Artbeads Cafe – Chandelier Ideas with Cynthia Kimura and Cheri Carlson

CYNTHIA: Welcome to Artbeads Cafe I’m Cynthiawith Cheri.

Hi Cheri! CHERI: Hi Cynthia!CYNTHIA: Thank you for coming today! CHERI: Thank you for having me!CYNTHIA: Always happy to have you here, of course! And today we’re going to talk aboutchandeliers.

And I think my pronunciation is not great.

CHERI: That was awesome! CYNTHIA: Okay! So those chandeliers are veryeasy to make and very versatile.

You can do so many things with them.

CHERI: Right.

CYNTHIA: Would you like to start with yourearrings? CHERI: Okay! So, we have some wonderful TierraCastchandeliers.

I made some really fun long dangles with beads; you can get crazy with color onchandeliers like this.

And then this is a beautiful little link with the very largeSwarovski crystals.

CYNTHIA: The blue in this Swarovski stoneis just amazing! CHERI: Isn’t it gorgeous?!CYNTHIA: Yes! It’s beautiful.

CHERI: And then the green one’s up herewith the chain hanging and the dark metal.

Again, really fun and fashion forward.

CYNTHIA: Yeah, I love that with the chain.

It’s such a great idea, just putting somethingin the middle.

Could be a charm, could be anything, actually.

CHERI: Right, right! CYNTHIA: Definitely, yes.

CHERI: A little pop of color.

CYNTHIA: And I made here some kits that youcan actually buy so everything is included and they are super easy to make, of course.

CHERI: Cute! CYNTHIA: And with some Swarovski and TierraCast.

And then you made these very pretty earrings here.

CHERI: I think, pretty for a wedding with the crystal and the pearls, just very feminineand a little showy.

CYNTHIA: Right, yes.

Love this.

And I didsome- I wanted something completely different and I used feathers.

CHERI: Love the feathers! CYNTHIA: Aren’t they beautiful? Yeah theyare very pretty.

CHERI: Very sweet.

CYNTHIA: And the feathers are pretty long and it’s really the trend now to have verylong earrings.

CHERI: Definitely.

CYNTHIA: And add anything that you want.

So this is what I like about chandeliers, youcan make something short or you can make something really long.

Can you imagine a really longchain? That would be really cute! CHERI: Maybe just on one side?CYNTHIA: Yeah, that’s true! That’s true.

But chandeliers can be used for anything sowe want to show you what else we did using them in a different way than not just earrings.

CHERI: Right, right.

CYNTHIA: So, let’s start with your necklaces.

CHERI: So, the same chandelier that’s in this little pair of chandelier earrings (orlink I should say) I used on this necklace, in three spots.

Just linked it together, drapeywith a bunch of chain.

CYNTHIA: Love that!CHERI: Made I think a very fun bib style necklace.

CYNTHIA: Yes!CHERI: Doesn’t have any color but I think the brass is just really warm and goes witheverything.

CYNTHIA: Yeah, it’s very simple but canbe dressy at the same time.

CHERI: Right.

CYNTHIA: It’s very cute.

CHERI: And then these sweet little silverlinks, just did a few strands of varying styles of chain.

You can mix color if you want ordo all one.

I chose all silver which I thought was fun but really simple and again, justgoes with everything.

CYNTHIA: I love it.

CHERI: Yeah.

CYNTHIA: I love this one.

And this type ofnecklace is what I like because you can wear it with another necklace.

CHERI: Oh definitely layers! CYNTHIA: You can do layers, yeah!CHERI: Right! CYNTHIA: Which we see a lot too these days.

This is really pretty.

And you use different chain which means that if you have any leftoverchains you can make something like that very easily.

CHERI: Exactly! Right, good use because sometimes the lengths don’t need to be too long.

CYNTHIA: Right! CHERI: So, leftovers work great.

CYNTHIA: Really pretty! CHERI: Thanks!CYNTHIA: So I made something with chain too.

I wanted the chandelier links on the bracelet.

So I put two here connected with chain and the same connected, and I wanted somethingin the middle so I just added a cute little bead here.

But again, you can put whatever, you can put one bead, you can put several beads, you can put something really big also, that would be really cute! CHERI: Great focal, I love the way you did the stations likethat with the two sections.

CYNTHIA: Cute! Really, really fun! And then, I really wanted to use this really cute, cute chandelier here that has two links, and whatI did if you can see is, here you have two little loops and I cut them off, because Ididn’t want to add anything in the middle of my link.

CHERI: Oh, okay, so you shortened them, okay.

CYNTHIA: Yeah! And it was easy, I just cutand then I just filed a little.

And I wanted to use some teeny charms, I love those teenycharms! CHERI: The wings are really fun!CYNTHIA: Yeah, I love it! But you could use some chain, you could use whatever, the onlything you have to be careful is the links are very thin, very delicate, so don’t putsomething too chunky that won’t go with it.

And then, I wanted to use just some very, very thin piece of leather.

CHERI: I love that, very fine.

CYNTHIA: Isn’t that cute! And I used some Swarovski pearls, those are beautiful pearlsand I was so happy that it could fit on the leather! But, I had to use a, let’s see, an awl? CHERI: An awl, yeah.

CYNTHIA: And you just insert that into the pearl and you, don’t twist too hard, justgo very slowly.

CHERI: Okay, just to kind of open it up, alittle.

CYNTHIA: Yeah! You can open up the hole alittle and then you can slide them, the beauty of this also is, they kind of stick, theyaren’t going to fall too much.

CHERI: So you can put them wherever you wantand they are going to stay.

Nice! CYNTHIA: I love this!CHERI: That’s very cute.

CYNTHIA: And then, I wanted to do somethingelse with leather so I did this necklace here.

And I just addeda little piece of leather.

And a big chandelier link here, and again, in this I just addedsome little crystals, but I was thinking, “that would be really fun to have some chunkygemstones that all dangle down and making something long!”CHERI: Very pretty! CYNTHIA: Or what about making some tassels?Wouldn’t that be cute?! CHERI: Tassels! Yes!CYNTHIA: Don’t we love tassels? CHERI: We love tassels!CYNTHIA: I think that would be really cute.

So there is so, so much you can do with theselinks, they are very, very fun to play with.

CHERI: Very pretty! And same with, like youmentioned with the chain, just a little piece of leather is a great thing to do with yourleftover leather snippets.

CYNTHIA: Yes, and we all have leftovers somewhere, right? CHERI: Definitely!CYNTHIA: Well, thank you, Cheri, for showing us your creations-CHERI: Thank you! CYNTHIA: They are very pretty!CHERI: As are yours, very fun to see.

CYNTHIA: Well, there are so many things thatyou can do with those chandelier links.

CHERI: Right? Very fun.

CYNTHIA: Yes, they’re very fun and we would love to also see your creations so, anythingthat you make please send us on Facebook or you can send us an email and we would loveto share with other customers and see what you are doing! It is always exciting to seewhat everyone is doing, always inspiring! CHERI: Definitely inspires us!CYNTHIA: Yes! So thank you so much for joining us today on Artbeads Cafe and don’t forgetto sign up for our email newsletters and great promotions and ideas.

Thank you very much!Merci, au revoir, a bientot!.

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