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And today we have a long-awaited thing, which I have long waited with AliExpress.

These are small LED lenses for lamps "H4", for which you do not have to disassemble the headlight.

It is put instead of a light bulb, and that's the whole point.

Some time ago I tested similar mini LED lenses, but they were for xenon.

Quality, illumination and performance, I was not satisfied.

I liked the LED version much more.

Here is this small LED lens I tested on all three headlights, these are the headlights from – "Solaris", "Granta", and "Lada 2114".

LED lenses came to me here in such a box, this letter was written in Russian with gratitude, one glove (I do not know why only one?) Well, all right.

To be honest, to put this lens, I did not need any gloves.

And of course the LED lenses themselves, their two, with the driver blocks.

If we look at the lens more closely, we will see that it has its own reflector from above.

Reflector this for a passing beam, but inside you can see a LED with three chips, very similar to the half of a conventional LED lamp, which I have often tested.

Far light on these lenses is formed by two separate sections of LEDs, which are located below.

And they already use the headlight reflector, that is, they do not have a reflector in the tape, they use only what is in the headlight.

Immediately I assume that the main purpose of these lenses, when your reflector is already clouded or burnt out, but you are not going to buy a headlamp.

Then the installation of such lamps will return the headlights to life.

My tests, which I conducted on all these three headlights, show that everything is in good order with the light-shadow border, it's clear that the lens is made qualitatively.

It is seen that it gives a qualitative light, the question is only in brightness.

If we compare – this lens with a regular halogen, as it shines on "SOLARIS", then we see that the halogen shines with more spotted light (these will be spots and shadows on the road).

And only in the center, in one place – the halogen wins strongly, at the LED lens.

This can be seen on the graph.

But for all other points, it is clear that the LED lens is already significantly ahead of the halogen, in the headlight from "SOLARIS".

We see that the light is very uniform, much more uniform than that of halogen.

A qualitative, correct light-shadow border.

These lenses can be adjusted and you will have almost perfect light.

According to my measurements, the lens consumes only 14 watts, it's quite small.

This is both good and not so good, plus that it practically does not get warm at work (I already checked it).

And the downside is that all the same, with an ideal light-shadow border, it has quite a mediocre illumination, I would like the illumination to be higher and then this lens would be generally ideal.

That is, if it were at least 18 watts, and ideally at 20 watts, I would definitely advise throwing out these ancient lamps halogen "H4" and put in their place here are such lenses (without dismantling).

Well, as additional information, I did a test on the spotlight from "Granta", because on the "SOLARIS" very many censures about the glow.

See, that's how the halogen shines on "Granta", and how the LED light on the "Granta" shines.

Again, we see an ideal light-shadow border, well, in fact, with transparent plastic, it can not be different.

We see an ideal light – shadow boundary, the only thing that lacks a little light, within the light beam.

It is wide and it's good, and it's clear that even down light goes much more, but I would like a little more brightness, then you could recommend this lens – to everyone! Proceeding from this, I recommend them only to some citizens.

But more on that later.

Guys, you asked me to test how it will shine on the headlights from "Vaz 2107".

But I do not have such a headlight, but the headlight from "Lada 2114" – is and she's with such a glass diffuser.

I put the same LED lens, and as we can see, the diffuser breaks the light from the lens.

And the conclusion is this: these lenses are not suitable for headlamps with a glass diffuser.

In order to put it here, it is necessary to change this glass to transparent, but then you will not be able to put the usual halogen lamp.

And then universality is lost.

Well, let's in the final of the issue, let's talk about who these lenses are for? I see the application of these lenses for cars with Japanese and English light, it's also easier to put here such a lens and you will get the right light-shadow border.

But again, it is necessary to reconcile with a little not bright illumination.

You can certainly drive, but the light will not reach the characteristics of the three-inch LED lenses that I often put at the moment.

There's about 24 watts.

And here – 14 watts.

And I would very much like to have at least – 18 watts, and better at all, 20 watts.

This is for those who do not have light at all, it is a burnt reflector that has peeled off.

This often happens where xenon was used, or on "Lancer" 9.

For them, this is a way out, this is a way to save money.

More precisely, do not spend money on headlight dismantling.

You just install the lens, and use the right and high-quality light.

By the way, the far-away light on these lenses is certainly far from ideal, because, firstly: a regular headlight reflector is used, and secondly: this is the location of the driving light-emitting diodes-it does not correspond to the location of the helix in a conventional "H4" lamp.

Because of this, our high beam goes higher than the low beam, and so it's in the wrong place.

But this is not very bad, I expected to see a much worse option, and I am glad that at least in the driving light mode, the dipped beam does not go away.

That is, it does not turn off, unlike the usual standard lamp "H4".

Well, I will not stretch the video anymore, the result .



To use them, or not – you decide, I gave you all the information, did not embellish anything! Look at the state of your reflector, if you see that the reflector is not there, or it's already corrupted.

The installation of such lenses is an exit.

If you do not want to change the headlights.

I'll remind you, I bought the kit on aliexpress, a link to it in the description.

I bought for 4000 rubles.

Maybe the price will change, but at the moment it's 4000 rubles.

All the guys, if I missed something, please write your questions in the comments.

I periodically reply.

Also, write your proposals there, about new tests, I listen to them.

And for today it's all.

With you was Andrei Finashin.

Until new videos.


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