Тест светодиодных ламп H4


I'm Andrew Finashin.

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And I decided to take summarizing the plot, in order to make it easier to find information, I decided the results of different led bulbs together in one video.

Videos made by LED lamps h4, because these tests on the channel most specifically for this test, I bought a headlight from "Lada Granta" voted for her more viewers.

with the help of her wanted to do tests all its led bulbs.

was hoping to quickly get readings.

But no.

My new device, which recently I began to use in the tests – MAHA MLT 3000 Here he is! he refused completely to work with this headlight.

gave wrong result And unfortunately, if you trust his recommendations on adjusting the headlights, they will be – wrong The question was this: how do we now continue to test the led bulb? The majority of the votes, headlight "Hyundai Solaris" But if I promised this video, I have to take it off сегодня я добавил в тест две галогеновые лампы, первая: стандартная лампа"osram H4" and second: "osram night breaker lazer" + 130% The first conventional standard light bulb "osram H4" using adjustments.

we are putting the spotlight so that the green indicator is in the green field Now you can see the results of measurements of a standard bulb, illumination is -13, 3 Lux at a voltage of 13.

2 volts then we switch our lamp on the main beam, and then I noticed an error in the unit's software the device showed-99 Suite and after switching to mode high beam, readings have become a little less, but I did nothing to light, high beam mode – was included if before the company "MAHA" comes this video, I'll be very grateful for the advice.

Go to the next.

put in the headlight lamp "osram night breaker lazer+130%" The illumination at the measuring point on the dipped – rose to 20 Lux.

compared to a standard lamp, more than 53%, this is a very good indicator.

we see a distinct light-to-dark border of the lights, and such should be because it Lamp "osram" are distinguished by their high quality with geometric characteristics they have everything in order mode "nigh beam" osram night breaker lazer + 130%" testified – 72, 4 Lux It was even smaller than standard lamps I first did not understand why, but then – there was a hunch lamp – OSRAM night breaker lazer + 130% – covered dark blue coating the coating reduces light flow Now.

Led lamp.

I decided to start with the lamps N1, which tested half a year ago And I tried to consider the comments of the subscribers the fact that the lamp needs to be checked after it warms up because the light flux lamp is reduced, this feature really have LED lamps Now I decided to warm up the LED lamps before the test long enough, and then show you the results To assess the difference, take a look at the first indicators of a cold bulb, and then on the performance of hot lamps Lamp N1 – indicators on a cold lamp – 27, 9 LUX, is several times better than conventional halogen bulbs and the light-shadow boundary on the device – not ideal and on the hot lamp after 20 minutes of operation, the indicators – decreased They are smaller than those of the brightest halogen lamps such a large decrease in luminance over time, says that the thermal regime of the lamp -Heavy as we see in the high beam, the light beam goes down, and at the point of measurements – drop light levels compared to halogen bulb, the light beam went down and due to the fact that the lamp, by the time – warmed up, illumination on the far light – lower than that of the halogen lamp for the sake of interest, I measured the temperature of the heat sink, to understand what the temperature is critical, readings – 80 degrees conclusions: 80 degrees – a lot, for these lamps.

The following lamps – "Cool Led CL6" I also warmed them up, about 20-25 minutes so that all the were in the same conditions Adjusted the device.

the device incorrectly put a small mark, but i can not affect the operation of the device line, light-shadow boundary itself is marked by the tool and the center of the light beam, selects also the device itself Line light-shadow boundaries – even.

after adjusting the headlights, you will not dazzle anyone with such lamps but again, after each change of lamps, it is necessary to do so adjusted, on the basis of all these tests it is clearly seen that with each new lamp, light-shadow boundary may move up, down, left, right so.

the headlight adjustment is mandatory after replacing the headlights.

on the distant light we see the stratification of the light beam into two parts although the illumination in the area of ​​high beam, no less than that of halogen lamps but the lighting – very big 200 Lux is the upper limit of the measurement light, and here the indications are very close to it now the lamp from the company "philips", also after warming up On "Hyundai Solaris" I could not fully tighten the radiator so I had to leave it as is, sorry for this error.

this time, the unit completely guessed the location of the inflection point at the light-shadow boundary but figures from the previous lamps began to differ in the smaller side, more than twice This put me in a deadlock, as this lamp, definitely not worse light than "CL6" on previous tests with my old unit, this lamp showed a very bright result, Similar and even exceed the value of "CL6", and in this test, probably due to differences in the device, it is light and shadow border, performance of these two lamps, began to differ.

but it's some sort of a feature of this instrument.

Now i ll show the high beam.

on the distant light we see the separation of the beam and the point of maximum illumination is shifted down from the recommended direction of beam Conclusion: the one who wrote, this low high beam, characteristic of virtually all led lamps Indeed, each LED lamp, which we tested, lowers high beam I repeat, if the topic is of interest to you, I'll try with a headlamp on "" Lada Granta I will show what will happen to the far beam Now, in the test, one of the last bulbs tested on the new device, this LED lamp "SHO-ME G7" it is similar to the sample from philips, but differs from it – compact size allows you to install in any headlight and indicators are quite similar, these two lamps the device correctly identified the point of breaking the boundaries of light and shadow and if we compare the figures with "philips", then they are even more on the low beams in the long light, This lamp was the best of all but with an error that the main beam is divided into two spots, and brighter ones – lower and last in our test, the lamp "CL7" from "COOL LED", it is the only lamp presented today, with active cooling so it was the lowest temperature of the heat sink plus the active cooling is – the minimal decrease in luminance, after heating lamp, because the fan copes well with cooling of the chip.

as soon as I tried to make it clear to the device that mark the lamp is exactly where it is necessary, I could not he did not agree with the proposed regulation I, and install the lamp I could not I had to give up these readings.

and take readings of relying only on themselves, not on the instrument now you see that the inflection point shifted to the left, but if you adjust at the request of the device high beam will be displaced the biggest illumination of all lamps This is to be expected, because it is a fan, and it gives cooling the maximum illumination point, in the main beam, exceeds the reading of the halogen lamp and in the driving-beam area it does not reach Results: What to choose from all of this? Lamp N1, compact, but – in the summer, in the heat, in a traffic jam, they can overheat so, either you live somewhere in the Arctic Circle and you do not have +30 to +40 degrees heat and traffic jams or you are driving is not so long, and they do not have time to overheat of the remaining lamps, if necessary 3 year warranty – take "PHILIPS", (if there is no back cover) This is a good choice if it is expensive "philips" – take the "CL6" or "CL7" or "G7".

Самый компактный – "G7".

но "CL6", за счет немного большего размера, тепловой режим лучше pros "CL7" – a compact and active cooling, so the maximum and bright illumination, in the dipped beam.

all he could say for LED lamps – said.

i will not single out anyone.

Everyone choose a lamp that is right for him links to all the lamp, I'll leave the description to this video if this information was useful to you, mark – like, if it was useless, .



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