Тест LED лампы с ALIEXPRESS в фарах Соляриса Гранты и ВАЗ 2114

Hello to youConnected Andrew Finashin and channel Test Laband today we We continue testing LED lamps.

You asked me for a long time to carry out tests lamps with ALIEXPRESS so this is my first experience in the testing of tubes with ALIEXPRESS I was able to negotiate with the Internetshop for test conditions link to it willwriting to video and so today welook like shining this lampThis lamp has a small size It will be located inside most headlights without altering the back covers of headlights because itused fan Previously, my attitude to fans in the lamps werequite poor because the lamps have high resolution but now much diminished dimensions of lamps and availabilityfan them it is very goodbecause allows you tothe lamp is very small and with good cooling fan resource It does not cause me concern because I know how many fans are inconventional computers in the dust rather than insidesealed headlights from the outside lights, fancertainly a long time work can not is the key !!! this, when the lamp is smalland it is a fan, for me it is not no feelings second, what Ilike this lamp this statementpower store page says that the lamp has a power 100W as I understand it is the sum of two lamps but we measure the real power of the lamp so it was meinteresting to see as it shines in the vehicle headlight driver as you can seeshe pretty compact meaning itvery small sizes can be seen thatwill go almost Again, any spotlightand close at regular cover only led lamps alsomade quite Lamp socket made qualitatively by the fact that it is partly made of metal and the central partmade of plastic when it is entirelyplastic is bad because he is frombulb temperature starts to deform and the lamp out of the desired position in the spotlight a steel cap lamps, too There is a problembecause when installed in the lampthere fairly large gaps between the base and the foundation of the lamp and these gaps also negative impact onpaws indicators.

this here, I likedlamp design steel cap outside plastic in the center also theresuch a tricky thing as thesecolored caps, which You can be put on the lamp and thuschange its color.

it is very fun in my opinion later in this video yousee how it can shine such caps andDo you need a color another veryinteresting feature the fact that these lamps use LEDs Cree instead philips chips as all lamps I tested so I 'It will be interesting compare some chipsother so I propose to begintesting of these lamps put them in 3 different automotive headlamp 1 spotlight "LADA GRANTA" I justI bought 2 Spotlight on "HYUNDAI SOLARUS"3 headlights "of LADA 2114" so we put this lamp in the headlamp and see what will be the light and make measurements and as you can see I I delivered our first lamp spotlight hyundai Solaris consumptionthe power of this lamp you now see on the screen.

My device MAHA MLT 3000 is now a little crazy for matter what color gives this lamp let's look at the screenthat there is proper there is so here we are guyssee my utter trash and madness look the device can notdetermine the point fracture seen toorandomly distributed light and the device can not understand how he measured the light from the lamp It can not do this, not only the device, but I myself Now you can see how the light shines on the screen very difficult guess daw It is seen that part of the chips clearly not worth it in the right place and it is fullychange light from this lamp but if you still try measure the evidence in thismode standard beam mode the unit will showvery little lighting and I do not even know what exactly the point he is now taking data for measuring but let's deceive him and click the beam without changing the lamp itself that's what I did the videoon the second channel you see it there tooYou find a piece of information on this topic In this mode the measurement unit determines the the brightest point in the entire light spot one that can be seen hereindeed this lamp due to itspowerful chips shines muchbrighter than the standard lamps and put alamp in your headlights You reallyget bright light light while on the road, but the problem is that youimprove your light not only onroad, but in the eyes of oncoming drivers because it is clearlight border Unfortunately with this lampdoes not work Next lamp in our testsalready on the car "LADA GRANTA" you now see how the lightthe nominal lamp shine and here you see howOur LED lamp shines here too the boundary of light is not so clear It is seen that they differ but the LED lamp shines certainly much brighter This can be clearly seen today turn on a condition beam Option 3 lights "of LADA 2114" Now a staff dipped that's dipped from LED lamps Now regular high beam that's the main beam of the LED lamp To summarize photos youjust seen on three different headlights we made a comparison showed you how sheshines What conclusions can beto do? first conclusion very bright chips, but standing not quite in focus lamp they impair the resultwhich could be much better because part of the chip surface It is not in focus lights.

it is extremelystrong influence on light border road illumination, theycertainly improve, but some of the light will go oncoming drivers eyes and only a portion of the light will hit the road in a few chaotic state so I certainlyThanks to the internet store ZDATT Official Store for what they sent me this lampto the test but I would like them tosent the next time something more more suitable more correct link to the store Inaturally leave by video you please Look, if necessaryyou are such a lamp or not if this informationIt has been useful to you Put please LIKE, if it was useless to you then put DISLIKE and with you as ever was Andrew Finashin to the new video!.

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