2020 GMC Denali HD LED Emergency Strobe Lights

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This is George at Wicked Warnings here with a brand-new 2020 GMC Denali HD.

As you can see there, we've got our popular Razor LED.

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And as you cansee on the front of this grille, we're using our Razor LED in an amber-whitecombination and I'll go ahead and lower the ISO for you, just so you can see alittle bit more of that color swap.

I'm sorry that the lights wash out thecamera the way they do.

We'll go ahead and put that back.

You can also see that we'vegrabbed the front white spotlights in those mirrors.

We've also grabbed theamber parking light in those mirrors.

We have the roof running our Auto FlasherKit.

The mirrors are also running our Auto Flasher Kit and you can see, whenwe activate the rear of the truck, you can see now all four fenders are runningour Auto Flasher Kit as well.

This particular truck, we're trying outsomething new.

We went ahead and gave him a remote control.

Just a little four-button fob and that way, he can turn on and off the lightswith the remote control.

Very cool.

We've got flood mode in the grille.

We'vegot front warning which consists of the roof lights, both sets of forward-facingmirror lights, the front fenders, as well as the grille lights.

We've got rear warningwhich consists of the backward-facing mirror lights, the cargo light, the reverselights, two LIN-6's underneath the taillights, and the rear fenders.

There's a little better side shot therewhere you can see the fenders and the mirror lights all going.

We've got arapid flash going on the fenders and the mirror amber parking.

We've got analternating flash on the roof.

We split up the outers and the middle.

We've got anice alternating seventy-five flash on those bright white forward-facingspotlights.

I guess GM saw that Ford was having all the fun with those white forward-facing mirror lights and they wanted to up the ante, so they put afew into their new mirrors and you can see, they're quite bright.

Here we got alittle bit nicer view.

Now that the grille isn't flooding the camera so badly, youcan really see how that roof is doing its thing.

Our fenders are also in the warning mode.

You can see here how the Razors fitbeautifully right in between the grille here.

We used a little piece of ABSplastic as a backer for the screw and goes right in the grille very nicely.

I'm trying to get a little better focus for you.

There you go.

Very easy mount.

Very nice way to get some Razors in the grille.

And did Imention that flood mode everybody loves? Alrighty, out back I hope I don'tdisappoint.

What we have here is two of our LIN-6 in an alternating tripleflash in each step pocket in the back.

We also smoked those light lenses, so whenthey're off, they're very discreet.

We have our Auto Flasher running thefactory white reverse lights, you can see there and we also have an Auto Flasherrunning that factory spoiler cargo light.

By the way, that's a brand-new design onthat cargo light up there with the rear spoiler on the Chevrolets and the GMsand as you can see, we can get in there and make that flash.

Here you can see our LIN-6 tucked nicely up into that step and with the smoked lens, it really doesdisappear.

As you can see, when it's off, you really barely even notice thatthere's any light there at all.

One of the specs on this truck was to keep itas inconspicuous as possible and as you can see, hopefully we achieved that.

Where did the lights go? They're gone.

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