Ambulatory Adaptive Yoga Full Class 8/19 – Led By Amy Samson Burke

All right, so as I said we're gonna startby just getting our belts ready because we'll be using belts today.

Sotake your.



you can have a short and a long belt but if you just have two shortbelts that's perfectly fine, and if you only have one belt that's ok too.

Sodon't get all concerned about that.

So you're gonna take.



I'm taking my shortbelt first and I'm gonna put it into a kind of a smallish loop.

So remember whenwe're looping and assistants please help out people with this.

Remember yougo in one side and then over the little glide-y slide-y part and then out theother side so that you can get a belt that's cinched up.

So can you guyswalk around and um.



My first belt, I'm going to go a little more thanshoulder-width apart because we're going to use it for urdvha hastasana.

So if youknow you need a little more slack with your urdvha hastasana then then feel freeto make it wider.

But I'm gonna take, no I'll probably go a little closer thanthat.

So just kind of feel out and figure out where it's going to be to make your, um, to make your shoulders comfortable today when we use a little bit of support.

Yeah, so got to play around with that a little bit.

All right.

Then we're gonna take ourother belt, and you may have a long one or a short one doesn't matter.

Andwe're going to make that into a bigger loop all right? So that one, holy cow thoseare a little harder to manage, again assistants please help people with beltsif needed.

I go inside the d-rings of course overthe d-ring and then through the other one.

Okay? So that one is going to be abigger loop.

Yeah so make that one a bigger loop all right? Because we'regoing to use that on our legs at some point, and you'll decide whenwe use it if you need to tighten it up a little bit.

We might need totighten it up a little bit.

Yeah, so if you need another belt giveJane a wave.

Actually, um what belt do you have? He's got that one? Yep okay perfect.

She does that.

Jane is just that way, she's a little surly in the morning.

All right so how's the the belt management going? That'll be thehardest part of the class I promise.

It's just downhill from here sothat's uh that's good.

(Student) I'm exhausted.

(Amy [laughing]) I'm exhausted Can we go home now? Savasana! That'sright do you buckle your belts and then we'll go into savasana.

All righteverybody ready? Let's do this okay? So sit up straight and tall.

If you cansit in simple cross-legged, we're gonna start in simple cross-legged today.

Ifthat position isn't working for you today then make sure you take something that is.

Make sure you're sitting on enough height so that youhave.



the legs can drop down a little bit.

So if your legs are way uphere then one of the assistants might come and help you.

But I think we're all pretty good.

You guys areyou're seasoned do you know to take some height.

So all right, sositting in in simple cross-legged crossing about the midline of that tibia bone here, just going to take the flesh of the buttocks and move it out tothe side.

There we go.

And then once you do that settle right down on yoursitting bones.

Notice where you're holding tension as we, as we get goingtoday.

I mean everybody was rushing to get to class and so allow yourself toland here.

This may have been a big morning for you, especially you Martha.

And so from this position let the spine just kind of percolate upward.

Place thehead on top of the shoulders so that you know, your body can bear the weight ofyour head.

If you're comfortable gently close youreyes or simply direct your gaze downward and we'll go ahead and sit fora few minutes.

And as always the sound of the singing bowlhelps us land in this space.

Honor what it took for you to get to class thismorning and then allow yourself to let that go and land here.

Feeling thesupport of this group the support of the props below you.

We've built this nicecomfortable sitting position and once you've done any fidgeting, allow yourselfto now direct your attention to the breath without changing it or modifyingit.

Just notice the easy in-and-out of the breath.

The mind may wander, reaching for soundor thoughts, reliving a conversation or plans.

Just note that, that's part of ourpractice – simply noting and then just, without judgment, coming back to thebreath.

And then gently take your sternum uptowards your chin let the chin come down just a little bit over the sternum.

Bringthe hands together at the heart center.

Thank your body, it brought you here thismorning.

Salute the divinity within as we beginour practice today.

Then allow the hands to come back down to the thighs, palmsfacing up, raise your head and open your eyes.

Okay go ahead and change the crossof the legs.

Go right back into your sitting position there and let's beginto warm up just a little bit.

Let's go ahead and start with the shoulders – we'rejust gonna take a nice wide arc.

So inhaling as you bring the arms over thehead any amount.

Your shoulders are just warming up.

Turn the hands out and bringthem on down.

You can go up my pace or you can go at any pace that you want to.

Whatever feels good for your body today.

Bringing it up, reaching up and groundingdown with the sitting bones and then coming back down.

And one more time we'llbring that all the way up and then let's take it back down.

All right, let's takeboth arms up again.

Keep them up this time and go ahead andkeep your right one up, I'll keep my left one up, keep your right one up and dropthe other hand to your.



actually drop it down to the same hip that that has thearm up.

Okay? So you're gonna drop it down right into the crease of the hip, not outat the knee, but actually down by the by the crease of the hip and press down asyou ground into the floor and then see if you can just let that arm float upeven just a little bit more.

Let that whole shoulder blade follow the courseof the arm pressing down moving in two directionsat once.

Take a nice good breath right into these lower outer ribs.

Good andthen take that hand that's on the hip, bring it out to the side and let's justgo ahead and take a little side bend over to the side to your capacity today.

And then turn the palm and we'll bring it back out.



Notice thedifference in the arms, you can really feel that even though we haven'thad it up for too long, you can really feel that.

Let's go ahead and take botharms up again.

This time you're going to leave your left arm up.

You can take yourright arm or right hand and put it across the body, excuse me, pressing downthrough that hip grounding through that hip as you let it just float up a littlebit more finding this new space by grounding through the hip, reaching upthrough the hand.

Don't hurt your shoulder, if you need a little slack inyour shoulder make sure you take that.

Breathing there and then go ahead andtake that hand and bring it out to the side and take it over to the side just abit, with a couple of good breaths right into those lower outside ribs.

Openingthem with your inhalation and then slowly release and come on down.


All right, good.

All right go ahead and put yourhands on your on your thighs and we're going to start just a little gentletwisting to warm up the spine.

So when you do this twisting I don't want itjust to come from the spine like a robot.

I want you to go ahead and letyour hips rotate – so as you as you move, let all of you rotate.

Let all of yourotate.

So again it's not just moving like this but it's actually noticing howmy one hip comes forward and the other one, there you go.

Not just your head.

So Dick, I want to seethose those hips moving, Dick let me see those hips move a littlebit.

Ahahahaha there you go, good.

How come the ladies' hips are moving fine but themen are a little stiff this morning? So I think we're.



so everybody's moving.

You'reyour kind of weight shifting, you can almost feel one side just kind ofplaying forward, one side kind of playing backward as we're doing this.

Everythingmoves and then the spine just follows along with that, lovely.

And then findyourself back in the center.

Let yourself land, let that sensation of rhythm justsort of percolate up the spine.

Do you notice things are kind of warming up?Yeah, things are kind of getting warm and that's a good thing.

All right, let's take our legs out into dandasana Okay? And we're gonna keep allowingthe the hips to kind of move along with our spine as we lean back on our handsokay? And we're just going to, we're going to pedal our feet but we're going to letyour whole leg be involved in that.

So rather than just doing this, Iwant you to put the hips into it a little bit.

Yeah, there you go.

So you kindof notice a little back and forth.

So again we're not just isolating andwiggling our toes but we're actually pumping those feet but actually allowingthe hips to get a little rhythmic.

Feeling rhythmic today Elaine?Always.

Or not? Yes, Mike do you say yes? Now I thought so.

Very good, all right, lovely.

And then let it come back to a quiet position here, be in the center.

Youcan still be leaning back a little bit All right, very good.

All right, now let's go into a little bit more formal dandasana.

Now dandasana is a really hard pose, and for many yoga studentsthis is not their favorite pose.

There's maybe one person in here who has thefavorite pose and we know who she is.

But for the rest of us this pose can be kindof agony because it's a really intense pose and it's hardon our hamstrings if our hamstrings are a little tight.

Mike is waving to me, he's like, yes thisstop this now please, I've had enough of that.

So what we're going to do today is, we're going to take this sort of hard and uncomfortable pose.



because whattends to happen in dandasana when you hold it; so everybody hold your dandasanajust like you're a good yogi.

There you go.

What tends to happen as you hold ahard pose like this is you begin to shrink a little bit.

So you notice howyou kind of begin to shrink even on the inner body? Because you're you're workingso hard that instead of expanding in the pose you actually kind of hunker down inthe pose.

Yeah so what I want you to do first, we're gonna go through severalphases of this.

I want you to just let your legs go okay? So let your legs goand what happens immediately when you let your legs go? What happens to yourchest? It drops.

Yeah everything.



(student asks a question, it is inaudible) It reallydepends on where your hamstring what your hamstring length is.

So you couldtry it a little higher you could try it lower and see what you think.

If you feelif you're up on a lot of height and you feel like your knees are kind of hangingthen it's a good idea to roll up a blanket one of the assistants cancertainly help you and we can we can give you some support under the kneescuz I don't want anybody to feel like they're at their knees are hanging andso the more height you are on the more you might feel that way so take somesupport if you need to so again you know when we when we let our when we let ourfeet go in this everything everything just dropped so we know that the legsmust have a supporting supporting role in in dandasana so try and let your legsgo out and now try and take an advil Haast asana and see how far you get yeahit's not it's not good isn't it it's not good at all and so and so let it on downand so that helps to helps us to begin to realize that if we're going to expandand grow in this pose and feel a sense of expansion and so that instead of asense of collapsing we really need to support our base so let's start by usingour trusty block alright so we're gonna take our take our block put it betweenyour feet and assistance will help you if that's a big stretch for you allright so let's activate our feet pressing out through our heels andsqueeze the block and what do you notice when you when you squeeze the block withyour feet what happens with the chest jet the the sitting bones drop but thebut the chest begins the chest begins to rise so if you don't think so then letgo with your legs and notice what happens so you may not feel the rise butmy guess is you probably felt the drop didn't show so let's try it again sosqueezing with the block squeezing the feet on the blockletting your body kind of ride that lift and noting you know what do you feel inthe pose it got maybe a little bit easier but it's still a really hard pose it's still is miserable so let's take anadvil hasta Sano while squeezing the block not bad not great though is ityeah it's it's it's it's it's still really kind of a hard pose okay let'slet it go let the feet go shake them out a little bit if you if you need to allright so we've started to support the base but we're still we're stillstruggling up at the top it's still it's still a hard pose so let's think aboutgiving ourselves even more support even more reference in this pose so you'regonna grab your your small strap your small loop we're gonna put that aroundour arms I'm gonna give mine make mine a little closer at this point since I'mgetting warmed up all right to have the buckle right on your skinwhen you put your when you put your arms and this so let's see if we can begin tofeel the sense of expansion in this pose when we use our strap so my straps maybeyou know maybe part way up my forearm here and be part way between my wristand my elbow so we've got that we've got our our strap so go ahead and start withyour base squeeze that block notice that lift inhale and now take your arms overyour head I'm actually gonna bring my belt down further to my wrist I wouldsay give it down I think I think it's gonna be a little bit better that wayinhale bring it over your head a little bit better yeah a little a little bitbetter so now see if you can begin to expand and to grow into this pose ratherthan shrink into this pose I didn't say be easy it's not an easy pose and thenrelease and let it down it seems like it should be an easy pose that's exactly itbut it's not just so you know I can I can talk to my my three yogi assistantsis this an easy pose no is it your favorite pose not even close not evenclose I say no this is not my favorite pose okay so what happened there so wewere we were we were like this and dundas and I when we started and werealized or hasta sana was really kind of yuckythere so we brought some reference here we brought some reference here and allof a sudden the pose got easier so what's going on don't all answer at once we don't know the answer I'm not surethat I know the answer but I know what I did was I helped us I helped us all findreference points on the edge of our body I helped us feel where our body was inspace and all of that seemed to make the pose easier didn't didn't it so there'ssomething very powerful about using the props and using reference to help art tohelp us grow into a pose instead of shrink into some of these some of thesemore difficult pose but now just because we love you we'regoing to make it even better and this time when we go up uh Jane Jane comehere what you think alright so this is what we're gonna do Jane's going to comeand stand behind me and I'm gonna start out building the pose so I'm gonna startfirst with my legs and then I'm going to use the belt and come up here and I'mgonna work in the pose for a few breaths because I need to have my own pose butthen Jane's gonna come in and she's gonna gently grab my wrists there you goand she's gonna slowly pull me up a bit yeah even a little more there you gokeep going baby girl okay oh that's betterall right so she is showing the direction in ease in this posethank you but then she has to go away sadly and the work comes back but I'vefound that direction and I found that ease so we're gonna go ahead and do thatso put your get the get the belt in your ready position begin by building thepose as we always do with your feet so feet pull those toes back towards yourthere you go lay it feet toes going back towards your knees pressing out withyour heel inhale bring the arms over their head using the belt will let yousuffer but not very long and then we're gonna come and we're just going to hangon maybe we'll even be nice and give you a little tiny knee in the back yes yesthank you very much and then of course we have to go away and go on to the nextperson so a maybe a gentle little knee in the back and a nice gentle pull butdon't just let your let your arms come up with that pull but work your legscontinue working your legs in this pose and then I'm gonna release you Elainwell get around everybody if you need a break please take a break because thisis a long pose let's just make sure we get around to everybody did you ladiesget the reference yet you have okay Cathy did you get it back there okaygood and then if you've received thatreference feel free to release the pose ah that'sgood news all right so was it better when somebody took yourwrists and gave you a little bit of lift I know when it'd be nice that's thatmakes the argument for the yoga valet who should be traveling around with youat all times oh if only okay go ahead and put your belts down for a momentlet's go ahead and bring our legs back out into dandasana but this time we'regoing to give ourselves a little bit of space between the legs a little bit ofspace between the legs here let yourself ease back and then we'rejust going to start rolling them yeah make it nice and slow no hurry here youcan go this way you can go this way you can do all sorts of things whateverfeels feels good just warming up that that hip joint a little bit of rollingback and forth Sarah's got the windshield wipers going on back thereshe prefers this one I don't know is there a personality type that prefersthis one versus this one I don't know I don't think so I don't think sogood and then let's just do a little jiggling just a little bit of jigglingthere you go good and as you jiggle let that percolateagain up the spine let yourself feel that percolating up.

Jane's got it goingon, yeah she's got it going on there you go yeah.

Let the body move.

YeahMike's really got it going on back there.

I like that.

Let the body move.

All right and then let it be quiet and you can keep leaning back onyour arms just because that's an easier position here.

What do you notice in yourlegs? And all of a sudden you're using them, so you, they're waking up alittle bit, yeah, maybe a little buzz maybe a little bit of a wake up in thelegs.

Getting a little tight? Yes.

All right, so what we're going to do now iswe're gonna take our legs into baddha konasana.

Let's do this.

So take one of your belts, doesn't make make a difference on which one.

We're going to put it on the bottom ofour or underneath our feet so I got it under the pinky toe side of thefoot here, and then of course the strap comes up around the front of the foot.

Just letting my legs drop out into a nice, wide-open baddha konasana, don'tfeel like you need to pull your feet really close.

Just let it be a nice widebaddha konasana.

Got your hands holding on to your strap.

Activate your feet just a little bit by pressing the pinky toe side of the footinto the floor.

Again, let that lift and broaden the chest, shoulder blades belongto the back here.

Balance the head on top of your shoulders.

Oh, oh you guys can'tsee this but Martha's dog Prince is is lying, is giving her grounding, he hashis head right her feet.

I know that's so unfair.

We need a wholeslew of support animals in here to put there to put their soft, fuzzy heads on our feet.

Bethany you see what you can do about that let's let'ssee if we can't get that one figured out.

Bethany can do anything so we'll haveher do that.

Okay pretend that you have a fuzzy dog head lying on your legs givingyou a little bit of grounding and allow yourself just to grow into this pose.

Andnow in this wide open pose this might be a really good opportunity to breathewouldn't it? Of course it's pretty much always a good opportunity to breathe but.

But in this position.



so when we started today with our arm over our headremember we were breathing kind of in into the ribs the side ribs and the back ribs.

So as you're sitting here let's take a nice slow inhalation intothose side and back ribs.

Follow with a nice slow exhalation.

Same thing at your own pace, take two or three more of those.

Good, nice and go ahead and release.

Goahead and let the strap come off, let's go ahead and escort our knees back tothe center if that's a good position for you.

If that's a hard position, you canjust straighten them out you can just hang on to the front of your shins letyourself let the back just soften a bit it'll probably go back a little bit andthat's perfectly fine let it let it lean back or drop into that soften your eyesdown toward the floor so we take a couple of breaths here but don't get tooquiet because we're there's more as always all right so here comes the funpart take your long belt as if it wasn't fun before but this now it gets evenbetter all right so we're going to take our long belts and we're going to goactually let's try it without the belt first just put your belt put your beltright here in the in the center I'm going to take our legs into pavese tuckkonasana bobby's yeah this is this is a littledifferent a little different than don'd asana so you don't have quite the strainin this one as you had in dandasana when when our hamstrings are really limitingso so many of us so in this pose we've got active legs we're pushing outthrough the inner heel and pushing out through through the ball mount let's goahead and take an urge the hasta sana here bringing the arms over the headreally have to work those legs don't you it's a big challenging pose and again aswe hold this notice how the inner body kind of begins to collapse and shrink alittle bit so let's let it down let's let it down let the legs go slack sowhen they go slack most likely they're just going to roll to the roll to theoutside and what of course happens to the chest right away it dropsall right keeping our legs slack taking her advice tossing them and again noticehow far you get which isn't which isn't terribly farhey this up dick dick is working a date but you're working your legs aren't youyes I know you're cheating right now all rightand let's let the arms come down so once again we're beginning to find out howimportant it is for us to build that base if we're going to have movement andfreedom and expansion throughout the body so we don't kind of collapse inthese poses so we're going to activate the legs again but this time bring theBelton so you need to figure out and our assistance will help you a bit with this- how far your legs will be apart now you do not need to go don't go to yourabsolute limits because we're gonna be here for a little bit so if you knowwhere your limit is come in a little bit and put the belt around the feet youknow and the thing I'm noticing too is I've got a I've got a long strap andit's really really heavy it's almost it's almost weighing it down so if youhave one of these long straps like I do and it's really heavy you may want toswitch it out for your short strap and just make your short strap into a biggerone but I'll use this one for now but I'm just really noticing how how heavythis d-ring is okay so not going to your max notice that I have the belt up on myball mount I don't have it down here because if I go here what happens to mylegs they drop out to the side again don't they so I'm gonna bring this strapup and put it along the ball mound and then my feet are really active here myfeet are active again I'm pushing out through the ball Mound but I'm almostalmost lifting that outer edge of the foot remember we have that clasp coupleweeks ago where we were lifting the outer edges of the foot and activatingthe foot it's kind of it's kind of what I'm doing right now and you can feelthat going up going up the body so we've activated our legs our legs areproviding now much more of a very solid base I would go with Colleenlet's give Colleen one of the the lighter bus isn't that heavy Kalinajust pulls the whole thing down I know I I was amazed at out how heavy thisd-ring is it's making me really work really hard actually all right so let'sgo ahead we're supporting our our base with this let's go ahead and take ourarms up see if you can find a little bit more ease in this pose which I know is achallenge legs are active in supporting the pose here and then go ahead andbring the arms down anytime during this if you need to give your legs a littleslack and take a little break make sure you do because I would like you to beable to walk out of here today that would be that would be that would be agood yeah yeah that would be a really good thing so yes let's make sure thatyou take it take a break when you when you need to take a break all rightso I'm supporting myself here with my you know with my with my legs and usingthe belt now I'm gonna use just a little bit of reference on my sternum but I'mgonna do it myself so we're gonna take our hands from put them in it like anamaste position we're gonna bring our thumbs right to our sternum so a littlebit of self-reference on the sternum and then lift a bit it kind of goes updoesn't it yeah it does so you give yourself a little bit of reference alittle bit of lift there and then let it go and see if you can hold that lifteven though you're you're taking the reference away and then let everythingrelax again all right so we're going to use that and we're going to do like alittle mini Vinny we're gonna do a little mini flow piece and we'll go veryslow so we're gonna come we'll go up and then we'll come back to the center we'llgo out we'll come back to the center so every time you come back to the centerfeel that little bit of lift that that reference gives gives on your sternumall right we'll go through it really slowly so we're all moving together allright activate through your feet all right so the legs are very very activein this pose let's go ahead and start here back atthe center where where we are giving a little bit of reference to the sternumlet's inhale and take the arms up let's exhale and bring them back to thesternum let's inhale and take the arms wide this time let's exhale and bringthem back to the sternum okay and I'm going to throw in a twist this timelet's inhale and take the arms out to the side let's exhale in twist towardsyour right or your left either way inhale come back to thecenter exhale bring the arms back to the center be there for a breath good nextinhalation takes us out to the side exhale twist the other direction inhaleback to the center and exhale back to the sternum and then release woof andlet everything go it's a challenge James like are you kidding me it's a bigchallenge isn't it to you to use that I know so we're gonna do it one more timebecause it's so much fun but you can decide if you'd like to stay like thisor if you would prefer to bring your legs into simple cross-legged so if yourhip flexors are yelling at you at this point you are welcome to bring them backin or you can let you let the legs stay out and OOP Avista with support it's ahard it's it's a hard thing isn't it amazing I mean we talk about this allthe time in this class but isn't it amazing how hard you can work withouteven moving off the ground I mean and especially in these poses these arethese are real heating poses I know so you're thinking really this doesn't lookthat hard and let and except you're really doing a lot of lot of inner bodywork alright so whatever position you want tohave your legs and have your legs in there let's start here at the centerSusan you are a glutton for punishment I'meven not even going there but you are a glutton for punishment girlfriend allright so people who are you still a noop Avista feel free to activate those legsagain otherwise everybody find your sitting bones lift that chest a littlebit by your reference on you on your sternum let's inhale and lift our armsup and exhale and bring them on down inhale and out and exhale and come back inhale and come out we're going to twistthis time exhale and twist inhale and come back exhale back to the center andwe'll just keep going inhale and out exhale and twist inhale and back exhaleback to the center and release and for you people who seriously couldn't stopgo ahead and pull the feet together bring the legs back to the center andeverybody be in the center whoo anybody feeling your hip flexors I'm I'mdefinitely feeling my hip flexors jiggle it out a little bit again a little bitall right I think we're going to move to the wall so Bethany got a little worriedwhen I said that I saw the edge go so we are going to bring our mats to the wallso your mat will be coming straight out just like Susan and Colleen's mats arecoming straight out so we're gonna so fill up the whole room move your mat tothe wall take your belts yes there's more let's start there so take yourbelts and your props we're going to start out with our legs up the wall onour back on our back with our legs up the wall so it might take a few minutesfor us to get there I think not I think that's gonna bereally hard so I think we won't so your your pelvis we we won't put a blanketunder your hips unless but if you want to put a whole blanket underneath yourback that's perfectly fine like here I'll show with Martha that it might be anice idea to take and put a whole blanket under here just to give you alittle bit of padding okay let's move let's move kay in hereso if you want a little bit of padding underneath feel free to take a littlebit of padding all right Elaine I'm gonna move yourglasses so I don't step on them I have a tendency to do that I'm gonna have youscoot because I'm gonna move you over just a little bit here all right oh yeahbut actually not too much because you can move you can use the UM you can usethe wall for your legs which wouldn't be a bad I wouldn't be a bad thing okay allright so it may take us a few minutes to get legs up the wall so Elaine you'regonna scoot back here you're gonna get your bum as close as you can to the walland then we'll help you get your legs up the wall if your head tilts back whenyou're here feel free to take a little something underneath your head Susan youwant a little bit under your head can you get any closer are we about there wemight be there okay I know I know we missed the ropes yeah this is where thisis where you really begin to miss that miss the Rope wall for sure all rightmake sure that you have enough under your head so that the head isn't tippingway back dick I'm gonna give you a little bit of support underneath yourhead here there we go ah that's better and Mike I'm because Iam a little bit anal I'm gonna move yours there we goJane how do you feel your head looks okay does it feel okay alright goodalright are you doing Elaine you're getting there we could also do thebolster build up for you I'm thinking that might be a good idea hey Laurie Ithink we're gonna do the bolsters underneath you Lane remember when we putthree or four bolsters into a little half pyramid let's go ahead and do thatand give you lean some support underneath her legs yes I think it looksokay and if his legs get tired we can put bolsters under like we're doing freelane but I think he'll be oh I think he'll be okayyeah I think he'll be I think he'll be comfortable Mike let's put a littlesomething under your head it's looking like it's tipping back let's well if wecould get a new back we would but the back transplant hasn't been perfectedyet we're still working on that okay how's everybody doing there's nothingeasy about that now let's all move back to the center of the room no I'm goodall right so first of all acknowledge what it took for you to get to the wallit didn't seem like a very long journey but it actually it was it was not aneasy thing so first of all honor what it took to get your legs up the wall andrest there for a few more breaths let's give Martha a little bit under herhead we want to be real careful with her eye pressure okay I think I think we'vearrived here I think we've arrived looks great yep all right so what have we donewe started out in dandasana today remember sitting up sitting up tall withour legs out straight so basically we've taken donned asana and what we tookwe've tipped it over yeah yeah we took we tipped it over like you would likelike you fell right back on your back so now your experience of dandasana isgonna be a little bit different or maybe a lot different then your experience ofdandasana when we were sitting up so what do you notice in this positioncompared to the dandasana when we were sitting straight up yeah in a way it'smuch easier isn't it yeah yeah your back like you said whether your back yourback is straight you've got this beautiful back support so it's kind oflike when we win and we put our knee into your back suddenly all of that allthe gravity's been taken out of that so you've got this nice straight back andyou still probably feel the hamstrings a little bit but it's not it's not quiteas much you know quite as much as it was before so in this position againactivate those feet though so press out through your heels drawyour toes towards your face keep those feet relatively active here and on aninhalation let's take our arms overhead into an advanced asana just like we didbefore over the head taking care of your elbows let's give Martha a let's put abolster under there so she's got a little bit support for that othershoulder yeah and Lori should we let's put a bolster under under dicks arms toojust to give him give him a little bit of support there good breathing herepressing out through the feet stretching all the way out through those hands outthrough the fingernails out through the fingertipsgetting as long as you can one more breath herejust as the assistants give Bob some help we are going to release backI think Bob's probably ok with that so bring your arms down by your sides andtake a little bit of a rest there all right so let's grab that fun littleshort loop belt so hopefully you have your belts that aren't too far away you're going lean you want to use thisone oh it's actually on your belly yeah I know what you know we said we set themin the place we think we're gonna be able to find them and this is like mykeys you know and then you then you can'talright so belt around your wrists or either around your hands with yourthumbs pointing out whichever whichever works best for your hands and we'regonna we're gonna use this just like we did when we were sitting so press upthrough those feet activate the legs inhale and take your arms over your headusing the belt as support and as you get this extra reference on the wrists growinto this pose expand and get as big as you possibly can in this pose using thatsense of reference that sense of boundary to help yourself expand intospace is anybody breathing I say no that's right so nice slow breath hereit's a little harder when your arms are over your head – take a deep breath sojust keep breathing just keep breathing and then slowly release let it all comeback down good if it feels good to bend your knees and put your feet on the walland just slide things down yeah slide them down for a couple of breaths heretake a little break because there's more that's Mike you're getting your cue on that onetoo because there's more so as if we didn't have enough fun in OOP Avistakonasana when we were on the floor we're going to take that tipped over onour back too so if this is not gonna work for you we will find an alternativeotherwise you're gonna take your long belt put it on the outside of your feetwe're gonna take whoop Avista with our legs up the wall so we'll come aroundgive you a hand I think this will be interestingall right let your legs come all the way to the wall that's not bad except I'mgonna tighten this so that your legs are really supported here Elaine yeah yourlegs can come out for there we go that's what I'm looking for does that feel okaythat looks great J and I think we can go a little wider you willing to go alittle wider okay and actually you are going to benefitlike II like oh you're gonna benefit because you can go right into the wallactually actually I'm gonna take this off one side and just make it slide itthere we go okay now put your leg back in yeah that saves a lot of time okayah better that feel okay okay mr.

Mike dick make sure those legs are activefeet are active there you go very good right on we got it going on here this islooking good even the dogs happy with this one all right are we are we havingfun yet I thought that I thought more MORE yes that's like that's what I likedit that must be Ike instead of Mike today who's asking for more I don't knowokay so now you're in Opa Bista so we've taken our opa Beeston we flipped it overon our back what do you notice between the opa vista when we were sitting upand this one it is easier isn't it yeah it is easier we've taken again just likewe did in in dandasan we've taken the effect of gravity out of it and we'vegiven our cell a little bit of a you know a little bitof support so you support along the back body we've got some support make sureyour legs are still active here though so making sure the legs are still activeand then inhale bring the arms over the headactivate all the way through this pose get as big as you possibly can and growinto the space that you've created press out through the heels press all the wayout toward the center of the room with your hands while taking your sittingbones toward the wall move in every direction that you can hear and breathe lovely all right and then go ahead andbring the arms back down take a little breath and once again just because welove you we're gonna come around when you bring your arms over your head thistime we'll hang on to your hang on to yourwrists and we'll give you a gentle little pull as we do take your hipstoward the wall and let that beautiful lengthen the spine become become muchmore apparent in the pose so as you're ready bringing the arms over your headwe'll come around hang gently on and if you don't wantthis let us know I'm gonna turn your palms in were dealing inward so I'mhanging on to you there we go and then take your sitting bones towardthe wall but let the shoulders relax and come up with me yeah don't worry aboutlet those shoulders rise and get nice and long so as you get that little bitof traction through the shoulders let the shoulder blades roll glide up rotateup and lengthen through the entire body all the way down to your sitting bones we got everybody we're getting everyofficer Carol Carol's given us the wave don't forget me yeah you don't want tobe forgotten this one and then let the arms go onceyou've had this adjustment let the arms go to wherever you're most comfortableso if it feels good to bring them into goalposts if it feels good to bring themdown by your sides let the arms go to where they're most comfortable takeanother breath or two here with your arms in their resting place whereverthat is and and the hard part is getting out of thisso if you can you can reach for the belt and draw the legs together we're notgoing to get all the way out of it yet I want you to bring your legs togetherbring your feet into baddha konasana turn the feet together and the knees outand gently draw them down so the belt is helping you draw them down the the beltis looped on the feet again just like it was before Elaine you're perfectly finebecause you've got support for the bolsters and rest there for a couple ofbreaths legs in baddha konasana you've got the belt around Marthe I'mgonna bring the belt inside and then let the legs go out and the feet in baddhakonasana there you go that's it a couple of breaths here letting everything relax and this may be a good time to breathejust like we did when we were in baddha konasana before this time as you takethose soft inhalations i want you to inhale into those back ribs you've gotgreat reference on the back ribs so inhaling into the back ribs nice longexhalation so take two or three of those nice inhales and exhales feeling thesensation of the back ribs the back lungs feeling then release now we really are going tocome out of this this time so take your belt off try not to hit your neighborand to your capacity we're going to roll to the right side and have a seat upif rolling to the right side is hard then roll to the left but go ahead andcome up to any comfortable sitting position the mats will stay where theyare yeah well I'll show you we're going todo a cross bolsters so actually we may want either people who can easily movetheir mats could move them out or we go head to toe so we have plenty of roombut I'll show you where we're going okay so I'm going to show you what our lastset up before shavasana will be yes it's coming shavasana is coming we're goingto take our blankets so you've got your blanket and a stick your standard foldyou'll fold it once so you'll have a long rectangle and then a blanket andits standard fold and you'll have another long rectangle we're gonna makea little little X here little cross plus sign here and notice that it's not quitesymmetrical I have the purple blanket up a little bit further because I want mychest I want my sternum to be centered over that and then everybody will needsome sort of height for their head and we can we can help you determinedetermine that so when we sit down we'll sit on the mat we'll keep our knees bentand ease ourselves back again so I'm centering my sternum so my sternum islifted we'll help you find whatever you need for your head I'm going to pick upmy my bottom and draw my tailbone down just to give myself a little bit ofspace you don't need to reverse that curve but just give yourself a littlespace in the back and my arms will be out to the side with my knees bent sothat's the direction if it's easier to go heel toe here our you know head totoe you can otherwise if you need little more space feel free to bringyourself out to the center of the room – alright so we need so Kathy you need tohave a lot more under your head so you are otherwise you're not gonna becomfortable let's try that better oh yeah funny how that head support makeseverything better yeah that looks good Queen Carol I'm gonna move you up alittle bit so you're gonna scoot up this way so that your arms come out here partwhat you do run into so you're gonna have to be a little bit more like thatso your arms will be on the blanket if you're positioned about where I want youyour arms will actually be on the blanket absolutely yes let's get rid ofthe bolster yeah this is this this will make it easier let's do that so let'shave that one go we'll have this one go this way and we'll have this one go thisway okay so go ahead and sit and move yourself up a little bit more until yourheads up here yeah that's better so your sternum is lift that's betterisn't it yeah and then arms out to the side even miss Elaine let's go let'shave you go this way and go ahead and bring yourself here and I'm gonna getanother blanket for your head oh you have one okaywell that works too well would you like the one with the cute pink birds okayas you're ready go ahead except the cats and they never sayanything which is which is which is the good the good thing sure sure now as we start this I actually wouldlike you to have your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor for a fewbreaths here okay if it feels good to let the knees knock together a littlebit and have the feet a little wider feel free to do that if it feels betterjust to have that the knees straight up that's fine too so arms are out to theside in any comfortable position they might be right across the top of the theblanket but but for everybody they may not be but as long as they're out alittle bit yeah find a comfortable position and now really allow yourselfto land here we did a lot of work today we want to take care of the take care ofthe body as we move towards shavasana if you're feeling any crunching in theback feel free to lift the hips and draw the tailbone down it'll pop back up intoits natural curve that's okay but there'll be a little bit morespaciousness feeling in the spine eyes can be soft open or closed whateverfeels right for you and head should be pretty much central as much as youcomfortably can no effort here allow the breath to besoft allow the body to begin to release into the floorwe've talked a little bit about our relationship to gravity today allowinggravity so to help you settle into the floor here and rest here what do you think mike is that too muchsupport too much under the under the back okay you come out and go right intoshavasana if you want because we'll be going into shavasana in a couple minutesyou'll get two minutes two extra minutes of it too so as the body begins to release intothe pose let the eyes be soft the mind be quiet if it feels good to let thelegs go out straight you're welcome to do that now for the last few breaths ofthis and if they do just let them let the legs roll out to the side leteverything completely begin to relax if you prefer to keep your knees bent youcan do that too so we'll take a few more breaths here then let's go ahead and set up forshavasana so taking the the the support out from underneath the chest so you'renot in a not in a chest lift and setting up whatever whatever way feels good ifyou need a chair or a bolster under the legs we can help you with that what doyou think Susan should I just pull this stuff out and you want to come rightback flat down okay go ahead nice yeah and it feels good for it'llfeels okay for shavasana okay okay good I want to blank it on oh yesmake sure you do what you need to make sure you're warm enough take a blanketif you'd like would you like the tuck all rightso finding the position that feels right for shavasana today making sure that youhave enough support you're good and give us a wave if youneed need anymore support thanks Sara then do any final fidgeting or moving oradjusting that you need to do and then slowly allow yourself to move right intoshavasana Susan you need anything you're good okay okay and assistanceyou guys deserve shavasana shavasana today so take your shavasana – and nowallowing yourself to slide easily and seamlessly into this most restorativepose letting go of the effort of the class and allowing yourself to begin toreceive the support of the floor and the earth below soften the skin of the face allowing theskin of the forehead simply to release down toward the bridge of the nose allowthe cheeks to deflate in the inside of the mouth to be soft around the edges of the eyes the innerand the outer corners of the eyes the inner ears and release all of that skinfrom the base of the ear all the way down along the course of the neck andthe shoulders the torso again to feel the support ofthe floor below every segment of the spine releasing toward the periphery segment by segment by segment all theway down until you reach the pelvis it's often the shoulders elbows and thewrists and hands and soften the hips and the knees andthe ankles and the feet slowly begin the process of coming outof shavasana finding your edges lightly deeper breath in feel free to blink theeyes open and closed a couple of times and if you wish you can stay right thereif you wish to come up go ahead and roll to the side now make that a pose allowyourself to take a couple of breaths on your side and then slowly working yourway up into any comfortable seated position or feel free to stay down untilwe're finished today and the bringing our hands back to the midline that'salways ending our practice with gratitude for this community for thispractice for those who have gone before us namaste thanks for watching if youliked what you saw subscribe.

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