2015-2019 F150 Axial LED Fog Lights Review & Install

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It's Joe from AmericanTrucks.

Today we're gonna be taking a closer lookat the Axial LED Fog Lights, fitting all '15 and newer F-150s excluding the Raptor models.

Now this is gonna be a great option for anyF-150 owner out there that's looking to change their fog lights over to LED with a cost-effectiveand high-quality upgrade.

So what do we have going on here with theAxial LED fog lights? Well, first off, let's dive into what thisthing is made out of.

Around back, we have an aluminum housing, up front, a nice polycarbonate lens on there that's gonna be clear and very resistant toshatter in its nature.

Now all of this comes together to make theseIP67 waterproof which means the housing and the plug and play connector for this thingare gonna be able to withstand up to a meter of water for half an hour which is way moreabuse than it should ever see on the front end of your F-150.

Even when these are off, these are looks upgrade, right? We're gonna put these side by side next toour reflector style factory housings in just a second here and you can see even with theclear lens on there, this is gonna give you a little bit more of a blackout look whichfrankly looks a lot more modern than that old school reflector style housing, so evenwhen they're off, again, a huge upgrade in the looks department.

Once you turn these on though, things geteven better.

These are 5, 000k color temperature, so that'sgonna be your nice crisp, bright white color in there.

And theoretically, we have a focusing lensbehind our polycarbonate lens, so this should focus the light a little bit better whereyou need it rather than that reflector style housing which just scatters light in all directions, a little bit inefficient, this is gonna be a huge upgrade over those.

Now another huge benefit with these, completelyplug and play.

That's right, these plug right into the harnesson our F-150, no wiring knowledge necessary, that's just good design from Axial.

Well done guys.

Other than that, obviously these are alsoDOT and SAE compliant, so again, Axial, well-engineered, no matter what state you live in, these arealways going to pass inspection on the front end of your F-150.

So, all in all, a great set of performingfog lights.

And honestly, I thought these were gonna bemore expensive than the price tag that they sit at, we're only looking at around 100 bucks.

And for your 100 bucks this is gonna be agiant upgrade if you're looking to mess with the fog lights.

Again really, really easy to install, we'regonna show you how it's done in just a second.

A really high-quality piece that's gonna providea nice bright white light on there and high-quality materials and build quality to boot.

So really can't beat it at 100 bucks for thepair here, that is a great price to pay.

So install for these is going to be reallyeasy, plug and play obviously, right.

So these are gonna drop in with no modificationsin place of our factory fog lights.

Now one thing we are gonna do to get theseinstalled today is remove the bumper.

It is possible to install these without removingthe bumper but for video purposes and to show you exactly how it's done, we're gonna takethe bumper off again.

If you wanted to pick up with us once we getthis bumper off of our truck and try to skip a few steps, leave this on your truck, itis definitely possible.

However, you're working in some tight spaceshere, so just keep that in mind.

If you do have to resort to taking off thebumper, you can pick up with us right now.

At most, I think this will take us an hourto get installed.

So let me show you what tools you'll needand how it's done.

Tools required for this install, you'll needeither an impact gun or ratchet, small extension, 21-millimeter socket.

I used a couple of different trim panel removaltools as well as a Phillips and flathead screwdrivers.

So for this install, we're gonna have to loosenup and take off our front bumper here.

And for that, we're gonna need a 21-millimetersocket and a small extension.

We're gonna loosen up some nuts underneathour front bumper and unplug our fog lights to start off.

And the nut we're looking for is just gonnabe toward the outside edge of the frame rail.

And again this guy is a 21-millimeter.

Now we're just gonna come to the left a littlebit here and we're just gonna grab our fog light and twist it out.

Now we're just gonna reach up to our fog lightand we're gonna pull the two tabs on the back of the harness to release it and then we canpull that wiring harness away.

Now we can come over to the other side, dothe same thing, we're gonna remove that nut and then unplug our fog.

So now we can attack the hardware from thefront here and it is hidden behind these plastic pads that are held in with some metal clips.

So I'm just going to pry on them with a trimpanel removal tool, you can also use a flathead screwdriver here.

Just be careful of the paint on your truck, maybe wrap it in some electrical tape, something like that.

But with that said, I'm just gonna take atrim tool, get underneath, give that a good pry, it should pop right off.

Now I'm gonna come over here, do the samething for the other side.

This corner right here is a good place topry as well, it's kinda got a notch cut out of it that's perfect to get underneath of.

Now we're gonna remove those four nuts, twoon each side, and again, 21-millimeter socket here.

And as you're doing this last one here, thisis the last thing holding on your bumper, so put a knee on it and then you can removethat as well and pull the bumper away.

All right, we have the front bumper off ofour truck here, we're gonna grab the Phillips head screwdriver and get rid of these alignmentscrews on our fog lights so we can pull them out.

So we can remove the screw, get rid of thespring.

And the kit actually comes with some new springsin there and we can put those aside.

So now what we're gonna do here is releasethese tabs that hold in the fog light to this sort of outer housing here.

Now the way I like to do this is I'm gonnapry up on this tab with the flathead screwdriver.

And then from the other side, I have thisreally flat and wide trim panel removal tool, I'm gonna sort of fight against this to releasethis tab.

So that's one done, now we're gonna jump overto the other side and do the same exact thing.

First thing we're gonna do is remove the alignmentscrew and spring.

Then we can come from this side with the flatheadscrewdriver, pry that up.

Trim panel removal tool from the other side, to sort of pry away from the wall, and that should pop right out.

Let's hit the other side too.

And after that should pop right out.

So now that we have the factory fog lightsoff of our F-150, I figured now will be the perfect time to put them down next to ourAxial fog lights and point out some of the key differences between the two while they'returned off on the table here.

Let's start in the looks department.

So similarities between these two.

Both clear lens, both a black housing behindit.

However, with our new LEDs, we do have thatfocusing lens behind our polycarbonate lens just to get some more light output and focusour beam versus the factory ones which sort of give that old school reflector housingvibe.

So even when these are off, there's gonnabe a noticeable difference with how they look installed on the bumper of your F-150.

Moving behind the lights here, some obviousdifferences.

Our LEDs have some aluminum fins on therejust for cooling purposes versus the plastic housing on our factory ones.

We also have some wires on our LEDs to pluginto rather than directly into the bulbs themselves.

Now once we get these plugged in, you're gonnasee some more differences as well, mainly the color temperature, factory, you know whatthose look like, standard reflector housing a little bit toward the yellow side.

These LEDs are gonna be that nice, crisp, clear white that looks so good on the F-150.

On top of that, with the focusing lens forour new LEDs in there, that's usually a little bit more efficient in terms of light outputthan this reflector housing which has a tendency to scatter light in each direction.

So theoretically you should get a little bitmore light where you want it with the LEDs.

Now other than that, these are gonna be prettysimilar as [inaudible 00:09:35] makes no difference.

Both of these are waterproof.

Our LEDs are IP67 rated which means they canwithstand up to a meter water for half an hour, that's more abuse than they should eversee on the front end of your F-150.

And both sets of these are DOT and SAE certified, so no matter what state you live in, you will always pass inspection with the Axials.

So without any further ado, let's get ourbumper back up here and we could drop in our new fog lights, re-install that to the truck, plug them in and we'll be good to go.

So now all we have to do, grab a light, thisis just gonna drop right in from the front and click in with those tabs that we priedup earlier.

Once that clicks into place, this will nowhold it still long enough for you to get this threaded insert in and then we could pushin our alignment spring and this is a pretty tight fit.

And then we could come up with the alignmentscrew and get that started into that plastic portion.

And we're just gonna dial this in with thePhillips head screwdriver.

And once you get this installed on your truck, if the alignment is not quite right, you can always come back later and adjust this.

Now we're gonna jump over, do the same thingon the other side.

Now, at this point, I just want to addresssomething.

This might be doable with the bumper stillon the truck but we feel that it's easier to show how to do this once the bumper isoff the truck just for video purposes.

If you wanted to leave this on, you mightbe able to get away with it, let's say for instance you have small hands and smallertools, you could probably do it.

But just for video sake, we're taking thebumper off for this one, that's really a judgment call on your part.

Save yourself some time, try to get it donewith the bumper on the truck but if not, you might be taking this off like we did.

Now one thing I do want to note is reallythe only thing that gets in your way is the crash bar will be right in this area and reallylimits access to this tab over here.

So that's really the only consideration thatI could think of if you did want to leave the bumper off.

And with all that sorted, we can now dropour bumper back onto our truck and then we can reinstall our 21-millimeternuts and align our bumper and lock these in with the impact gun.

And we're gonna do the same thing for theother side.

Now while we still have this cap off, yougot to install these guys right here, so we're going to reach in and I'm just gonna leavethat started for now, once we go underneath our truck, we'll put a nut on that and tightenit down.

Same exact thing goes for the other side.

Once we have all our hardware installed, wecan then put these caps on and they're just gonna press back into place.

So then we put that last nut on this side, tighten it down.

So now that we have that nut installed, wecan come over here to our fog light plug and we're just gonna drop that right onto ourtruck's harness.

We can wrap this one up by doing the samething for the other side.

Now all that's left for us to do is just pullour F-150 up to a flat wall here on flat ground and dial in the adjustment with those Phillipshead screws.

But that's gonna do it for me, it's also gonnado it for the Axial LED Fog Lights, fitting all '15 and newer F-150s excluding the Raptormodels.

Thank you guys for watching.

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