2005-2009 Mustang LED Sequential Chase Tail Light Kit – Plug-and-Play Review & Install

Hey guys, Stephanie with AmericanMuscle.

comhere with this LED sequential chase tail light kit that's plug and play for all 2005 to 2009Mustangs.

This LED sequential chase tail light kit isobviously going to be for the older S197 owners that are looking for a sequential tail lightkit but more specifically one that is a convenient plug and play design as well as one that'scapable of supporting an LED lighting setup.

Sequential tail lights are a must have aftermarketupgrade for these cars since this wasn't an option from factory.

There are a few different options out therethat offer these features.

This kit's going to be the top of the linekit.

It doesn't get much better than this righthere.

As far as sequential kits go, you generallyhave two options.

You can go with a cut and splice design thatwill require you to splice into the stock wiring harness and do some quick wiring foryourself.

Or, you can go with a plug and play kit whichrequires no additional wiring.

That's one benefit that this kit right here'sgoing to offer you.

The kit is a direct plug and play kit replacementkit for the factory wiring harness.

We'll make sure to show you that later duringthe install.

The other feature that this kit offers isLED lighting.

That's why this kit is one step above thestandard plug and play sequential lighting kit.

The kit is literally ready to go and all completewith numerous high intensity LED bulbs.

I'm sure you guys have all seen LED lightingbefore.

It's very popular in newer model cars.

So, you know how much of a difference theLED lighting is going to make.

It's much brighter and will also illuminatequicker than the standard bulbs will.

You may not necessarily be looking for a sequentialtail light kit for safety purposes, but there is an added safety feature with this kit.

In case you aren't familiar with the sequentialtail light kits, sequential tail lights were generally featured on the '68 to 1970 Shelbyand they bring a touch of nice, tasteful retro styling to the newer Mustangs.

This kit's going to have a chaser sequencethat's activated by a turn signal, hazard lights or braking.

When a turn signal or the hazard lights areactivated, the lights will sequence from center light out and repeat until switched out.

When the brakes are applied, the tail lightswill sequence once and then stay lit during braking.

As far as price, you can expect to spend about$250 for this kit right here.

Like I said, this is the top of the line kitas far as sequential tail light options.

The LED kits are going to cost more than thestandard lighting kits will.

Raxiom does offer an LED kit like this onehere that is less expensive.

Or, you can check out the standard lightingkit which you can pick up for about $150 less than this kit.

At that point, you're looking at a cut andsplice kit.

The install here is really pretty easy, andyou can thank the plug and play feature for that.

This should take about a half hour's time.

It's going to be a one out of three wrencheson the scale.

You're going to need a quarter inch driveratchet, an 11 millimeter deep socket, a T30 Torx bit with a driver and a small flat headscrewdriver.

You're going to start the install by removingthe housing.

Open the trunk and remove the four centerpin lock retainers that are holding the plastic trim panel in.

Remove the two Torx head plastic screws fromthe upper area of the trim panel that are behind each tail light in the trunk.

After that, the trim panel will be free andready to be removed.

To take the tail light housings out of thecar, remove the 11 millimeter nuts that are holding the housings.

There are three per housing.

Just as a side note, it's not required toremove the housing from the car.

You can choose to do it this way, though, just for clarity.

Of course, you're going to want to make surethat the lights and the ignition are off before proceeding here.

The inner, middle and outer lamp sockets willneed to be removed by twisting the bulbs and pulling them out from the housing.

Insert each socket with the new lamps thatare pre-installed into the corresponding housing opening.

Each LED lamp is marked for position – inner, outer and middle.

You'll want the sockets to fit securely witha tight weatherproof seal here.

Insert the plug end of the LED adapter intothe car's middle and outer sockets, but don't remove the LED lamps from the sockets.

Just make sure to install those sides, andthen all that's left is testing the tail lights before putting the housings back in.

When you test these, you're going to wantto test all areas here – the turn signals, the hazard and brake lighting with the headlightsboth on and off.

It might be helpful to have a helping handfor this part.

Luckily, the kit does come with detailed installinstructions as well which can help you out if you run into trouble.

Wrapping things up here, the LED sequentialtail light kit is a plug and play kit that is a direct plug in that requires no cuttingor splicing.

It also has upgraded LED bulbs, and of courseit gives that sequential chase pattern.

You can check these out along with all ofyour other sequential tail light options right here at AmericanMuscle.



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