▶️ YeeLight 2nd Generation Smart LED Bulb with Voice Control V2

hey Google change the light to white okaychanging lightbulbs white hey Google change the light to Papa okay changing light bulbs hey Googlechange the light to black okay hello guys welcome to Cody's so my nameis Sam today we have a review of a smart bulb smart LED bulb from you light Ohshow me this is a colored bulb as you can see I toss it pop o ring color whichindicates this is a colored Bob there's another model which has the white ringcolor below here which indicates a white bulb so from a voice control ready youcan say Google hey Google turn on the room light and to do that and otherinformation in the box that you can see turn it on the other side I'll just showyou you can read it quickly one thing under to point it out is like if you useit a three hours per day to last for 22.

8 years if you use it for three hoursbody and we can see the color temperature we have more informationhere the color temperatures from 1700 k to 6500 K and other information as wescroll down one of the important thing and it pointed out is this before youbuy this LA light make sure you have a lamp holder which is 827 I will show youit looks like this okay so it's e 27 you may just do a quick research and allcheck on your lamp and then you can get those in front I bought this a cheap oneit's a 27 so for the lamp holder this one should be e 27 for this bulb- it twork so this opened the bulb and see what's in the box chick was immovableso if you open it if you have some we have a cut for me right see the world ina new light okay right in English okay so this one and then we have anotheruser manual okay so this comes in it's also in English this is the manner andthen from there you can this okay the bouncer and here's the bulb it's theYear white bulb okay so as you can see it as the Papa ringthis indicates this is a colored bulb and you can see the design okay it's a bit heavy okay yes then it hasthe in Lights logo so just put this here okay guys so let's try it and try it andtest it so I've plugged my lamp holder more than stuff okay Oh disconnected this my lamp holder Ican twist it so let me try and put it somewhere okay so now we're gonna connect it withthe apps so start with the Shiomi home and the other one is relight so gonnastab you to show me I will switch it on but I'll block it with my phone so thatit doesn't become so bright for you guys okay and then so we'll go to the plusokay I'll choose light be very careful thisyear like Bob that's the white one and then there is another one here is yourlight color Bob so make sure you pair with the right or mine is colored sopress with the colored so then I'll have to do the reset I'll have to switch itoff and switch it on five times in a time span of two seconds 1 2 3 4 5 okoperation complete then no babysit the Wi-Fi okay so we have tochoose this one okay it says connect yeah okay okay after it's connected then we haveto go back to the me up to do the scanning again yes so now we connectI change the servers using the Singapore's everybody didn't work so Ichange it to United Kingdom and automatically you can see the message ontop it says one year light LED bulb is found if I just change the server to theUnited Kingdom okay so tap on that locates a is connectto the current okay after keen the password okay I'll go andclean and press ok accept the terms and conditions and then is doing the ferry hello guys so after pairing the yearlights with the xiaomi home i'll show you some of the features thatthe bulb has okay so now we can see spared the light bulb just tap on it so it has different features as you cansee so we're gonna start from the bottom left there's the off and on button so ifI do this it goes off and then you can switch it on then we have anotherfeature this is for the white so we can control the intensity as now it's toobright by scrolling down thus reduce the intensity then if you scroll all the wayup we increase the intensity so for a little bit then if you scroll from leftto right alright left you can change the temperature so if you want it a littlebit like gold color or you want it white and so you can control the temperatureof the bulb using the left and right scrolling method okay the other featureis the color here you can control and change the different colors based onwhat you like on the mood so if we do this you can see it changes when Iscroll the blue okay then we can also control theintensity by going down I was growing up okay so my will reduce a bit so you cansee okay the other feature the time so when you top this you can configure iton the settings using the three dots on the top right corner so if I top it itshows a lightful ton of automatically in 15 minutes and then I'll uncheck thatokay then all the other features is a favorite andflow so if you go to the February we have predefined themes so we havesunrise if you tap on it it changes the team we have sunset we have tea time youhave movie we have date night romantic evening andthen we have also flash notification so when you get a notification the lightwill flash then it will go back to its original thin okay so it's pretty clearand pretty nice okay the other word tab we have the favorite this one you haveto set them manually I'll show you so if we come here okaylet's say we change the light to light green okay reduce the intensity a littlebit and then we want to set this so we just tap on the hot icon here and thenwe give it a name Green okay so later if you want toaccess it you just go to the head and then you see this green so you just stopapply and then if you want trade you want different type you have morningthen we have blue so you can set different colors based on what what youwant and then you can just access them here in the favorite top the other oneis flow this is the Bob will keep on changing the color from different colorto different color different intensity so this one will be like good forbackground color or if you just like it changing the color it's very good butI'll go back to the number one color that's it so these are the features thatthe year lights have but it also has another feature which is Google sistentI will show you so out okay guys so now I'm going to show youhow to configure the show-me and the lightbulb to work with google assistantsso the first thing you opened it up and then you go to profile you go to voiceservices so we're gonna focus on google assistant just tap on it okay so theinstructions are pretty clear you just have to go to the Play Store you have todownload an app called Google assistant app and then you can follow all theinstruction of how to pair and configure the light bulb to work with Googleassistants and other features that you provide so I'll show you how you canconfigure it using Google system I've already downloaded if you want to seehow it looks like in the Play Store just go to Google assistant so it's like itlooks like it has about 10 million downloads this is the Google assistantup after you downloaded open it now you swipe up to access this menu then tap onyour profile after profile is open I choose the tabis a system the second tab is called assistant ok and then go to home controltop on that I so I'm really paired with my light but I'll show you how I did itso you just drop tap on the plus sign and then here you have two such okay youhave such for me home me home so if you search for me home itwill appear this one already paired it after that when it learn so a mixerafter that you just tap on the me home it will give you the instruction youhave to login to a me home account after you login then it will tell you whichdevice you wanna add then you choose the light bulb then it will be configuredalready so after it's there it will appear here you can order you can editit and give it a nickname so that whenever you say hey Google you canrefer to the nickname okay so let's try and test it so that'sall the setup for Google system also remember before that you have to go tothe phone this is very important if you skip this process you may have someproblems okay so just go to the phone okay then this feature which is bydefault the access with voice match it will be turned off so this one you haveto come and tap turn it on if if it's off on your side try it on I also triedto turn on the second one whereby I could control the light by saying heyGoogle when the phone is okay you can count this info hey Google turnthe light to gold okay changing light bulb to go and then you can also controlthe intensity okay so I can also say hey Google change thelight to red sure changing light bulb to red inGoogle dim the light sure dimming light bulb hey Google giventhe light to 20 percent sure setting lightbulb brightness to 20 percent okayhey Google change the light to light blue sure changing light bulb to lightblue hey Google hey Google turn off the light sure turning lightbulb off hey Googleturn on the light okay okay so as you can see these arethe the features of the Google assistance so remember what I said whenyou go to the tap on your on your profile or to open the Google assistantapp it's a big laggy my phone is old I cleared with Google so remember wheneveryou you want to pay a first comes to this assistant device tap on your phonethis is very important access with voice match check if this one is activated ornot if it's not please activate this this one should be on because if youdon't do this if you cannot say the word for Google to switch on the light or notso activate this I also tried this the second one which says unlock with voicematch so even if the phone is unlocked you can just say the word and thenGoogle switch on the light or not but for my phone I'm not sure what's wrongwith my phone whenever I tried it keeps on crashing this is my phone if this oneis Sony experience at five it's an old phone phone so maybe there is a softwareproblem but here you can just also activate this feature so even if whenthe phone is locked you may just say ok Google switch off the light sure turning lightbulb off okay googleturn on the light okay turning light bulb on okay so it's pretty easy sorrythe other features maybe if you want you want to change the the voice you mayjust go here assistant and then assistant voice you make change to thelady just stop here do the guy so you may choose here if you want the ladyvoice or the guides voice so that's all about the ye light it's very very niceI'll link some of them what this the light if you want to buy it also linkthe e27 lamp holder the portable lamp that Ibought it that I'm using right now so link everything in the description sofeel free to check out the description so if I forgot anything I will add it onthe description whether it's in detail setup of the Google system or if youaren't used with Siri is also possible Oh Alexa I'll try and add it in thedescription when I get the information so for now if you have any questionsfeel free to comment and ask remember to Like share and subscribe to my channelI'll be posting other tech videos concerning different devices in thefuture and thus all for this video thank you very much everyoneI'll see you in the next video you.

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