270% Brighter LED Bulb | 14-19 4Runner S-V.4 Install

If you've got a 2014 up Toyotafour-runner I'm gonna show you guys how you can almost triple your low beamoutput and get an unbelievable high beam in less than five minutes so let's getthis thing to our part let's get it upgraded let's fire it against the walland see just

how much brighter it is compared to stock now the first thing you need to do isremove the low beam dust cover on this particular headlight it's a little bitdifferent compared to other headlights it is off at an angle here as you cansee and all you have to do

is twist it counterclockwise to remove it from thevehicle just go ahead and give it a little twist pull it out toward you it'sgonna look like this now this one's got a hole in it we were doing some hidtesting on this vehicle a few months ago now if you

reach in here you can twistyour factory low beam bulb counterclockwise you'll see it's got alittle bit of slack to it and you can disconnect the factory wire harness andpull the bulb off of that now here's a little comparison between the h-11factory low beam bulb and the sv4 bulb

that we're gonna be installing today isyou can see the depth of the two bulbs is not actually that much differentthat's very important for this particular vehicle you cannot fit mostaftermarket LED headlight bulbs in these housings the dust cover is just tootight to the back of it it won't

fit and then you won't be able to reinstall thedust cover that is never recommended you're gonna get dust you're gonna getmoisture in there it's the last thing we want so we wanted to find a bulb thatwould fit with the factory dust cover and perform really well the s

beforedoes exactly that go ahead and reinsert it right into that same opening thefactory bulb came out of give it a clockwise twist when the tabs are linedup and finally you can plug the factory connector back in to your LED driver nowI will say that some of these vehicles

have reverse polarity and what that'llmean for you is you'll get this install done and you'll go to power your lightsup and one of them may not turn on if that's the case go ahead and take thatconnector disconnect it flip it around plug it back in should work just

finenow if you take this LED bulb driver and push it toward the bottom rear of thatbulb there's just enough room to fit it in there and reinstall that factory dustcover as you can see it's back on there no problem and now we can move on to ourhigh beam

so your hiding is exactly to the left ofyour low beam bulb and if you just reach in here and you can press in on this tabdisconnect the bulb and we can now plug our LED headlight bulb in the high beamis gonna be using the same exact bulb it's

the sv4 bulb in nine thousand fivesize and for the high beam we're actually gonna need a pwm module thesevehicles came equipped with a DRL when you're in gear it'll engage the highbeam and certain vehicles and certain bulbs will flicker and strobe when theDRL activates and on this forerunner

it's no exception one easy way to handlethat is using a gt-r lighting pwm module they plug in just like this this endgoes to your factory wiring and the bulb goes right back in the original HighBeam slot nothing to it so we can head back to the vehicle now

reinsert thehigh beam bulb lock it in just like this now the high beam is the same story asfar as polarity goes if you find that you get this thing plugged in forwhatever reason it doesn't turn on go ahead and flip this plug around it's nobig deal and it

should work just fine now we've got a little bit of slack hereyou can go ahead and zip-tie this up as soon as you're done with it but I liketo save that step for the very last thing that I do just to be sure that Idon't have to redo

any wiring reroute anything so let's head in the vehiclemake sure everything powers up we'll head to our studio fire these thingsagainst the wall and see how much brighter they are compared to stock whenwe pulled this 4runner into our studio to test the light up but we could notbelieve

how dim these factory projectors are these came in at 170 lux whichhonestly I'm not kidding we've had fog lights that bright on this channel 170is not much thankfully they've got a nice beam pattern that kind of redeemsthem you've got a nice cutoff line we do have a hot

spot right in the middle ofthe beam pattern I'm hoping we can brighten that up with the sv4 bulbslet's get those put in let's see how much brighter those are now with the sv4bulbs installed you can see just how much of an improvement those are overthose stock bulbs this

came in at 630 lux which compared to 170 it's well overthree times brighter just like I said in the intro of this video and man drivingthis thing at night is going to be so much better now you're gonna actually beable to illuminate the road a little bit further

than you could before with thosestock balls we've got a nice amount of flood left and rightand we maintain that tight beam pattern from the factory we don't have any newglare above the hot spot we're not gonna be getting flashed this is an awesomeupgrade now let's check out that

high beam now the forerunner has a prettygood high beam from the factory thankfully the low beams not great butthe high beam is not bad as you can see we've got a lot of flood it's prettycentered around the hot spot so it gets down the road quite a ways

the factoryhigh beam came in at 720 lux now with the SV 4 bulbs installed as you can seeit is significantly brighter once again this came in at 2,000 420 lux24:20 compared to 720 that is a big jump if you're looking for a good punchy highbeam that's gonna actually

work for you rather than against you on the backroads this is exactly what you're looking for as you can tell those sv 4sare unbelievable in this Toyota 4runner we love those bulbs they work in justabout everything but they really shine in these projector low beam andreflector high beam

setups that these things come with from the factory now ifyou're new to our channel you probably haven't seen the KC highlights Pro sixbar that we did on the front of our 4runner a few months ago if you haven'tseen that you got to check that video out that thing

is unbelievable we'vealso got a really sweet module from diode dynamics that allows you to runfour of the world's brightest reverse lights on the back of one of these I gota video showing you guys how to do that so by all means we're pumping out Toyota4runner content all the

time I'd love for you to see it here firstsubscribe to our channel and visit our website headlight revolution com thanksfor watching

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