the next lamp.

these lamps are also not worth buying! Unsuccessful purchase – 2 This lamp differs from the previous one, that her, not a lot of small diodes, and one big diode.

A single large diode, it's better than a lot of small, because it is a bit is in focus.

Why partially? because the area of this diode is several times larger than the area of the spiral, conventional light bulbs.

The only part of this diode will work correctly.

The remaining area is approximately 70% of the area will give light where it should not be.

With this lamp, we will be very little to illuminate the road, and another – to blind oncoming.

these lamps is more expensive than the first option but their market is also becoming less because the large diode does not give the desired brightness Now look at a third type of lamp that is not worth buying.

Unsuccessful purchase – 3 In this lamp, too, it is a powerful diode, but the problem is that manufacturers have begun to increase the power diode in order for the led bulb was brighter.

as increases the capacity of the diode, and increases the heating.

The more powerful the diode, the more heat, heat for led lamps is harmful, and it quickly breaks down.

Therefore, to prevent this overheating did not occur, manufacturers have guessed to make a small fan so that it cooled diode.

And that's the problem.

The fan under the hood, adapted where he is working for a long time can not, where dirt, dust and the temperature reaches 100 degrees and above.

if you use these lamps, you need to carry a spare, and they are quite expensive What would happen if the fan, for whatever reason – broke? expensive lamps will decrease the brightness by several times.

since, upon reaching a particular diode temperature – included – the safety mode which allows the diode does not burn, but the light will become weaker.

Cheap Bulb just burn out.


we get, instead of a simple halogen bulbs, we obtain a system with a cooler, wires, radiator, which must be constantly monitored to watch that they do not become clogged.

in my opinion, to use such lamps – stupid.

But even if we imagine that we have a car drive on roads where there is no dust, the engine does not heat up more than 20-30 degrees Even in these conditions, these lights will Shine, very bad Why? I show.

I drew as he could.

you see – halogen and LED lamps.

have a halogen lamp from the spiral, the light diverges into different directions, nothing prevents the light to disperse from the spiral at an angle of 360 degrees, in any direction, all the light goes into the reflector, from him – through the glass – end on the road in the case of led lamp – it is two diodes.

One of them lights one way and the other lights – the other side.

in some places not Shine.

a after you set the lamp.

brightness will decrease.

Because not all parts of the headlights will work.

And another very important point.

LED lamps have the basic brightness is perpendicular.

angle more – light less and less This suggests that part of the reflector – doesn't work.

Unfortunately, information on LED lamps, no one gives.

So I created the group "VKontakte" post, and asked you to comment.

Thanks for responding.

most of you choose – conventional halogen bulbs.

despite the fact that the lamps that I tested had light output more than two times, exceeding the light output of conventional halogen lamps but the halogen lamp – appeared brighter.

news are all negative.

where's the positive? you ask.

what are we going to buy? Appeal more to those who are engaged in supply led products from China My advice to you or request.

Bring not the light bulb which we insert in the headlight, which is not designed to run led bulb Bring – ready LED module, which will be initially designed for LEDs.

Such modules there are.

They are already being used in the fog lamps.

I worked with led modules "OSRAM", well lit and running lights and fog lights.

works well, does not heat up.

Because it is designed just below the LEDs.

Therefore, please bring.

There will be no need to change bulbs.

Put him in his place bulb-H7, HB4, H4, etc .



who is engaged in lighting, all stand in a queue to buy these modules Behind them lined up a long queue.

I won't say that the led lamp cannot be made to fit halogen headlight.

on the contrary, who does it, who communicates with me – do, and I will be testing, advise, help you.

According to the LED lamps – everything.

the next test comes on the H11 lamp, as I promised.

I'll get more bulbs.

Many questions about – xenon, led.

In the group "Vkontakte", I create a post, question – answer.

where you can ask me questions when questions will be a lot, we are going to discuss these issues.

Link to group is in the description of this video.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the end.

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With you was Andrew Finashin.



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