Как подключить светодиодную ленту без пайки. Светодиодная led подсветка без паяльника. Коннектор DIY

After in the commentsto my video about LED soldering the question sounded"And without soldering it is possible?" I thought about it.

After all, it's really notEvery house has a soldering iron.

And why buy a soldering iron, rosin and solder if they no longerwill be needed? Chinese specialtools for these goals do not impress me.

Not only are they flakyand often break down, so and contact with the tape itselfdoes not inspire confidence in me.

Recalling the saying "Golon inventions of art "I decided find a reliable way to connector an LED connection tapes to any personwith minimal costs was able to do this with hishands without soldering.

From the beginning a bit about the LEDtape.

Along the entire ribbon are locatedtwo copper tracks that from the top are painted overpaint.

In places where the tape is cutthere are places that are not covered paint.

They are designed for solderingand covered with a thin layer transparent lacquer thatwhen soldering burns.

Since my method does not provide forsoldering, necessary light with knife movements remove thisa layer of varnish.

In this case, copper acquiresmore light color and shines.

I will clean the LED stripimmediately from two sides to show you both waysher connection without help soldering iron.

Method number one usingscrew terminals.

This method is more laborious, than the second, but has the advantage the fact that such terminalscan be found in any store, in one way or another relatedwith an electrician.

In addition, the probability is highthe fact that such terminals you have.

Previously they were usedin places of connection of chandeliers, sconces and other lamps.

To begin with, they need to be removedplastic insulation, both as it is too great.

You can do this by cuttingone of the sides of the terminal.

We unscrew from the terminalbolts, and holding it with pliers do an incision with a knife.

If necessaryyou need to push the cut isolation and release fromher terminal.

We release from isolation the captivitybolts and screw them to its place in the terminal.

In case of contactsLED tape is not large, they can be increased by removingfrom the front of the tape required amountpaints.

Now between the tracksLED strip is necessary make an incision so thateach terminal is free there was a cleaned parttape.

If necessary, you canslightly cut ribbon and at the edges.

Notch between trackscan be made practically before the LED knife.

In places where the tape is cutthere are place names plus and minus connectionsfrom the power source.

Now you need to insertprepared LED tape into the holes of the terminals, in such a way that the the bolt pressed the strippedpart of the tape to its wall.

Prepare the heat shrinkageSuch a length that it covers terminal and bare areawires, put it on wire, which in turninsert into the terminal and screw bolt.

Now close with heat shrinkageall visible exposed areas connections, and constantlymoving the lighter, heat it up her to full shrinkage.

Formed carbon is desirableremove.

You can do it with waterwith a rag.

There comes a moment of truth.

We connect wires to contactspower supply.

Everything works and you can beconfident that contacts reliable.

The second way is faster, but you need to purchase two power connectors with terminalshoe.

One with a nest, the second withplug (as they are called in the people of the pope and mother).

Disadvantages of such terminalsin the fact that they are calculated for a current of not more than 2 amperes, and the bolts are so small, that an ordinary little screwdriverdo not twist them.

The name of these plugsyou can find in description under this video.

LED strip is being preparedin the same way as In the first case.

We unscrew bolts in the terminalwe insert it into it LED strip and twistbolts.

Connecting the connector to the ribbonvery good and reliable.

We screw to the connectorwith plug wire and connect it to the power supply.

This method also hasthe right to live.

By the way, if you have an electrical tape, then you can do without heat shrinkage.

Wrap bare partsconnections with insulating tape, and so that it does notget it off, warm it up a lighter.

Now, you can safelydo without a soldering iron, choosing any you likeyou a way to connect LED strip to the unitpower supply.

I liked the video – appreciatehim! Have questions – see previousvideo and ask in the comments to this video.


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