⟹ SANSI 15 & 24 Watt LED Grow Bulb | Unboxing and Product Review

okay welcome back everybody and today is going to be an unboxing and product review of a product that I'm very excited about using and that product is sand sized LED lighting I had to open a box in order to make sure it was the right product so unfortunately

I did have to do that part but so we open up the box this way and we got one two bulbs to review here and there's just a sticker on the inside some puffy bags so what we got here is LED lighting made for a twenty six socket

which is a standard light bulb socket I'm not sure if they come in other socket sizes they might for European viewers so you might want to contact them directly and see that I didn't specifically ask them that but these are two wonderful products and I'll tell you you're

going to be pretty impressed by the intensity at a light on these bulbs so first thing I want to do is open each one of these and show you what's going on inside the box so as we open them up you get a little card that comes with

it and that's the front not that that's really important I wanted to show you what comes in the box and you get a bulb and that's all that's in there is the bulb and this is what the bulb looks like and as you can see that's a standard

e26 screw and socket size so it'll fit all your standard lighting not a problem x 0 0 1 p 4e 8b n16 lead chip so you got 16 LEDs in here these are special full-spectrum LEDs these are not regular LED lights these lights are designed specifically for growing

and they are a full spectrum light which carries you from the x-ray band all the way into the infrared band not that you're getting too much of the x-ray and infrared band but it's actually produce enough of the x-ray and infrared band for your plants to grow effectively

the plants actually do need that a little bit they develop a sunscreen so when you're hardening off your plants your transition from indoors to outdoors really shouldn't be as bad as going under fluorescent lighting and fluorescent lighting can be very harsh for your plants when you're bringing them

outdoors they can really go through transfer shock pretty badly in fact mine did this year really bad because of fluorescent lighting but I really don't have a choice right now because that's the way I was set up and using it but now that I am using a product

like this I'm very excited about potentially updating the way I grow my plants indoors so my plants can be more productive this bulb has a ceramic heat disc on the inside that has a little bit of weight to it and that is due to this ceramic disc on

the inside it's a heat sink that prevents it from overheating it's basically air-cooled it works by convection I don't know much about the electronics inside I'd love to take the bulb apart and go over some of the components on the inside but I don't know if I necessarily

need to get permission to do that this bulb here is roughly around 3,600 lumens and the Kelvin is somewhere around 41 to 4500 on the Kelvin generally I like to grow plants somewhere between the 63 and 67 hundred Kelvin range but because most lighting you get are not

full spectrum unless you buy grow bulbs you're gonna have some issues even though you're providing 65 to 67 hundred Kelvin so you may still have issues with it what you really need is a good clean full spectrum light which is what this product is this product pretty much

contains the full spectrum from one end of the light spectrum to the other and it touches into the infrared and the x-ray bands which none of your fluorescent lighting is going to do so this is very important when it comes to growing indoors I'm actually going to do

another follow-up video to this a side-by-side one that's going onto the light and one that's not growing onto the light and we'll see how they sprout if they come up quicker and stuff like that that will be coming up in a future video so that is this here

that's the grow bulb this bulb here unboxed at you got a little thing imaging you like that is the front of it it's all good basically just take the cover up and nothing else in the box this bulb on the other hand is a little bit different than

that I do believe this is a grow bulb as well yes this is another grow like this is a 24 watt model again this is a standard 826 base the model on this particular one and again it'll be on to the first two links in my description the

model on this is C 2 1 GL – C e26 – 24 W that is the model of this one you're going to be pretty impressed when I turn this bulb on that's what it looks like and again they have a ceramic heat disc in here that's what

controls the heating on these these can get quite hot now these are 24 watt but they still get hot they do have a convection ducting in here to create airflow so you don't overheat or cause any problems so you're safe that way I'm gonna do a little comparison

of what a at least a 15 watt fluorescent light looks like as opposed to what the 15 one and this looks like so this is a 15 watt fluorescent light okay that's what 15 watts is producing if you you can see on my countertop not bad but 15

watts at 15 watts with fluorescent you're not going to get the lumens that you want okay so that's a 15 watt bulb on fluorescent lighting specifically I believe this is a daylight bulb and that spectrum that Calvin spectrum is probably 64 to set 6500 on that so your

Calvin is up there so that's what that looks like okay so let's take a look at what the 15 watt LED bulb looks like by Santee and as you can see I'm probably blinding you right now but just to give you an idea of how bright this really

is I cannot even keep my eyes open the intensity out light is amazing you can see the color is a nice pink color and you can see my hand under it you can see the way it looks trying to get you up close so you can see the

bulbs in action don't want to blind you on there but it's amazingly bright for 15 y 15 watt fluorescent 15 watt LED big difference guys huge difference when it comes to the amount of light and lumens that are coming out of this thing definitely something to consider I'm

a big fan of fluorescent lighting for growing indoors but but this is definitely an advancement in lighting technology so this is really something to consider when you're looking to grow indoors so definitely check that out let's take a look at the 24 watt which is this one right

here this one's going to actually blow your mind you ready and there goes look at this guys this is so bright it's causing my my shutter to kind of now this one is it's probably not possible to even look at I mean the brightness on this thing is

so bright it's literally blinding me and you can see how bright that is for 24 watts this thing is comparing itself to 32 watts per bulb on this is what I use for a dual bulb fluorescent lighting I used to th at 32 watts of bulb so that

would be 64 Watts producing 2900 lumens and that's a daylight bulb which is roughly somewhere around the 65 to 67 hundred Kelvin range I think it's 6500 Kelvin this thing is only 24 watts and it's producing 31 something lumens somewhere around there for a 24 watt so I'm

getting more lumen power coming out of this than the 2 T daylight bulbs producing electric at the same time so your cost of your course savings for this bulb is going to be absolutely amazing okay you're going to be absolutely shocked how much we're going to save now

I run my lights somewhere between twelve and fourteen hours a day when I'm growing indoors you got to run your lights generally a lot longer indoors in the winter time because it's not natural light and the plants need to continue to photosynthesis process a little bit longer than

if they were in direct sunlight it's not quite the same thing so you got to run them longer I gotta run run them between like I say anywhere really between ten and twelve sometimes they do run them like 14 hours or something like that but you do got

to shut them off at some point because the plants they go into a nighttime growth cycle and they have to go through that process so you need to shut them down at some point but with this type of lighting I don't necessarily need to run them for twelve

to fourteen hours a day I could probably run them for a nice eight hours a day and they're getting all the light they need for that day so again that's what the bulbs look like as you can see they got this little donut ring there it's quite a

nice product I am definitely excited about using that I need to get lighting apparatus for this particular bulb that I'm not set up to use so now I have to buy like a grow helmet you know and grow it inside of that now the other thing about this

bulb that I find very useful for because of the type of lighting it is and again as you can say this particular bulb even though it's a grow light it's a full spectrum daylight bulb this particular bulb that I'm interested in is because of the lighting and I

can put a diffuser in front of this and I can actually get a really good quality lighting so when I'm doing my tomato reviews my pod reviews with a proper diffuser in the front you won't see much shadowing but I can actually use this for lighting in shooting

videos and that's important for me because as you can see right now my lighting is really subpar unfortunately I have to shoot my videos this way at this time but I do plan to use this and set it up with something that's going to work with shooting video

so this is another consideration I have for this bulb another consideration I plan on using this bulb for growing my aquarium plants instead of using ta daylight bulbs I plan on using this instead and see how the plants respond to it and I'm pretty sure they'll get a

pretty good response now the lifespan on these bulbs I believe to 32,000 hours burn time whereas your normal pH of somewhere on thirty so these aren't going to last a little bit longer I am recommending this product at this time sensi is offering you a 20% discount with

this coupon on their amazon website so I will include links the discount code will be down in the description as well as right here you can see it on the screen just enter that discount code at checkout and you should receive the discount so that's it that's a

product review and unboxing for these sansai LED bulbs don't forget to Like share and subscribe and I will see on the next one take care [Music]

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