2008-2014 Challenger Oracle LED Waterproof Headlight Surface Mount Halo Kit Review & Install

Hey guys, Adam here with americanmuscle.


Today we're taking a quick look at and installingthe Oracle LED Halo Surface Mounting Kit available for the '08 to '14 Challenger.

Now, you should be checking out this particularset of LEDs if you're looking to beef up your front end appearance, get a more custom lookwith a bright LED halo without, number one, taking your bumper off to swap your headlightsor, number two, cutting open your factory headlights to insert LEDs inside which isa common thing that a lot of guys with Challengers do.

This is the easy, safe and cost-efficientalternative.

What do I mean by that? Now these are surface mount which means, 3MAutomotive bonding tape is holding on this horseshoe-shaped halo ring to the front lensof your headlight.

You do it from right outside of the vehiclein between your trim.

It is that easy.

A lot of guys might be skeptical of 3M tapeholding it onto the outside, it's gonna fall off, rain's gonna get to it.

Not gonna be the case here.

These are IP67 waterproof and splash proofwhich means they're protected from your daily weather.

So, rain, snow, sleet, hail.

None of that stuff's gonna get this.

3M tape, especially when used with the adhesionpromoter which is included in the kit, is gonna help stick this to your headlights forthe long term.

The LEDs are rated for up to 90, 000 hoursof continuous use so they're not burning out.

LEDs are known to last the longest of someof the light bulbs out there so I'm not concerned about that.

You shouldn't be either.

These things are gonna last a lifetime.

So the other thing that's really cool aboutthem is you can pick the color of your preference.

They offer white, green, blue, red and amberhalo LEDs for your front end.

What we have here is, of course, the white.

So anytime your parking lights are on or yourheadlights are on, these guys come on too.

But during the day, if you don't want themone and your headlights are off, they're off as well.

So, personally, I really like that.

You can also wire them straight into yourheadlights.

If you only want them on with your headlights, you can do that.

Again, personal preference.

I'm gonna show you guys what I think is theabsolute easiest mounting solution and wiring solution to these.

You'll pick up vampire splice connectors aswell as male spade connectors and I'll show you guys what that means in just a littlebit when we jump into the install.

Now these are gonna come in around the $200mark which is a lot more affordable than a full set of headlight replacements.

Oracle does offer these built-in to a newhousing to make it look completely OEM which comes in right around the $800 mark.

So if you're looking to cut cost but get thesame output in lighting and appearance, this is a great alternative.

The install, I'm gonna give a soft two outof three wrenches on our difficulty meter.

Anytime splicing is involved, it does beefup the install just a little bit but this is extremely simple guys.

What do you say we get started? Now the tools recommended for the installinclude a quarter-inch ratchet and a 10-millimeter short socket, wire cutters, pliers, a lighttester, soap and water mixture as well as a microfiber is recommended but not required.

It's also recommended to pick up vampire spliceconnectors as well as male spade connectors.

Adhesion promoter included in the kit andan alcohol wipe.

Guys, the first step here is to pop your hoodand we're gonna remove the top radiator covers.

Now, these, right from the trunk latch, willjust lift straight up and disconnect from the side.

It is super easy.

Now you can just set them aside.

Guys, the next step is gonna be to run yourhalos into position but not actually stick them down just yet.

Youwanna tackle the wiring first to make sureall the LEDs are properly working.

You wouldn't wanna wire them up later to findout that they're not working after you've already glued them to your headlights.

That's not gonna be any fun to get off.

So what we're gonna do is slide our headlighthalos through into position, run our wiring, start the wiring and then move on.

Now, there is a tight space so it's gonnabe harder for you to run the wiring upward than it will be to run the halos down.

So we're gonna put our wiring up here, takeour halo and just slide it through the crack and mount them through.

So you can see this crack here in front ofthe headlight lens.

These are a perfect shape to just feed rightthrough.

All right and they mount just like that.

Now your wiring is tucked up in there andit's not visible.

Now you're gonna do the same thing for theother one on our driver side.

Next we wanna feed our wiring down to ourheadlight harness in order to do some splicing but what we don't want is for our wiring tobe over the rad support.

Then our rad covers won't go back on properlyand honestly, it's gonna look pretty ugly.

So what we want to do is take the wiring andfeed them underneath of this bar and bring them up from underneath.

Now in order to do that, there's a spot rightthrough here where you can feed your resistor.

Your resistor's the biggest part here.

When you feed that through, your wiring willfollow.

Just like that.

Now we can go underneath.

It's a tight squeeze but you can definitely, you know, pass it off to your other hand and now it's underneath.

You wanna do the same thing for both.

Now this one is gonna be a little bit easieron the outside.

We can actually just feed this toward ourwheel well and right under that frame piece and do the same thing so it's not over thecrossbar here.

Guys, now what I'd recommend doing is onceyou have both wires fed tunderneath of that bar, grab some zip ties, not included in thekit.

So you wanna pick them up separately or somethingsimilar and secure back this resistor.

Now you don't want it rattling around in here.

So there's two pre-drilled holes on the sides.

You can actually just feed the zip tie throughone of them to secure this back.

The alternative is you can pick up 3M tapeand throw it on the back and stick it somewhere.

This, I think, might be just a little biteasier for you.

Where you stick it is completely up to you.

I'm gonna go right to this crossbar here.

The same thing for both of them and then youcan cut the excess.

All right.

Now we can cut this excess on the zip tie.

Next up, I'm going to unplug our parking lightharness.

When you want your halos to turn on is completelyup to you.

I want them to come on with our parking lights.

So what we're gonna do is unplug this factoryharness just by pulling back on this red tab here.

You can use a flathead or something to pullthat tab back just to unlock it.

Go in, pinch and disconnect.

Now what we need to do is figure out whichone of these wires.



these white wires is our power.

Now, we have the black as our ground and we'regonna test these two by putting a light tester in the pins.

Now what we need to do is, basically, figureout which wire this red is going to splice to.

The black is gonna be spliced to our ground.

The red needs to go to one of these.

Grab a light tester, turn your lights on andwe'll test this out.

All right.

So we want our halos to come on when our parkinglights are on.

So we're testing to see which one is gonnabe the correct wire and there it is.

This is lighting up.

The middle wire is our white and purple.

So that's what we'll splice into for our redpowers.

All right.

Before we get to any wiring, you wanna disconnectthe negative terminal on your battery.

So we're gonna grab a 10-millimeter socketand just loosen this guy up.

All right.

Just make sure it's out of the way and notgonna touch the terminal again.

All right.

So what we're gonna do for the splicing ispretty particular and I think this is gonna be one of the easier methods.

Of course, it can be all personal preference.

If you wanna do it your own way, obviously, you're free to do so.

This is what I recommend doing.

The way this works is this vampire clip isgonna splice right onto the factory harness without actually needing to cut anything.

It'll clamp right under your power and yourground because we'll do it for both and then on the back, once it's closed, a male spadeconnector will hook right in.

So we're gonna splice our halo wires to thisand then clamp this to our factory and then plug them in.

It's that simple.

No cutting of the wires is gonna be needed.

That way you can easily return it to factoryif you ever wanted to.

You don't have to worry about splicing yourwires back together.

Easy stuff.

So I'd recommend picking these up.

Now what we're gonna do is take both halosfrom our driver side, splice them together and run them to one spade connector.

So they'll come together into one of theseand then we'll clamp them to our positive.

So let's get to it.

All right.

So we're gonna take both of our grounds fromour halos and we're gonna twist those guys together.

If you need to, you can strip back some moreand expose more wire if you find that easier.

Once they're twisted together, you're gonnainsert that into the spade and clamp them down.

Give it a tug, make sure it's secure and repeatfor the other one.

So now we're gonna take our both positives, twist them together and do the same thing.

Give it a pull, make sure it's secure.

And now we can use our vampire connectorsto cut into our positive and negative cables on the factory harness.

Now for this, if you need to, you can pushback that tape to gain more access to the wiring and I think that's gonna make lifea little easier.

Now the way these will work is you wanna findthe positive and you're gonna clamp them right into this connector.

Safely and securely snap into your positive.

Do the same thing for your ground.

From here, what we're gonna do isn't we'renot gonna hook them up here because we don't want this above our bar.

We wanna go underneath.

So I'll feed this factory harness underneathto connect them and then we'll reconnect it to our lights.

All right.

From here, plug your ground spade into yourground connector and your positive into your positive.

All right.

They'll seat snug just like that.

You'll hear it click.

You want to go all the way down as far asit can possibly go.

All right.

Now reconnect your wiring.

All right.

Now we can plug in that factory connector.

Once it's plugged in, push down on that redlocking tab and it's secure.

Repeat this for the other side.

Guys, at this point, what you wanna do istest out your lights before you mount your halos.

Make sure everything is correct.

If something isn't working, check your wiring.

Make sure they're going to the right place.

Make sure they're tight and secure.

Make sure your spade connectors, if you'reusing them, are tight and secure.

All right.

Now mounting your halos to your factory headlightsis very simple.

You're gonna need two things, one of whichis included in the kit.

Now, included in the kit is adhesion promoter.

Now this is what you're gonna wanna use toreally, really get a perfect bond, something that is going to be very difficult to comeoff.

So that's gonna be a good idea for guys whowanna make it a more permanent solution who don't have any plans in removing it and alsofor the guys who want that added security, you know.

Some guys might be a little bit sketched outby 3M tape.

3M tape used on the back of these halos isspecifically meant for automotive use.

It's meant to take the beating from weather.

It's meant to take the beating from dailydriving, dirt, dust, debris, all that good stuff.

That's not gonna get this off but for peaceof mind, use adhesion promoter.

Now, also, you wanna pick up cleaning tissues.

Something like an alcohol wipe.

This is gonna make sure there's no dirt anddust prohibiting a bond on the lens of your headlight.

That's what we're gonna use first.

We are not gonna use adhesion promoter becausethese will be removed for the sake of this video.

What I'm gonna do is show you guys how tomount them without it.

So you're gonna open up an alcohol wipe.

You can also use soap and water if you havethat.

You just wanna make sure you are cleaning.

This is one of the more crucial steps in theprocess.

Now the 3M is going to mount around the edgesof your headlight lens.

So just go all around the edging there, makesure this is nice and clean.

The same thing for both.

Once it's clean, if you're using adhesionpromoter, you're gonna open this up and wipe in that same spot.

That's just gonna make sure the 3M gets reallygood bond.

From there, peel off the 3M tape backing allaround your halos.

There are three separate strips all along.

Now for this U-shape, the open portion's gonnabe at the top.

You want the halos to be completely visiblethroughout your entire headlight.

You're gonna get this in position right whereyou want it and stick it into place.

Do the same thing for both.

All right.

Once you have it where you want it, put pressureall around.

Repeat for the other side and you're goodto go.

All right.

With both sides taking care of and everythingtested, we're gonna put our rad cover back on.

Just snaps right into place on both sides.

From here, we'll reconnect the negative terminalon our battery and we'll be good to go.

Put our negative cable back on.

Grab your 10 socket and tighten it down.


Shut your trunk and you're good to go.

Well, guys, that's gonna wrap up my reviewand install for the Oracle LED Halo Surface Mount Headlight Kit available for the '08to '14 Challenger and you can pick your set up right here at americanmuscle.



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