8 Top Tips When Installing Downlights In Your Home

like traditional ceiling lights which are generally surface mounted onto your ceilings down lights are recessed into your ceiling giving your room flawless although the light coverage found in many of the top interior design magazines in this video I'm going to show you a top tips when installing down

lights in your home number one don't expect dimmable LED downlights to work with your existing dimmer switch unless you've already got an LED compatible dimmer switch it's unlikely you're doing a switch will work with LED downlights this will result in a flickering or strobing effect on your lights

due to incompatibility with your dimmer switch you can resolve this potential problem in two ways one purchase a brand new LED compatible dimmer switch complete with a wall plate or two purchased the retrofit module which can easily be installed on existing wall plate to make it into an

LED compatible dimmer switch the second top tip when installing down light is to avoid halogen down light as of September 2016 gu10 halogen bulbs are being banned from production and importation within the EU that's because halogen bulbs are incredibly inefficient compared to LED lighting with LED downlights you

could save up to 90% on your lighting bill as well as not having to replace your bulbs or fixture for 35 years LED downlights are fit and forget the third top tip is don't buy cheap unrounded LED downlights what most things in life you get what you pay

for an LED downlights are no different with market leading brands such as Philips you get longer guarantee periods longer life expectancy in your lighting and the superior brighter lighter performance to higher lumen output don't expect any of these benefits when buying cheap rounded LED products fourth top tip

think about your existing lighting setup if you are happy with your existing downline setup and are just looking to upgrade to energy efficient LED downlights you can do this by buying gu10 LED or mr16 LED lamps these can be easily installed into your existing fittings without making too

many changes to your current setup installing mr16 LEDs can be problematic though as sometimes you also have to change the transformers and by the time you've messed about with changing the transformers you might well have just replaced the entire down light or converted into gu10 if you want

to upgrade your existing downline setup then integrated LED downlights are the best solution because the LED light chip is built directly into the fixture they are more advanced providing optimum each dissipation and brightness but given even greater performance and longevity compared to retrofit LED boards the fifth top

tip measure existing home sizes and ceiling void spaces make sure to check the dimensions of the down light you purchase match with your existing hole size in your ceiling the SiC top tip when purchasing down lights consider thermal insulation thermal insulation can help to keep your rooms nice

and snug whilst also helping you to save money on your heating bills if you install recessed downlights into your ceiling and cut holes into your installation you can potentially allow hot air to exit through these holes acting like a chimney and drawing in all the warm air from

the room that's where lock caps and insulation coverable down lines can help loft caps are small accessories that you can put over your downlines and then lay your insulation on the top keep the room nice and snug insulation coverable down lines act in much the same way they

are fitted with special caps that allow insulation to be laid directly on top of them don't lay insulation over ordinary down lights as this is a major fire hazard even if you have fire rated down lights this leads to the seventh and final top tip when purchasing down

line consider building regulations when installing down lights all new build properties are required to be part being compliant which relates to the fire safety integrity of a property with normal non fire rated down lights who are taking away the ceilings natural ability to protect against the spread of

fire as fire can easily spread through the holes in your ceiling whilst fire rated down lights don't stop the fire from spreading they do help to significantly slow the rate at which fire spreads giving you precious time to escape in the event via purchasing downlights can seem very

confusing at first but we are always here to help you if you need more bespoke advice on down lights light bulbs and LED lighting in general please don't hesitate to contact us our team of experienced lighting experts can be reached by emailing sales at downlights direct go UK

or calling Oh one seven oh six five two one one double eight

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