Обзор RGB LED Falcon Eyes F7 12W. Возможности, примеры использования, достоинства и недостатки

[Siren sound] [Thunder and lightning] Hello! Now we look at another miracle of Chinese engineering LED light: Falcon Eyes F7.

There is a lot of such lights on Aliexpress, they cost from $40 to $150 USD, it have white light, color light, and have a scenario modes.

Let's see what such LEDs can do, how do they differ and howcan help photographers and videographers start from Specifications.

Many light looks like same, except Aputure that can be controlled by smartphone, but its power is only 5 watts stands out suspiciously cheaplamp for $40 and Falcon Eyes F7, which has a honeycomb and a diffuser.

Let's take a close look at the Falcon Eyes F7 The lamp is delivered incardboard box, on the back technical stickerwith specifications and modes inside is the lamp itself, a sticker, rag, instruction, card of the seller, mode sticker, case, and honeycomb and diffuser.

In the case we will find a doubleball arm, micro tripod, USB Type C cable, 1/4" tocold shoe adapter.

F7 has the richest complete set – there are honeycombs, a diffuser, a doubleball arm, toy tripod.

diffusers and honeycombs made of softsilicone why they are needed – I'll tell you a little later.

The clip is not as interesting as on Boling, but more universal.

Tripod is almosttoy, but it holds lamp.

And what’s great – F7 has a magnet, it’swill stick it on a metal surface.

And if you will use a clamp – then mounting options even more.

The lamp has 96 colorLEDs, and 54 both cold and warm.

In the white light mode, warm and cold LEDs shines, their brightness changes in depending on the desired colortemperature.

In color light mode color LEDs works.

Diffuser allowsexpand the angle of illumination to fix the shadows, turning a lot of point light sourcesinto one.

Such light is obtained with diffuser, and such without it.

Payattention, what shadow is obtained without diffuser – a lot of shadows fromsets of point light sources.

And with a diffuser – an even soft shadow.

Honeycombsallow you to make a narrow beam of light, but as white lights formcold and warm LEDs and the honeycomb separates them, then in white modeit turns out so colorful a spot.

But directed.

And so the honecomb work in real conditions – a spot.

Control is simple – to turn on – the button is holded donw, and it also switchesmodes: color, scenario, and white light.

In white light mode, power can be adjusted and color temperature range is from2500 to 9000 Kelvins.

Accourding to Capture One, then the range from is from1500 to 8000 Kelvin.

In color mode360 – shades, 100 levels of saturation and brightness control is also available.

Everything is good with pure colors – full color wheel.

But if you will reducesaturation, then the colors became dirty e.


red at 90 saturationturns to raspberry, and below 50 turns teal.

And now the most interesting – modes of use.

White light can be used as on camera, can be mounted ongimbal or light stand, you can take in the hand.

There is no flicker even on at 240 frames per second Color light.

This is exactly what is neededRGB lamp for.

It can be used to highlight the background, you can usefor special effects.

And the most important thing – no need to use color filters.

Sshshshshshshshsh Here you are, soldier of fortune! Script modes.

Nominally there are 20, but if you not count duplication and strangethe mode – is significantly less.

In scenario mode brightness cannot be adjusted andyou can not change the scenario itself.

It's offensive, because the logic of some isweird.

Let's go over them.

the police car: blinks red andblue.

looks good [Siren sound] [Siren sound]I count to three.

Get out of the car with your hands up.

the next two are a fire truck and an ambulance.

flashing red-white or blue-white.

(teal really) I don’t really understand why they added white (teal).

It would be much better without it.

Lightning – 2 modes: fast and slow.

looks good [Sound of rain][Thunder and lightning] [Sounds of sparks]Does the fusebod sparkle? Let's check it.







Rainbow mode.

There are 2 of them too: fast andslow.

Can be used for light painting also you may put it under christmas tree.

TV screen.

White with changingbrightness.

Also looks pretty good.

[Music] Candle mode.

The brightness of the orange light slowly changes.

Looks good, especially with honeycombs.

[Strange speech in an incomprehensible language] Paparazzi.


Not bad, especially if several LEDswill flash from different sides Camera sound Stroboscope – bright frequent flashes are eligible forlife but specific mode Headlight Mode It changes the brightness – high, medium.

Controversial mode.

Yellow flashing light.

Interesting mode to simulateemergency situation.

This is how we fix problems on Russian space station.

The next three modes: color flashes.

It may be good, but there is a series of 3 long pulses and then 3 short No, if my car will break down in the forest at night, I will be very happyto the fact that the lamp can make SOS signal in different colors.

But for a video light it would be more useful to have simple color flash.

A party.

multi-colored light.

Pretty good.


slow ripple of orange light probably also can be useful so what? This is powerful compact light source.

There are very useful modes for photography and videography.

The price is high, but bearable, considering features and accessories.

If youhave interesting ideas for using scenarios or questions remained – writeplease in the comments.

and big Thanks to those who watched until the end!.

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