ARK | Small Chandelier Tutorial in ARK Survival Evolved

ok yeah yeah hello everyone my name is Fresonis andwelcome to ARK Survival Evovled it's another episode of the ARK Survival Evolved building tips and tricks department andthis time i'm going to show you how to build a small chandelier like the one yousee behind me got some of you had some troubles building that one and yet i built him AI in my castle andyeah you you just have to know how to do it and let me show you that so let's get started and build thissmall chandelier so in order to place a pillow right herein the middle for the small signal here well you notice it will be all centralyou just use those hearings and I want to have it in the center so i'm going touse the same feelings I used over here for those pillars so just extend them like death and youcan place the pillar well of course use a pillow techniqueI've shown you in many videos so place on hard way and then the next oneslightly going down until it snaps to this point so not that point at thispoint so just like that and then place it downeven further and let me show you if you remove this one because you don't wantto have this bill of you if i'm correct then the pillar will hangon the floor there as you can see you all on the ceilingand no poking through this year yeah to the floor here so that's how youplay the pillar and yeah let's continue on building and let me see if I'm notcorrect height I guess so so now we can place this oneand I have it like this so yeah just stayed on red and i know iused the seat fly but yeah you can use scaffolding and for this to place thisone you don't need to use scheduling youjust need to stand under it and yeah just do something like this so that's no problem placing that one okso now we're going to place the metal ceiling you and now we can place the fence relations well at least maybe you think again butyou can't because if you want to snap them to the ceiling here as you can seewhat happens is they step to the ceiling ceiling above so yeah now we have a problem becauseyou can't place any in defense foundations on this metal ceiling andthat's what you want so what you're going to do is yep we'regoing to start all over again we're going to demolish the sport here so letme do that also you can seat will break down and thiswill also need to be gone and we also need to break the ceilings down becauseyeah we don't want to have them step to those feelings so just like that I think this will be enough and maybenot so maybe we need to develop something more and up we need a wall so let's take awall so we're going to use the ceiling orfull of sealing trick again so please a wall and now we can play theceiling right in the middle so I guess this was the one yet and nowwe going to place the pillows down so for placing the pillar now you don'tneed to use the pillow trick so don't place it always just place itand place the pillows down again and one more and then come to the middleone and as you can see it will be now at the height of the ceiling so that's good and now let's continue onbuilding this end of the year so placing two more and this should be hide yes so you needthree metal builders and then you're going to place this one again so hopefully about this and now we'regoing to need the metal ceiling again go to places like here and if i'm correctwe should be able to play the issue concede place the fence relations nowand they don't snap on the ceilings of off so that's good and yet now it's just a matter ofplacing them correctly so we want to have also once in the middle so let'ssee where that point is and again i'm flying and you can use scaffolding forthat that's no big deal i've shown you thatwith a big family tutorial so if you want to know how to do thatwell just look at that one and come on why don't you step right in the middle yeah like that so we need that one we need one over here as well come onstep step give me the snap .

yes like that andthen we're going to place and then mom yeah like this so it's just a matter of placing thecancellations now and then you can continue on with the other stuff so once you've done this it isn't that hard so now we're going toplace them on the ceiling on the outside so it just looks a little bit betterfrom down here so you have some more metal parts takingout on the needed and it reflects nicely the the glow of the how you say it the glow of the artifacts so I like itbetter if you don't like it well then skip the sport so let's see last one come on you can step is just like that so now it's complete so now all you need to do is place thethe traffic the basis so just plays them and yeah Iplays them just a little bit I well we have two lakh yes you have a leg so I just plays themnot perfectly like i normally shoot for words but I just place like this so yeah it's not hard it's just knowingwhat you need to do so i hope it this helps you guys for ya for peoplethat are having problems with it and i think i've set with a pictorial justplace them down here first because you have more than one then you have now soit's just a matter of ya a little trick so just a little bit like this come on yes nope place it on there by it self destructive oh ok come on I was in the way so just like that and now it's finished but yeah of coursenow you need to close the ceilings here so we can use this one again place likethis and close the ceiling of the normal way so everything looks the same as beforeexcept for the artifacts now people so now we're going to go up and we candemolish this part so the most this wall and the ceiling is now sneaking onto thepillar so remove the pillar and everything iscoming down so if i'm correct then this generallywould still hanging there yes so you see that's how you do itthat's how you build a small chandelier and the pillow is not poking through theceiling above anymore so we have to wait until the debris is gone so as you can see nice and clean thereand it is hanging so yeah you can do it this way or youcan do it differently just what you prefer but yeah forplacing defense foundations you don't need to have ceilings above you becauseI mean you can't have ceiling some of you because otherwise the defenserelations will step to the ceilings above so a little trick and now we know how tobuild this chandelier and if you want to know how to build a big chandelier likethe one I have in my castle well just look up the tutorial and Iplace it also under the information button so you can click on that one aswell and yeah don't forget to enter yourquestions for the Q&A for my 5000 subscribers special and I know maybe youlisten to this video and I'm already over 5, 000 it's all gone well we have a few nation again I then Iguess then and don't forget to enter the giveaway action because I goto give away a copy of arc for my 5000 subscribers special so don't get to do that so i hope youenjoyed and leave a like if you did in a comment if you have any questions or thekind of stuff or some other questions about stuff to build and like always ifyou haven't already and you want to see more of in the future then smash thatsubscribe button like a maniac and i will see you all in the next video byebye and some pillows oh I mean oh I'malready stuck.

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