Aura LED Strip kit ($5? How Bad Can It Be?)

today we spend five dollars to makesomething look cool but it came out kind of lackluster let's roll through thisbad boy how's it going everybody I'm Shmojoe14 and we're taking a look today ata $5 upgrade we're going for the aura LED USB mood light so this wasn't aplanned video

by any means but I knew I wanted some lighting up in the back thisthing's actually meant to be a bias light for a TV which puts a brighterimage behind the TV and is supposed to relieve eye strain now I myself wantto put it on the back of that

desk over here to light up that wall so I'm notgonna go too far into this thing $5 at Walmart I mean you can't really expecttoo much USB powered from any five volt USB port so it doesn't plug directlyinto the wall you need to have some kind of other

power sourcenormally the USB port on the TV it's got 3m self-adhesive backing on the back ofthe LED strip itself you just peel it loose stick it where you need says itfits up to a 65 inch TV selection of 16 colors and four mood light settings youhope sexy is

gonna be one of them remote control works from 26 feet away ifyou're at 27 feet you're screwed buy another one and there's 60 RGB LEDlights because you can never have too much RGB I've got a six and a half footLED strip connectors and a wireless remote fun fact

I had to drive one ofthese back earlier today because it wasn't built properly the 4-pin RGBconnector that goes into the actual housing itself the problem with it wasthat had four female connectors on both sides so I know that sounds like a goodtime but not when you're trying to

do RGB all right we're gonna go aheadand unbox this thing right now here we go well that was easy so first thing out the bag USB connectoralso got your LED plug in here male side which is really helpful in thissituation next up out of the bag six

and a half feet of LED coiled up 3m adhesivebacking on it looking good smells a little bit like tires some kind ofpropaganda warning this product may exceed the Pat doesn't matter and lastbut not least in this bag of goodies a little remote or a clicker as youMidwesterners like

to say so the first thing with this I see thatis kind of an issue or could be an issue at least is that there is no arrowsindicating which way you can plug these connectors in yup she go that wayyup she go that way too – that's not good

so we're gonna try to not start a housefire luckily I have traveler's insurance not a sponsor let's see what she donothing that way let's flip her around nothing that way maybe you got to use aremote boy oh boy ain't she pretty like a USB normally plug it in

third time's acharm Oh Christmas tree o Christmas tree whatwould you look at that it's stuck inside the reel well ain't she pretty it's gota whole bunch of modes ooh red green blue white and then a bunch of colors inbetwixt I'm not gonna go through all of them we

got a flashboy ain't that nice so I'd like to think that I'm fairly decent in Englishit's my first and only language native actually this says strobe on it the hellkind of strobe is that next up fade those aren't very different and smoothwhat in the hell is going on

with this Chinesium my godthis is your idea of smooth you're gonna be having a bad time in college kiddos Iam by no means a rocket surgeon but I don't think I'd be calling that onesmooth so were gonna shut it off hopefully it's bright enough we can light that

wall upback there all right kiddos here goes nothing can you see my dirty pants withholes what made a shocking noise enjoy the view guys next time it's gonna costyou I think I'm gonna have to go down below okay here we goenjoy sticky sticky dogs are barking when I

was a young warthog dogs stopbarking I'm trying to film a YouTube video everything went right according toplan gentlemen all right guys how long that take you guys time me I think I seta new world record also if you haven't noticed I have tomove my desk to get in

between the bed frame here and the desk itself does itlook fancy do you guys like it you can seriouslysee like this much of it so now to make my five dollar upgrade worth itthis is the new camera angle you guys are gonna get all the time for fivedollars

apparently the ninth one of the world can be yours too guys visit yourlocal Walmart get yourself the aura LED if you want to be livin it up like yourboy Shmojoe14 like it comment it subscribe it I'd like to say like alwaysthanks for hanging out with me

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