2007-2017 Silverado Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper w/ LED Flood Lights Review & Install

The Barricade extreme HD rear bumper withLED flood lights is a great option for any 2007 or newer Silverado owner who's lookingto stay a little bit more protected at the rear end when they're off-roading or at thejob site, while retaining all factory bumper accessories and adding some new ones.

This one is the most affordable aftermarketbumper replacement option coming in right around the $650 mark.

This installation doesn't require too muchwork, no drilling or cutting is required.

So to get it done, I'm giving this one outtathree wrenches on our difficulty meter.

As you can see, this is a more simplisticrear bumper design that doesn't really go over the top in any sort of way.

It's got the protective features and constructionyou'd want for off-roading, but still keeps it sleek and aggressive for the rear end.

The stock bumper for sure cannot stand upto many off-road hazards.

At best you'd walk away with a dent if youcome into contact with a rock that was just a little bit too tall, which is still moredamage than what we want to give our trucks.

This is a great way to take the beating withoutwalking away with anything that compromises the appearance of your ride.

The design of the bumper also incorporatessteps under each of the taillights to help you get in and out of the bed a little easier, which is great for guys without those extending side steps with their bed step near the rearwheel.

This is made from a three millimeter thicksteel plate, which is a strong and rigid option, but it is completed in a textured black powderfinish for corrosion resistance and a long lasting good look to add to that durability.

The coating was done in two stages using anepoxy precoating first, then a high-grade texture black to top it off.

The cool thing about this bumper that notmany aftermarket ones allow is the use of factory backup sensors if your truck cameequipped with them from Chevy.

They retain your factory hitch as well.

When you're shopping around on the site, you'llnotice that Barricade offers two different versions of the HD rear bumper.

There is a more basic version that does notinclude the LED flood lights, but if you're doing a lot of off-roading at night or spendingtime at the worksite, you might need some help lighting up the area.

This is a good upgrade to go with, thanksto the high powered LEDs.

Those are two three inch square flood lightsequipped with five watt Cree LEDs which are designed with a light rating of 6000K, meaningthey're a true pure light.

Each light is also rated as IP67 which basicallymeans they're sealed in a reliable waterproof casing, much like an iPhone 7, that can withstandbeing submerged up to 3.

3 feet of static water for up to 30 minutes.

This version of the Barricade HD bumper fallsright around the $650 mark, putting it at the lower end of the pricing spectrum in thecategory.

There's currently only one bumper that's setat a lower price, which is that more basic version I just mentioned a second ago, thatcomes in at $100 less.

It definitely comes down to personal preference, but if you find yourself needing the extra light, and you want that protection, thisis definitely a very good upgrade to go with.

This one definitely saves you the hassle offinding lights that fit and getting them separately, than drilling holes into whatever bumper youended up going with.

So this definitely has some ease of use.

The installation again won't require you todo anything crazy, but keep in mind the bumper is pretty heavy or at least heavy enough tomake it a little hard to hold up against while installing it yourself.

I'd recommend having a helping hand on deck.

You wanna have a ratchet and simple socketset on deck, as well as about an hour or so to get it done from start to finish.

Overall, one outta three wrenches on our difficultymeter.

The first thing you'll need to do is removeyour license plate, unplug all sensors if your bumper came with them from the factory, and remove the trailer plug.

Unclip any wiring harness on the clips attachedto the back of the bumper.

It might help to put jack stands under thebumper to support it while you remove the bolts, but if you got a helping hand, thatmight not be necessary.

For the guys with the 2007 to 2013 gen, you'llstart off by removing two hex bolts attaching the bumper to the top center of the receiverhitch, if you've got one.

Then remove the hex bolts from the side andbottom of the frame.

Do the same for the other side and pull thebumper away from the truck.

For guys with 2014 and newer gens, you'llstart by removing the rear bolts attaching the bed to the frame and loosen the centerbolts if equipped.

Remove the hex bolts from the side and bottomof the frame, then repeat for the opposite side.

Raise the bed up slightly, only enough toclear the bumper brackets, and then you can pull the bumper away from the truck with help.

Now for those with 2014 and newer gen, youhave the option to disassemble the bumper to avoid raising the bed up with it installed.

You'll release the clips attaching the plasticcover to the steel bumper, then remove the cover and hardware attaching the outer bumperto the bumper brackets.

With help, remove the outer steel bumper fromthe brackets then remove the hex bolts attaching the bracket to the frame.

Then slide the brackets out of the ends ofthe frame and install a frame bracket to the passenger side of the end of the frame, andthen repeat for the other side.

I know this sounds extremely confusing withme just rattling off words to you, but there is an instruction manual included in the kitwhich will absolutely detail all of this and help you along your way.

From here, you can use a helping hand to getthe bumper onto the frame and brackets in order to bolt it down.

From here you can then tackle the LED lightingand install them into the open slots on the bumper, and follow the directions includedto wire them in, or customize them however you'd like.

You can finish it up by reinstalling all thesensors and license plate, as well as the trailer hitch.

That just about does it for me.

So if you're the owner of a 2007 or newerSilverado, you might wanna check out the Barricade extreme HD rear bumper, which is availableright here at americantrucks.



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