Activar led oculto en barra de encendido en PS3 Slim

hello and welcome to all to a new tutorial from here as always you control a cordial greeting to all the subscribers also to the subscribers to which invited as always to that they join to the channel tn to receive notifications of new tutoriales leave his questions comments 7271 it employ we command him a cordial greeting well going back to the subject of what is the tutorial in this occasion did not arrive to a small trick could say that it goes following the line that are doing lately of the customización the modín the tournament eat want to call it in this occasion you I bring it is a poquito that is for the playstation 3 slim in which as we go to activate a led hid that has in the frontal bar already you can see here in the side that it is a light that remains quite beautiful and the well that it has to is very very simple to activate that is to say go only to need what is a consolador of tin putin as already beis a small trocito of wire and see you later the subject of to manipulate the machine as practically we do not go it to manipulate because the only that we have to do it is to disassemble what is the bar face so I go to begin to disassemble the that it is the bar I will do it out of camera and for the moment see us stops those people that do not have very clear how do it here up in the upper corner right will leave a tutorial where taught how disassemble completely the console but as I say it does not be necessary to disassemble it completely it only that go to have to do is remove the upper house and afterwards already have access to disassemble what is the mark simply would remove the wire flowers would connect us we would remain only by what was was so at all inside moment see us well as a beautiful of turn we would have to have disassembled what it is the bar of lit and here eat you can see in the image have three models of different bars clear this have it very in account because it is very important the playstation 3 slim since it went out to the market by has gone renewing clear although by out the we see all equal of interior changes the thing so we go to go seeing the differences of each bar we go to begin by the first that if already it is here this model incorporated or it mounted in the playstation 3 slim of 120gb and and 250 gigas and say mounted ordenadamente no longer manufactures afterwards would have this east another was already it happened or we say it was the transition we say the one who began to change the console and this did not explain the model of 160 gigas but the ancient and afterwards the one of 320 gigas also ancient model and afterwards already as one a radical change very big especially in carcasas the beiges the bar is entirely different that it regretted the one of 160 gigas last models go to say and some that another model of 320 gigas but very poquitos the differences can see that they are quite stable especially in the colour here you see me the white edge since also and this does not have it as attention to those that have this bar forget us of this tutorial because you can not do absolutely at all if you want also you can know what type of navarra have here of here you can see the reference is the wish w 001.

east would be the h sw 001 and here had the cap and sw 00 it is as I say that the one who have this model forget you absolutely tutorial and it we remove of in half we go us to centre in these two go to begin by the first from here eat I say model 120 gigas and 250 gigas what have to do is very very simple as have the bar right now here we will see a group of points of tin that would be a group of six points as beginning from the left we would have to do a bridge in these two points here in clearly the image of the video as not knowing by what are so microscopic that the camera no does not give more than himself but well afterwards I will put you here up a photo so that you see it more thoroughly we do not do them a small source and only with this already automatically the light remains activated the light also is necessary to say that can put of two types way stand by that is to say that there was game with he the lucecita red that for me is the better option because since we do one a modification or to an aesthetics ours console as we want that it see truth afterwards also we could do it in monkey of lit that is to say instead of do the welding here as we would take and we pose from the another side from one of the led of illumination because here it exists this zone lights and are all here have a led only we had to do a bridge from one of the extremes here and with this already as every time that light as also it lit the blue light at any rate afterwards in the following model do not go to see better that go it to disassemble complete so the said for the model of 120 gigas and 250 gigas we do a small bridge and smart afterwards we have this another that already would be the model of how I in the transition here you can see the differences in first place the letters and see varied components here do not see at all well it we go to disassemble and see the interior here we have it it has said hrw 00 here can see because here I think that already it will be better a species of bridge done with a cablecito soldering this point one of the points the led take and here see a group of four points that are in horizontal as the one of the left the soldiers and afterwards solder in one of the extremes of the led to be exact the of the right and with this and automatically the light remains lit voucher now commenting what it has said previously if you want to are do it in way has defended instead of solar the in this point have to it carry to this extreme here we will see 2 let afterwards only we would do precisely in the part of up for example in this then when we understand this them in light automatically it feeds this voucher as this would be what have to do if you think that I go to do it for cage as it has to do the practice we disassemble this bar for example we go to shelve and now as I say can see it in this position I go to take a poquito of blues so that they are used to better faster and go it to put for example in him costs him go to do here a poquito go to add a plus of here another type and as I say if you want to do it in way standby as here and now we go to put a poquito odd take into account in this side because we will see what is the led the two extremes in July precisely have the points of this year very very hit as in this take into account that we do not have that do the welding in the points of this year we have to it do precisely in the edge of the valley now once done this go to join it with a poquito of wire now measure more or less we go a poquito of españa also the board and soldiers [Music] I have seen already we have we go to mount and now we will see the two types differentiate between one irradiate trout [Music] and we go to test well as we already have here the playstation 3 slim can not see here have now a normal bar and current that can see it as only with the red point now we go to change it is so simple like throwing upwards desconectamos we go to put one of which have done previously here already we can see the blue light us it lights it is the one who have moderate in way stand by that is to say red lights and now we go to happen to the another model that we have done that it would be the monkey descend it is connected we can see that it only is the red light lit but when we light it lights the light now as if we turn off we will see how it turns off the console and the light turns off also well this I I think that this no now as as I say always it liked us the tutorial served of help already know to give us is the air it likes me that it does not cost at all and remember afterwards share these tricks world-wide by the social networks because as I say so much teach how learn it is right of all so from here I command them a cordial greeting and us we will see very soon in the next tutorial until prompt [Music] [Music] until the sight baby.

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