2001 F350 7.3 Project – LED Full Front Upgrade, Headlights, Fog lights, Turn signals, Marker Lights

[Music] and we're gonna install some LED headlights and LED fog lights LED turn signals LED markers and I'm gonna install resistors add a company contact me the JDM a star and they pretty much do all the LED stuff and I wanted to see if I wanna do review

install and compare video and see how I like them and show you guys and let you guys know what I think alright guys so now that the headlights are polished out pretty much getting the best quality out of the stock headlights and stock bulbs so you guys can

kind of get an idea let's say you're off-roading or whatever and this is what it looks like with the stock headlights that's what it looks like from the top and we'll do one inside the cab as well and then we'll do the same thing after we install the

LED lights and see how much better they are and this is what it looks like from the driver's seat this way you guys can get all sorts of angles and then we'll compare those against LED bulbs and see what we get here's a quick little drive with the

stock bulbs so you guys can see what it looks like with the stock bulbs and all you went as well with the LED bulbs after you install them now let's see what it looks like against the garage so let's use this as a comparison against the LED lights

as well and see what we get as far as the hot spots and the horizontal line and all that stuff but this will be our starting point right here I'm gonna leave the truck in the same spot I'm gonna change the LED bulbs and let's look from the

bed real quick here we go so let me show you the front end for the last time all right starting zon it's kind of hard to see everything's kind of blurring together on the camera turn signals on the bottom [Music] there we go that's a good kind of

angle to get an idea alright so there we go I guess it's the best I can do with camera it's kind of hard to get a perfect comparison but hopefully this will give you an idea and the turn signal bulbs daily D ones they're going to be amber

inside of amber lens and this one's gonna be amber as well we'll see how that looks mm BRR basically all right let's do the swap and let's do the comparison let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] what I noticed about the foglight LED bulbs is the difference between the knobs

right here if you can see the knobs that can top here and here they're thinner on this one and this one so when I put this one in inside the lens it seems like it's not sitting tight in there unless I put it in wrong I tried at

least 10 times and it's not going it's not coming out when I pull on it it just kind of wobbles a little bit inside and I'm wondering if because of those little knobs it doesn't have enough maybe support to sit it in properly the only way really to

know if I put it in 100% correctly is actually remove the fog light but I'm not gonna do that right now I was able to remove the stock one in and out a few times and then have the wobble problem like if this one is right now and

I tried removing it twisting it and it only twists one way like right now I twisted it and it comes out and then I put it back in and then I twist it down this would be seems like it would be in the locked position right now but

it's still a little wobbly let me do the other side we'll click and see what we get here I'm gonna try the stock one just to make sure I'm putting it in right let's see it goes so goes them that way slides in and they should get a

look like a snap that's one that's when you know it's locked and that's unlocked so it comes out and goes in this way and I was doing the same thing with that one putting it in this way and then it should lock the little knobs right here that's

what locks it in place so put it in like this makes so a little tight in there they're puttin at the angle like I did the stock one okay now it's in and I twisted it it got tighter but there's no lock sound and doesn't lock in place

and now it's sitting in there and I still get wobble back and forth so for now we'll leave it it's just a fog light nothing that important but we'll see how that performs and a long run and now I'm gonna do the headlights the headlights are the only

ones that are left so let's finish those up some and do the comparison video [Music] [Music] so one thing I'm having issue with these LED lights is this ring on this truck is what goes over the original bulb like so and then twists on to the actual lamp

and holds it in place there's the grooves right here that goes through the grooves and then twist it pretty much locks it in place the thing with this one it has this little I guess like a cooling block and this rotates so this is not even connected to

the bulb itself so I can actually slide out that way and then when I try to put the ring on here then this doesn't go all the way on to the LED light itself in order to lock it into the inside the lens so another way I was

thinking is to lower this piece it unscrews it goes down so let's say maybe that far right so we're gonna put the lock ring in place this in place should go down here we go well let's loosen this all the way lower it down and this locks on

to the balls right here just locking ball and then that will go in like so and then rotate on to the headlight and this should go like that maybe it should work this way but it's really far down there and since this ring rotates and it's not secured

to the actual bulb I'm wonder if that's gonna press it off when you're actually locking it inside the headlight so it's a little bit of a challenge here I'm gonna see what I can figure out I'm thinking one thing I can do is actually maybe shave this off

just a little bit just so this has more room to be thread or on because there's a locking bolt right there and you want to go onto the thread just enough so you can actually lock it in place because you can rotate the bulb inside in order to

orient it the way it needs to be inside the headlight see I think that's what I'm going to do I'm going to cut this just a little bit and then and then try it again so here's what I ended up doing I used my original little block ring

and I cut that much off that way this can be tightened all the way to the top and the little screw inside can be tighten as well and then that goes on there this piece slides on here like that okay let me show you what that looks like

without the ring first that slides on here there's a little ball that snaps onto the ball like that so now let me show you with the factory ring it goes like that and this goes over the ball and there's little groove pieces go in there just gets pushed

down till it snaps into the ball right there so now when I put this in inside the headlight this will lock it in place and hold it in place and then you can rotate the light bulb to adjust the beam exactly how you want it and that's it's

in there like that I wish I knew that this has to be modified or I wish it came with a separate unit little separate ring lock ring so you don't have to cut your own but it is what it is you know it's like if I can get

this to work and it will look good and be bright and it's not gonna go anywhere it's for me it's a win-win but if you guys decide to get these light bulbs I'll have all the links in the description below so you guys if you decide to get

all this stuff it'll be in the description below but if you decide to get this bulb and you're having trouble fitting this lock ring on there this is what I pretty much did to make it work you got to trim off about I want to say an inch

right let me measure this exactly to be precise so pretty much cut off exactly 5/8 of an inch that way this is tightened all the way to the end and it fits in there just fine so now I'm gonna go ahead and install this on both sides inside

the lamp housing we'll plug him in and then we'll see the results [Music] I was trying to put the whole unit like this together but it's really hard to actually align it and do it this way so what I am gonna do is actually get this ring off

I'm gonna put this one on in there first then I'm gonna put this lock and ring in place and lock that in place and then this LED bulb will slide in here and it'll snap on and then once this is locked in place with the locking ring then

you know the LED bulb will slide in there and just snap inside the ring like that so yeah it's a little bit of a puzzle but it can be done and that's what we're here to do again I guess I've done DIY and make things work so I'm

gonna drop this in and we're gonna do some testing all right guys here we go and the LED headlights are in and I noticed something is a little bit off here but let's see if we can try to fix a little quick so we have the two hotspots

one right here that's kind of where the stock one was at that level and then we got this one right here all wonky you know think that's because the LED bulb underneath the hood needs to be rotated and it should be same as the thing that's it [Music]

but there's also one thing I don't like look at here I'm touching the LED bulb and it's bouncing around that's not good doing this on the road that's I don't know about that that's a little bit a little weird later on and I'll put electrical tape on the

the part that goes inside the tube and that would be a little tighter that might fix the problem actually I might do that right now let's do that right now just so we can get it fixed all right so I got the bulb out and here's what it's

doing inside the housing basically snaps into onto the ball right here and then it basically does this inside even though this is secure but the actual LED bulb inside is Lewis right here in this spot so what I'm probably gonna do is put maybe one layer of electrical

tape right here and see if that fixes the problem let's see if that works knots too tight instead of electrical tape I got masking tape and it fit over it's a little better so basically when it goes like this it snaps in it's a little bit tighter but

now it doesn't do the wobble inside the ring and being a little tighter it's also better so it doesn't pop out because it has a little ball snapping ball instead of a locking ring holding the whole piece basically the locking ring is holding this piece which is where

which is what holds the LED bulb in place with the little log ball right there so it is what it is I mean it's hard to find aftermarket parts that are perfect but with slight modifications this is fixable and it will see how it works on the road

but for now I'm gonna do this side and another side put it in and do a little drive and turn the truck around see what it looks like on the field compared to the stock beam and then we'll finish up this video so now that the LED bulbs

are in and they don't wiggle around this side needs to be lower just a little bit but the guy that does the break-in light inspection he will adjust it all so that's gonna be adjust the later on but for now everything's good let's check out the fog lights

real quick fog lights look good and if you notice I didn't install resisters into the turn signals so they're gonna be flashing fast for now but that's not really important I can install that later I didn't do it because it's pretty late and I just wanted to finish

this up but let's see how the turn signals work in the flashers so you had the hyper flash the resistors would take care of that but I'll take care of that later on I just didn't want to waste too much time doing it so now we're gonna see

how it looks like looking at the field and here's what it looks like looking at the field as you can see it's a lot brighter it's wider as well so you can see a lot better even though there's bushes in a way but you can still see a

lot better let's look from the top and this is from the top view a lot better a lot brighter whiter [Music] and let's look from the inside and here's the view from the driver's seat [Music] yeah I know my wish those dirty and it's cracked I'll begin a

new one and now we're gonna go for a little Drive and see held up to the road so let's go ahead and take the truck home and then finish up this video so you guys I'm really happy with the LED headlights they look really bright much better than

stock with the exception of doing a few mods here and there to make them fit and work but as far as the result at the end I'm really happy with it and of course I'll be keeping them so guys once again thanks for watching please subscribe if you're

new to the channel hit the like button let me know what you guys think in the comments and we'll see you guys the next one see ya [Music]

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