2007-2018 Silverado 1500 Barricade Extreme HD Rear Bumper w/ LED Flood Lights Review & Install

Hey, guys, it's Joe from AmericanTrucks.

And today, we're gonna be talking about theBarricade Extreme HD rear bumper with LED flood lights, fitting all '07 to '18 Silverado1500s.

Now, this is gonna be a great option for youif you're looking for a cost-effective rear bumper that's off-road capable and includessome extras such as these awesome LED flood lights.

So, what do we have going on here with theExtreme HD? What is this thing made out of? What features is it gonna give you? And basically, how much is this gonna be betterthan the factory rear bumper? Well, we're gonna start at what this thingis made out of, and that is 3-millimeter thick heavy duty steel plating, and in terms ofdurability, that is going to be a huge upgrade over that factory rear bumper, and it's gonnabe able to take the abuse that an off-road-capable rear bumper should be able to take.

It's also finished in that awesome black powdercoating, which is not just there to add to the looks.

Albeit, if you were going for that blackoutlook, this is gonna be a perfect match for you, it's also there to serve as a layer ofprotection, over that steel, from the elements.

Now, one of the biggest features about theExtreme HD are the included lights, these are two 5-watt 3-inch Cree LED flood lights, they put out a nice, modern bright white color temperature, around 6000K, that's gonna bea bright white leaning very, very slightly toward the blue side.

They have a polycarbonate lens up front andan aluminum housing out the back, basically that comes together to make these IP67 waterproof-rated, meaning they can withstand up to a meter of water for 30 minutes, and that is more abusethan they should ever see on the rear bumper of your Silverado.

Now, the best part about these guys righthere, they're completely plug and play, you get a wiring harness in the kit, hooks upright to the battery, there's a switch included, as well as a relay and a fuse, there's someIP67-rated connectors to plug these into, and you're pretty much off to the races.

Just to run through the list here, these stepson either side, that's a factory feature, the Barricade integrates those very, verynicely, you get a little bit of tread on there as well, so you get to keep that.

If you plan on towing, this bumper is alsopitch-capable, so no matter what you have, that will fit on there.

As far as the trailer plug goes, you alsoget to keep that.

There are two different brackets includedin the kit, one for '07 to '13 and one for '14 to '18.

You also get to keep your proximity sensors, you can see these four pre-drilled holes across the length of the rear bumper, you can transferthose over and keep that feature as well.

There are pre-drilled holes for a rear plateright here, and there's another one right there, and this kit even includes a brandnew plate light to make sure this is legal in all 50 states.

Now, I do have two rather small gripes aboutthis rear bumper, these LED cube lights, they're completely plug and play, no problem withthose guys, but it kind of defeats the purpose of this plate light right here, this is gonnahave to be hard-wired, and again, you're gonna need to do that to make this street legal.

Also, right above that, you can see thereis no lock for the spare tire, so if that is a worry to you, it's probably a good ideato stay away from this one.

Now, pricing for this kit, that's the bumper, all the hardware you need to mount it up, the lights, the plug and play wiring harness, both trailer plugs, all that stuff, we're looking at about 750 bucks.

And for the small gripes I do have with thisrear bumper, I have to say, that is a good price to pay, you really do get your money'sworth if this is the sort of bumper that you're looking for.

Now, if you do like a look of this rear bumper, Barricade even offers you a matching front bumper to tie the whole truck together, andin fact, there's another version of this available without LED lights, which will save you around75 bucks.

For the install here, I'm gonna give it asolid two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter.

Couple reasons for that, this bumper is heavyto begin with, so you probably wanna have a buddy on hand as well as a case of beerso he can help you out with this thing.

That plate light is gonna have to be hard-wired, so that's another reason for the two out of three.

And another concern here is, in order to getthe factory bumper off, you are gonna have to unbolt a couple bolts that hold the bedto the frame of the truck, you don't have to disconnect the bed completely, but a coupleof bolts do have to come out so we can push this up an inch and then slide the rear bumperout, again, we're gonna show you how that's done in just a second.

Now, with all that said, I think you can getthis done in between two to four hours if you come with the right tools.

So, without any further ado, let me show youwhat tools you'll need, and how it's done.

Tools required for this install are goingto include an impact, U-joint, extension, socket set ranging from 22-mill all the waydown to 10-mill, wrench set from 10-mill all the way up to 21-mill, these Allen keys, whichdo come in the kit, this is a 4-millimeter, this is a 5-millimeter, some electrical stufflike zip ties, spade connectors, as well as a wire stripper, and I also used some Channellocksjust to crimp down the spade connector.

So, before we do anything on this truck, onething I would highly recommend doing here, drop the spare tire out of the way, this isgonna give you a lot more room to work underneath of your Silverado here, and that's definitelya must do before you touch any hardware on your truck.

Now, another thing we're gonna have to dobefore we touch any hardware is, we're gonna have to crawl underneath and disconnect someof our electronics so this bumper can come off without pulling on any of the electrics.

First thing we're gonna disconnect, this isbasically a master plug, this is gonna go to both of the license plate lights.

So, it's easier to disconnect here than itis to disconnect at the license plate lights, and what we're gonna do is pull down on thatred tab there, and then you can push this in, and that should release the two, and youcan separate.

Next up is gonna be the trailer plug.

We're just gonna pull on this gray tab, similarto the other one, and then we can press in, and that'll disconnect that.

Next up here, like I said earlier, we're gonnahave to disconnect the bed in order to get our bumper off.

And in this shot, you can see it clearly, it's this lip right here is basically going to hit this piece of metal that goes all theway across, and in order to get it past that, we're gonna have to unbolt the bed and basicallylift up on this thing so that is going to clear.

And what we're gonna do here, take our 18-millimetersocket and an extension, we're just gonna come up through the frame and loosen up thesebolts.

We're gonna hit this one, and then this oneover here as well, then do the same thing on the other side.

So, with the bed effectively disconnectedat the back two bolts only, we're gonna come over to the side of our frame rail, this isall the way at the rear, we're gonna trade our extension for a U-joint.

These two nuts right here are 18 millimeters, we're gonna remove those, over here is a 15, we're gonna get that out of the way as well.

With those nuts removed, you can pull outthis bolt plate, then swap over to the 15 for that last bolt.

Now we're gonna come over to the other sideand do the same thing.

Next up, we can focus on this 21-millimeterhardware here, we're gonna loosen that up on both sides, and then we should be ableto crank up on the bed, and then pull our bumper straight off.

Now, for this bolt over here, you will needa 21-millimeter wrench to hold the bolt head still, as well as a 21-millimeter socket forthe nut.

That is a little bit stuck right now, so whatwe're gonna do is we're just gonna take the bolt out on this side.

You can see our bumper is loose, however, it is pushing on that thread.

What I'm gonna do is, pull this back, pushup on that bolt, and you should be able to remove that as well.

Now, the bumper isn't gonna go anywhere, again, it's gonna get caught on that lip I showed you earlier.

Until we push the bed up, we're gonna haveto wait to take this off.

So, we're gonna hit the other side, lift thebed up, clear that lip, and then remove the bumper.

So, to lift the bed up, you can see I'm gonnabe using a pole jack here.

Now, if you don't have one of these, you'rein a pinch, the way that I've done this before is you just lay on your back underneath thetruck, and you can basically leg press the bed up.

That will give you enough clearance you needto get this bumper out, because the way this sits right now is, if you pull on this thing, you're just gonna get stuck right there on both sides.

So, what I'm gonna do is just apply very lightpressure on the jack, I put another one up front so we don't tip this thing off the lift.

You wanna make sure if your truck is jackedup that it's nice and secure.

If you are gonna use a jack like this one, if you're going the leg press route, you should be just fine since the truck is on the ground.

But the bed actually isn't that heavy, sowhat we're gonna do, jack it up here just enough, less than an inch we're probably gonnaneed to get this bumper off, and then we can pull the thing off.

So, now we have our factory bumper uninstalled, we got a little bit of prep work to do on our new Barricade bumper before we drop thison our truck in its place.

Moving down the line here, over here we havesome trailer plugs, this one is specifically for the older generation of trucks.

This guy is gonna be for the newer generationof trucks, everything '14 and newer, you use this one right here.

We're gonna skip those because, frankly, thistruck does not have a hitch on it, so there's no point in us doing that anyways.

Secondly, we have these guys right here, theseare for the proximity sensors.

If you do have those, you transfer them overfrom your factory bumper, if not, you're going to install these plugs.

We don't have that option on our Silveradoeither, so we're going to stick with those, after that, we'll move on to the LED lightcubes, and then we can go back to the truck.

We're gonna install this guy here, this isgonna be the guide for our spare tire tube.

So, let's get started here.

Again, we're gonna start with these plugs, and these are just going to install in the pre-drilled holes along the front end of therear bumper.

Now, if you wanna lock these in, the kit doesinclude some bolts for you that you can put in these tabs right here, they're optionalfor the plugs, but if you are transferring over sensors, I would recommend installingthose.

Before we drop our fog lights in, we are gonnahave to get these mounting brackets installed.

Now, that is pretty easy, if I hold it uplike this, you can see one side has a notch cut out of it, you want that to face towardthe front of the light.

So, we're just gonna grab that and orientit properly, and slide it in between the fins.

Now, what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna bringthat straight back, and the idea there is it's gonna provide a little bit of a slide, you can drop a nut in.

And in theory, that fin is cut out to holdthat nut still.

So, with that nut being held still, we couldcome in from the side with the bolt and thread the two together.

Now, once you have the thread started, youcan use the Allen key included in the kit to snug that up.

We're gonna do that for the other side ofthe mounting bracket, and then we're gonna do the same exact thing on the other lightas well.

So, with the hardware in place, we can putour mounting bracket where it needs to be, and that can go off to the side, for now, we're gonna do the same thing for this light as well.

And again, you just wanna make sure that notchis toward the front of the light, that's gonna give you the range of motion you need.

Then we can drop the nut down the fin, andget the hardware started through the side of the light, and same thing goes for theother side too.

So, now we can go back to the bumper and installthis thing.

And how we're gonna do that is, we're gonnatake this bolt that comes in the kit, and that's just gonna push up through our bracket.

Now, this bracket does have slots in it, andthat's basically gonna hold the bolt head still so we don't have to worry about gettinga wrench in there.

Then we come in from the front, and what we'regonna do is basically feed in our plug and play connector, then we can line up that boltwith one of these three slots here.

You basically have three choices where youwanna put this thing, but once you have that sorted out, you can come in here with thelock washer and 13-millimeter nut and lock it in place.

We're gonna install the other side here bydoing the same exact thing.

So, our new Barricade bumper is completelybuilt up here, and before we start to work on our truck, I figured now would be the perfecttime to set it down on the floor next to our old factory bumper and point out some of thekey differences between these two, and basically, what is gonna make this Barricade bumper somuch better than the factory one.

Now, the first, and frankly, the biggest differencebetween these two, it's also the most obvious, it's gonna come in the looks department, right? Obviously, we're ditching that factory chromeand plastic styling in exchange for some awesome, aggressive, more modern-looking black powdercoated steel.

Now, that black powder coat looks awesome, it's gonna be a great match, again, for any blackout look, but again, it's also gonnaprovide a little bit of protection over top of that 3-millimeter thick steel, that's gonnabe an upgrade in terms of durability for the rear of our truck as well.

This metal, this chrome, it's not really thatthick, it's not going to be able to take the abuse like some heavy duty steel plate would, so that's an upgrade in terms of durability, for sure.

In terms of features, this one is gonna bea pretty obvious one as well.

We're adding some LED flood lights back here, that's gonna provide a nice little bit of utility.

If you're doing any work behind your truck, let's say, on the trail, or at the worksite, that's gonna be a great feature, definitelysomething you wanna have.

That's all well and good, but what I thinksets this Barricade bumper over the top is just how many features you get to keep fromthat factory rear bumper.

Just to run through the list here, if youdo have a hitch, that'll transfer over just fine, as well as the trailer plug, again, I touched on, you get both brackets depending on what generation Silverado you have, thatwill work out just fine.

If your truck is optioned with proximity sensors, those will transfer over as well, you get to keep those steps on each side, they'regonna allow you easy access to the bed just like the factory rear bumper.

And on top of that, this has some pre-drilledholes for a plate and a brand new plate light.

So, at this point our bumper is ready to go.

Basically, what we're gonna do now is headback to the truck, we got a little bit of prep work to do over there, as well as thisspare tire access tube, we're gonna put that in place so we can install this later.

So, let's head back to the truck and get thatdone so we can get this thing mated up.

As far as this guy goes, we're just gonnaslide that on like so, we're gonna leave that sit there until later just because it's easierto put that onto the bumper once the bumper is installed to the truck.

Now, that brings us to the more importantportion here, that's gonna be our mounting bracket, you wanna make sure you grab theright one.

You can see this one is marked with a “P”for passenger side, and that is basically gonna sit in the frame rail, just like so.

So, in order to attach this with the firstbolt, which is gonna be the smallest, you wanna come all the way up to this top position, that's gonna take the 16-millimeter bolt head.

Then on the other side here, we're going toinstall our flat washer, as well as a 17-millimeter nut.

For the second bolt here, basically, whatwe're gonna do is come to this position right here, this is gonna be the medium-sized bolt, that is going to be an 18-millimeter bolt head, and it's going to install on the otherside with a 19-millimeter nut.

For the third bolt, we're gonna come to thislowest position here, this is gonna be the biggest of the three, that's gonna be a 21-millimeterbolt head, and on this side, a 22-millimeter nut.

We're gonna tighten all that down, and thenwe're gonna do the same thing for the other side too.

Now, before we mount this up, again, all thehardware on here is slotted, so if you need adjustment on those brackets, you could loosenthem up later on, make any adjustment, and then tighten them back down.

Now, with this vaguely lined up, all you'regonna do is hold the bumper up to those brackets, you get the bolt started through, and thenjust finger-tight, then we're gonna crawl underneath and install the rest of our hardwareand tighten it all down.

Underneath of our truck, you can see the twobolts that I just installed, basically, align your bumper, then you can tighten these downwith a 21-millimeter wrench and 22-millimeter socket.

So, next we're gonna tighten the bed backdown.

In hindsight, you should do this before youinstall these brackets, because Barricade doesn't cut this part out of it.

If you do wait until the end and forget aboutit, like I did, what you're gonna have to do is just use a ratchet to get around that.

Now, we're gonna tighten back down the bed.

And if you look closely, you can see we lostthe cutout here, to get through with the extension, the Barricade brackets don't have that.

So, what we're gonna do instead, you can seeI already have the bolt started up here, and we're just gonna finish that off with a ratchetand 18-millimeter socket.

The positions further toward the front ofthe truck though, they're not impeded, you can still go right through the frame railwith a bolt and a socket to get those in place.

Now, we're gonna do the same exact thing forthe other side.

So, next up, we're gonna do our spare tireguide tube, and the way that's gonna work is, we're just gonna take these small buttonhead bolts that come in the kit, they look like that, and a flat washer.

We're just gonna poke that through, line itup with the tube, then over here, just gonna tighten that down with a 10-millimeter nutand another flat washer.

This one over here on the outside, you canget with the impact, but for this one on the inside, you're gonna need a 10-millimeterwrench.

On the other side of this, for the buttonhead portion of the bolt, I'm just using a 4-millimeter Allen key that actually doescome in the kit with the bumper.

So, now we're gonna do some wiring, we'regonna start with our positive terminal here.

First off, we're gonna loosen up that 10-millimeterbolt, and slide on our positive contact.

Once we have that in place, we can tightenthat back down, and do the same thing for negative.

So, next up, we're gonna mount up our relay, and you can probably guess by what I have in my hand, there's really not a great spotto hard mount this that, that's okay, we're gonna zip tie it.

This mounting tab right here looks like aground, but it's really not, so you can put this anywhere you want, and where we're gonnago, is on the underside of this lip right here, and we can tuck the rest of that slackdown next to the battery.

Two things left for us to do, the first thingwe're gonna do, is handle these plug and play connectors right here, these are nice andwaterproof, but they are not heat proof.

So, we're just gonna route these down theengine bay, underneath of the truck, and we're gonna make sure to keep these away from anyhot or moving components.

Secondly, we're gonna take care of our switch.

Now, this can be tricky to get into the cabof your truck, but the easiest spot I found is right here, this big rubber grommet.

If you push that in, it should make a holebig enough for you to slide the switch through, and then you can push this back out to reinstallit and seal the cab of your truck.

Now, once you have that started, you can comeover to the other side, and that should pull right out of the driver's footwell.

And you can mount this guy up wherever youwant, its got that adhesive back on there, so we're just gonna pull off that sticker.

One thing you do wanna make sure of, thiswire stays away from any of the pedals, and then you can press that in place whereveryou want.

Now, we're just gonna feed all those wiresunderneath of the truck, and once we get back here, you can plug in the waterproof connectors.

We're gonna do the same thing for the otherside, and then the kit includes a bunch of zip ties for you to wire manage this wholething.

Again, good rule of thumb here, you wannamake sure you avoid any hot or moving components with the wires.

Now, one thing left, and in order to makethis thing street legal, you have to install this license plate light.

Now, it's gonna come with bare pigtails onthe end, just like this, you can see that there's already a little bit of wire strippedback.

You can basically do whatever you want withthis thing, you can hard wire it in.

In our case, we're gonna use these plug andplay spade connectors.

You can vampire clip these in if you want, this is really up to you, however you wanna wire this, whatever you wanna wire it into, but you wanna make sure that this turns on when your truck turns on in order to makeit street legal.

So, you wanna make sure that there's a littlebit of copper exposed there, and I'm just gonna slide on our spade connector.

Now, I don't have a wire crimper, so whatI'm gonna do is just crimp it down with a Channellock, one more extra squeeze, gonnagive that a pull to make sure it's nice and tight.

And that is not going anywhere, we're gonnado the same thing for the black wire as well.

So, now we're gonna go over to our truck, and we already have the female side all connected up to that master plug that we disconnectedearlier.

Now, I can't speak to wiring, again, yourSilverado wire colors might be a little bit different, you just wanna make sure you'resplicing into the right stuff in order to power this thing when it should be on.

We're just gonna feed the wires through thislower hole in the bumper, then align our light, and snap it into place, like so, then underneath, we're just gonna plug in our spade connectors.

Now, guys, that is gonna do it for me, it'salso gonna do it for the Barricade Extreme HD rear bumper with LED flood lights, fittingall '07 to '18 Silverado 1500s.

Thank you, guys, for watching.

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