Как светят светодиодные лампы Philips H7 X-treme Ultinon LED 12985BWX2. Тест в линзе.

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We continue test New from the companyphilips LED Lamp H7 and today we did a test these lamps in the headlights with lens who watched the video of my past, where I checked the lamp reflector headlamps Then you remember that they have disappointed me and now I will try to answer some of the comments of the last video they seemed interesting the first question was about Is this the original lamps PHILIPS and not a fake? I will say this all the distinctivefeatures original lamps present on the box and stickersholographic there special codes that need to be washed finger on the basis of these data, I believe that this is an original product and the second time, in private conversations with representativescompany philips They confirmed to me that this is their lamps I'm 100% sure that it is their products company philips and so today we are continuing its tests the second question, which seemed to me very interesting It was that one of the lamps was spoiled Many have written to me that I broke it himself when installing lamps and Philips has nothing to do with but those who have carefully watched my past videos, can see that unpacking these lamps I did right during shooting and on it all perfectlyit is seen When I opened thispacking there has already been broken this contact but very importantmoment! lamps have come to me in the package, in which security tags have been violated then this package someone could open up to me most likely it wasonline store who sent me this lamp on this I want to say I have no claims to the companyphilips about quality lamps because it could make those who open the package to me.

The next question was to compile the drivers for the lamps in the manufacture of the board for them to put not exactly screwing to the body of only one screw this claim I have to the company and has remained and no one but Philips is not to blame because I took apartremaining 3 block and at allof these boards are crooked, and bolted to the hull with one screw Now you see onthe screen is but suffice it to say about the quality of lamps Let's now take a lookthey are light in headlights with H7 lens of our old traditions We put the first of a regular incandescent H7 OSRAM in car headlight KIA SPORTAGE The device measures the testimony then we put the LED lamp of PHILIPS and compare readings looking testimonyH7 OSRAM 56.

9W Look, here it is worthwas she Now its packaging 64210 Spotlight we have is almost exactly little yellow indicator lights Now we'll fix will compensateturning lights corrector Now all is well.

Headlight we are now worth exactly let's look I now make a new dimension one percent that shows us this device 27.

5 Lx H7 Osram border light you now see all collected in the center of brightness it usually shines halogen lamps with lens Now make the measurement of the brightest point in the light spot we have it equals 32.

8 lx it is the brightest point Now change the bulbs in the spotlight, and put Led lamp PHILIPS, and then we'll do the measurements again.

dismantle the lamp 2 parts standard position in this tube vertical this is the best position for the vertically standing lamps on this we dismantle it now into two parts unscrewing the back of the But for this decision I am grateful to the company PHILIPS easy installation and a very small lamp this is what I said in the last video we discussed the lamp and now begin to install the lamp in the headlamp and locking spring wire does not interfere Now screw-back of the lamp and connect driver Now I will not close the back cover but it will be closed without problems connect wiring and connect the power lamps are already include the lamp is on boundary light has not changed and the device shows that all is well power consumption 24, 7W the lamp fan running to cool the lamp go look at the results of these lamps with the boundary of light all right, it is clear.

because it is a lens Light shines white light anyone interested this white light, much like the HID he had no blue tint, just white.

And now the most exciting moment! look I now make a new measurement indicators that you will not cheat we see that the lamps in the low beam mode, give us 19.

4 Lx is less than that of halogen lamps This problem takes place on all LED lamps, and these lamps are no exception they are all in the center of the light is weaker Now let's look at the brightest point, and compare it which can give the lamp, and also compare it here we see that the brightest point is shifted from the center to the side as I have said before these lamps is better to illuminate the edge of the road and not its center the brightest point27.

8 Lx Now you see comparative photos of both lamps I do it forchecking devices so you can actually see the difference between the lamps we see halogen lights up very well in the center, LED PHILIPS bad illuminates the center but much better illuminate the road edge as in all previous Led lamps nothing new conclusions of these lamps a headlamp with a lens they shine as well as all other LED lamps I was expecting a better result I think that the PHILIPS make them better but I did not see in them something special at least on the headlights, I used KIA SPORTAGE 3 H7 I think that these lamps little advantage over other manufacturers You get to decide whether to buy them or not for me it is not the best option because they are quite expensive they are very small, it is a huge advantage it can be installed in many models of lamps by this From this point of view, it makes sense to buy them because you do not need to change the back cover design of the headlights to put the lamp and will not have to put the rubber caps on the lights but with the illumination of the road in terms of you saw I will not repeat but in the center it will lose halogen, flanked win that's all I wanted to say at the moment about these lamps, on the if this information was useful to you then do LIKE if the information was useless, do DISLIKE with you as always was Andrew Finashin to the new video!.

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