2009-2014 F150 Axial Smoked LED Third Brake Light Review & Install

What's up, guys? Adam here with americantrucks.


Today we're taking a quick look at and installingthe Axial Smoked LED Third Brake Light, which also acts as a reverse light and cargo lightavailable for the '09 to '14 F-150.

You should be checking this out if you'relooking to ditch the factory traditional dated technology built into that stock reverse light.

It's really chromed out, really reflective, it doesn't add any stealth or aggression to your truck.

This is blacked out, has state-of-art technologywith LEDs 15 reverse and the brake light going all the way around.

But it doesn't stop there, it doesn't stopat the brake and reverse light when you pop your door's open, the row white LED's or yourreverse light pop on so it acts as more of a cargo lamp as well.

Now these are super bright.

Comparing these to the factory options, nightand day, you get really dull factory halogen bulbs.

Now you've got really bright, very powerfulLEDs.

The cool thing about this is not only doesit come in that textured black finish with a smoked lens, it's also available in clearif you're not really into that smoked look.

It also comes in at about 75 bucks and it'scompletely plug and play.

No splicing whatsoever, which I think is oneof the biggest bonuses with this.

Nobody really wants to cut up factory harnessesand do some splicing, maybe even soldering in some cases.

Now, I'll be honest with you, my only gripewith this is that it doesn't include black hardware since it's a black housing I'd liketo see some black screws in there.

But of course, you could replace those yourselfif you were that nit-picky, which, hey, listen, I get it, some of us are.

The install again, one out of three wrenches, easy 15 minutes at the absolute most.

For hand tools, all you need is a Phillipshead screwdriver.

Anybody can tackle it.

I'm gonna show you how.

The only tool needed for this install is aPhillips head screwdriver.

All right, guys, the first step, grab a Phillipshead screwdriver and we're gonna remove the two Phillips head screws, one on each side.

You want to make sure you're holding on tothem too.

From here, pry off and if it's stuck to thevehicle, you can always use a panel removal tool to just pry down on it, but you don'twant to use anything metal, you don't want to damage the paint.

From here we're gonna come out, pop out ourbulbs.

So we got the factory option out of our 2011F-150 and it's sitting next to the axial smoked LED option.

And I want to take you guys through some ofthe similarities for mainly the differences between the two and trust me, they are justcompletely different as you can see.

Now the factory light, I personally am reallyjust not a fan of whatsoever.

There's a lot of really flashy chrome reflectivenessgoing on, it's very clear, it's not very smoked.

There's nothing stealthy and aggressive aboutit and honestly, I think it's pretty outdated.

Going over to the new axial, we have a texturedblack housing all around, 15 center spot, white LEDs for your reverse light, and youhave a red surrounding LED for your brake light.

So, really modern technology going into thisstate-of-the-art LEDs, there are a lot brighter and a lot cleaner than the factory ones, sothis here is gonna be a pretty big upgrade to stealth and aggression.

And it's got that plug and play harness inthe back, so what we're gonna do is pop out the factory bulbs and put these into the pinsin these connectors.

Now for these bulbs, you're really just gonnapinch very gently and pull straight back, you're not gonna need these anymore.

Do that for all three.

Now you're gonna take the harness on the backof your axial and they're labeled, there's only two of them, they're labeled.

One says LED reverse light W full light, that'sgonna be your reverse light, obviously, the other one LED fog light R which is your brakelight for red.

Now the brake light is gonna get put intothe middle bold on the factory harness.

So grab the middle section and plug that in, seat that all the way through and the other reverse light can go to either end.

From there you can tuck to your harness backinto the vehicle and line up those factory mounting points.

You can put the factory screw through whilelooking down the side to line those up, just put it through a couple of threads by handon both sides.

Grab that Phillips head and tighten them backdown.

Now the cool thing when you tighten thesedown, you'll notice the foam edging on the inside really seals up against the truck toprovide that leak-free finish so you don't get any malfunctioning with the wire due toweather or climate changing.

That's gonna wrap up my quick overview andinstall for the Axial Smoked LED Third Brake Light for the '09 to '14 F-150.

If you want to check this out, you can doso for your own truck right here at americantrucks.



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