[21] Help! I haven't led a change before. Any tips?

hello and today's question from an IT leader is I haven't led a change before any tips what tips would we have okay quite a few I don't think quite a few so if you eye let's make the assumption just for purposes of the conversation that it's a either

delivering a new process or a new way of working or a new technology but there's they're introducing something and responsible for the change the project to get things done so there's certainly some resources that we can share on this one we've wrote a look a little while ago

about a short book that'll want to go what about change which will certainly help and get you started and there are breweries and other book recommendations that we can make in terms of starting you off immediately the number one is to focus on or focus your energy on

why if you can completely understand why it is that the change is taking place by understand I mean you can both understand and begin to explain that to other people so what does it mean for the team what does it mean for the organization what does it mean

for the customers what will they be able to do after the change that they can't do before get close and personal with why it is happening in the first place if you can't explain that you've lost almost lost the battle straightaway a classic thing would be we're implementing

some software and news service management tool and IT Service Management or something in our teams why would we bother what would Vantage is it can he give anybody if you don't have that narrative you're never gonna get a team of people behind you or working shoulder-to-shoulder with you

to help drive that change I think that's really important too because not all change you're going to necessarily stand behind there might be change happening that you need to get right in your own head so you know get the words right you know find the final positives because

you've got to bring your team whatever happens so I think that's really important III would certainly say it's the number one responsibility of any leader full-stop is to connect people to why can end equal to the destination do that and it unlocked so many other doors don't do

that and you're forever fighting wondering why people are behaving in the weather they are so if that's number one is get people to why if you can back that with some real data that starts to say this is what people will be behaving like in the future these

are the results that we will see that helps both helps color in the picture but those people who like a bit more data will enjoy that yes second no gone you're gonna say something don't let me dominate no no my second point whisk is always gonna take longer

than you think yeah yeah so a change doesn't happen in two weeks or it's been a month it could take a lot longer yes so breaking it down so it's a bit more palatable so you can see things in stages is always good too because then you could

celebrate the achievements as you go through yeah I would i i'll I can change or I think about change go off and like imagine as a shuttle trying to break orbit it takes an awful lot of energy to get there and you need to keep that energy up

for a very long time in order to get anywhere so you've got to think about changing that way just announcing on a Monday morning that we're gonna work in this way from now on won't achieve anything you genuinely have to be with that change for a long period

of time so some stamina is probably tip number – yeah – Juliet's point entirely if along the way you can celebrate and call out the successes that will help to gather people to the storm it'll help bring people together and in regards to that people that are close

to all people are particularly keen and bought into the change give them as much freedom and capability to help you implement that change they bring together cotton would call it a guiding coalition bring together a group of people that helped to drive that change those just on your

shoulders and what I love about that is when you get some of your fans you know go and on the way when you're feeling a bit low because it's just hard work you'll find that you'll get bought up by your team too and they keep that energy going

yeah I had that once I earlier on I ran a change where I completely got it and I I knew exactly where we were going and I knew the value that it was going to give and I still to this day believe it would have done but I

forgot to really tell anybody about it and I I kind of almost remember always literally turning round to say what and there was nobody there because I hadn't done anywhere near enough to get that group of people driving they couldn't see division so that well that's the next

point is get your team together and keep them together I in a short video that's probably all we can give but I would recommend downloading our ebook because that is helpful there are other resources available of course and indeed some of them are linked and mentioned in the

e-book anyway so we'll we'll add that just as a brief summary then number one is connected with why you are making everything harder for yourself if you don't spend time on that and you can even spend your mountain you're going to spend a day a week on connecting

people to the destination of the change that's the kind of emphasis you need on this work with a team so get the people the fans I like that phrase who are connected to the change together and pick each other up share the successes and make it a cool

place to be that will really really really really help along the way and as I say remember it's going to take a long time if you need to pivot and change strategy so–but keep your head down new year's day changes and it's resolutions don't work for a reason

it's because we don't carry on I think that's well that's three I could go on for hours about that sorry so we hope there helps and if you have a question you'd like us to have a chat about please do let us know otherwise we will catch on

the you can see thank you Thanks

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