Autovizion (9007) LED Headlight Bulbs Review

Hey guys.

Andrew Esquivel back with another review andtoday I going to be reviewing the Autovizion LED Headlight conversion kit to convert yourhalogen headlights into LEDs.

Now before we go over the bulb, its physicalcomponents, let's talk about the specifications.

Each bulb produces 3, 200 lumens.

This particular circuit type we're workingwith is 9007.

The infumis 9007 circuit has been known tohave a lot of compatibility issues with a lot of different bulbs.

We will go over that and how that affectsthe plug and play capabilities but for now let's continue with the sparks.

Each bulb only pulls 30 watts, has an estimatedlifetime of about 25, 000 hours but get this, comes with a life time warranty.

Now remember lifetime doesn't mean as longas you live.

Lifetime in this case it's supposed to meanthe lifetime of the product.

As long as they are producing this bulb, itis under a warranty.

If they decide to stop producing the bulbout of nowhere that's in the warranty.

At least that's as best as I understand it.

Now let's go over the bulb itself, it is heat-sinkand fan driven design.

We have the LEDs up here in the front, theyproduce heat.

The heat is then transferred to the heat-sinkwhere a spins it at about 7, 000 RPMs to dissipate the heat.

Now, this bulb temperature is 6, 000 Kelvin.

However, if you want to change the way thebulb produces the color, it comes with this extra lights right here.

If we open them up, you'll see that thesehave a yellow tint to them.

This will convert the light closer to 27 to3, 000 Kelvin to get that classic halogen color work.

Although, this is just there for that option, I'm not going to use it.

I would rather have a nice 5, 000 to 6, 000Kelvin white light.

But the option is there just in case becausecertain states have laws that restrict the color of the light in where you are.

I checked with my local law enforcement, theysaid as long as it's not blue or any other color, then yellow and or amber or white itshould be okay.

Even though these are not DOS certified andnot SAE certified, be sure to make sure you check your laws in your local area lest youget a ticket for having illegal bulb.

That being said, we're not going to be usingthat little lens cover but this is where we talk about how this converts everything.

As you can see its the bulb connected to acontroller, connected to another controller and this is the in-termination that directlyplugs into your standard wiring harness for your lights.

Here is the thing, this is a 9, 007/9, 004 circuittype bulb.

Now, anyone who has dealt with 9, 007 bulbsknow you have to use retainer rig behind the bulb to lock it in place.

That is always been an issue for LEDs becausethe heat-sink prevents you from being able to use a circular retainer lock.

Normally you, with a halogen, would put thebulb in a circuit and then you would then put the retainer ring over the bulb turn itand lock in place and then plug the wiring harness in the bulb.

But as you can see, that's impossible to dolike that with this heat-sink.

What do you do? Since the LED bulb here has the heat-sinkthat prevents us from sliding the circular retainer lock in place, we have to get iton in a different way.

That's actually not that big of an issue.

In this case, you simply unscrew the top hereand — you see it's got a little screw on there and we slide the glass piece off.

This is also how you would get the other coloredglass piece we were just working at on.

Then we remove the gasket piece and we canslide the retainer ring in place and normally this is where you would just slide this backon and we assemble.

However, notice something, that's not right.

It's all the way down.

This is as far as it should go down.

This is the retainer lock.

This is as far as it'll go down.

The gasket is as far as it'll do down andthe glass piece is as far it'll go down.

You can screw it in place because somethingis a screw and I will tell you what that something is and this has been a constant issue in everysingle LED light bulb for the 9, 007 circuit that I use on my Mitsubishi Outlander.

The problem is the retainer lock itself.

The circular retainer lock is a bit trickybecause if you'll notice, it's raised up.

I'm going to make my camera focus here.

Here we are, so it's raised up at this littleportion right here and that creates a gap.

Even though it's only a few millimeters, itmakes a huge difference.

This prevents you from using most LED lightbulb that use a heat-sink with a fan design.

How do you get around this? Well, at this points in order to use the bulb, this bulb is no longer plug and play.

You now must modify parts of your car in orderto use this bulb.

How do we do that? It's not so bad but you have to be willingto do it and it's worth noting that once you do this you will not be able to use your halogenlight bulb because that bulge in, the raised up portion that we're talking about helpskeep the halogen in place.

Just know that if you do this, there is apoint of no return and there is something to take into consideration because this particularpart is an OEM part only.

There is no aftermarket support for this specificpiece of plastic.

You must buy it from a Mitsubishi officialdealers or people that have OEM Mitsubishi parts.

Either that or you're going to have to goa junk yard to find another set because this is ridiculously difficult to find and thedealers charge how the know is from.

I'll put the part number to what this is inthe description so that if you have a Mitsubishi Outlander you'll know exactly what part itis in case you mess it up.

But let's take a closer look as to what exactlywe did.

All I did is I filed the raised portions downsignificantly, so there's no more raised portion and this gives us a few extra millimetersto play with and that makes all the difference.

Now we can slide this over and it sits lower.

That allows us to use the gasket and thenthe gasket sits lower and because the gasket sits lower, the glass piece sits lower andbecause the glass piece sits lower, we're able to screw everything back in place.

It's on there, nothing is falling out andthe whole light bulb assembly now sits in the circular retainer lock nicely and it stayssnagged and in place which means now we can install it into our vehicle and see just howwell it works.

Here we're at my 2003 Mitsubishi OutlanderLS and one thing before I want to start is, I just want to note that you've got to becareful with this.

This glass piece is indeed glass so it didhave a slight crack in it.

It doesn't seem to affect the structural integritybut we will see how everything works when everything gets put in place.

Here is the socket where everything needsto get plunged into.

Getting it in is just a matter of lining itup properly.

Get that in there and then we've got to lineup the points where the retainer lock grabs.

That can take a minute or two.

Here you go.

Everything is in place.

It doesn't look like it's going to be moving.

Now we take the end piece here and we justsimply plug it to the stock wiring harness right here.

These wires are pretty long so they kind ofdangle about.

I'm going to need two hands for this realquick.

We have the wiring harness connected.

Now that's pretty much all you need to do.

It'd be a good idea to get a zip tie and keepthese wires out of the way so they don't dangle about and what not.

Let's go ahead turn on the vehicle and seehow they look.

As you can see the light has indeed turnedon.

This is the expected color temperature thatyou should be seeing.

It doesn't look like the little glass piecepose an issue.

Let's talk about how it looks.

This is what it looks like on the garage.

Now with a lot of LEDs for headlights havea problem with is having a scattered beam.

The problem is the way LEDs project lightdoesn't allow for diffused light to properly emit itself.

In fact, most LEDs in this price range don'tdiffuse light at all and that leaves a lot of dark spots in places that are really criticalfor you to be able to see.

I did a review on some other LEDs and it wasreally bad but compared to those ones, these are actually not bad.

These are pretty good.

However, however, there is an issue with thecontroller unit that handles the LEDs and I'll show you because you might think, “Heythat looks pretty bright.

” Yes, that is pretty bright.

When we go to the instrument panel here withour gauges and what not, you'll see that it's just the regular headlights but if we turnon the brights, which if we switch this light right here you'll see that blue light rightthere, saying our brights are on.

We come back out and the lights are dimmer.

Uh-Oh, that's weird.

Here's what's happening.

For whatever reason the controller unit isconfused.

It thinks that when I have the regular lightsetting, my low beam's on.

It's deciding to turn the high beams on theLEDs on.

But when I turned the high beams on in mycar, the low beams turn on.

That's not good.

I think I know why.

Take a look at this wiring harness, we havetwo controllers.

One, two.

Now, let's go ahead and take a look at themanual.

This is the wonderfully detailed manual forthe light conversion kits with three simple steps.

As you can see 9004 and 9007 are in the samecategory and that's because they're about pretty much the same socket size.

When you ordered these, you order 9004 andit works for either 9004 or 9007.

But if you notice in the diagram it says weonly have one controller, not two.

Why do we have two? If we flip the manual over to look at H4 headlights, you'll see the H4 headlights require the wiring harness`with two controllers, not one.

What I think is happening is the controllerunit is the wrong one.

We have the controller unit for H4 headlightsand we received the wrong controller unit for the 9007 headlights, which is confusingthe system.

Which is why when I have the normal lightson, it's on high beams and when I turn the high beams on, it's on the low beams.

Okay, that's not good.

I contacted the manufacturer to try and seeif they can send me a correct wiring harness.

I'm currently waiting to hear back from them.

But let's just kind of just skip that fora second.

Let's just say, all right, well not a bigdeal, I can always just switch between the two now that I know and keep it on the rightone.

It's actually a lot easier said than done.

You'd be amazed how muscle memory and howforgetful you are can affect the way you keep the lights on.

I always end up finding myself turning onthe low beams, turning on high beams forgetting it's on high beam by default instead of lowbeam by default.

Taking all that away, let's see how they actuallyperform.

Okay, so the camera has been adjusted to recordin the night time.

Let's talk about how bright these lights actuallyare.

Now first off, I want to note that the lightsis properly diffused especially compared to the other LEDs that I had used previouslywhich is pretty incredible in terms of the difference.

The other LEDs I've used were completely unusablebecause they had scattered beams and it was just all over the place.

This one has a nice even pattern and thisis currently on the low beam setting even though I have the car set to high beams.

As you'll see, the usable distance is actuallypretty good.

We're talking a good maybe 30 to 40 feet outfor usable distance on the low beam.

Let's talk about the high beam, which we areabout to turn on right now.

It just makes it slightly brighter but whatI do notice is it widens the beam angle significantly.

Instead of directionalizing[sic] the lightsstraight ahead, it appears to be making the light go more towards the left and right anda little bit higher up as well so it's not foot beaming at an angle of the ground, it'sbeaming straight ahead which is partly why it's illegal to drive with your high beamson because that's what happens.

Your lights are actually designed to be angledtowards the ground so you don't blind the people in front of you.

When you have high beams on it doesn't dothat.

It goes straight ahead.

As far as usual life of the high beams it'sa little underwhelming compared to some of the other lights just because the differenceisn't so dramatic but the fact that you can see further left and right from the vehiclewith high beams on is definitely something I didn't expect but is definitely welcomedbecause it is important to be able to see in all directions not just straight ahead.

Let's go back to the low beam for a secondand you see the difference really isn't all that different in terms of the forward performance.

However, I would say that I would actuallyfeel comfortable driving my vehicle with these LED headlights.

The usable distance is actually usable.

Despite these being rated at a lower lumenoutput than other LEDs, the fact that it has no scattered beams and diffused light makesit way more usable and you get more usable light.

I know I keep using the word usable a lotbut that is very important.

You can do some research into LED headlights, you'll see a lot of them suffer from scattered light beams that even though they're brightif you can only see parts blotched on the road it's useless.

I would actually say for a mid-range LED headlightkit, these are acceptable.

If you're looking for something for highercontrast on the road while maintaining similar halogen performance, these definitely do thetrick.

Sorry, I'm going to turn this back on, thecar automatically turns them off.

These definitely do the trick.

If you want something way brighter than this, you're going to have to spend easily over twice as much for a pair that do a lot brighterLEDs.

But I'm actually fairly impressed with these.

These ones`are serious contender.

For that being said, thanks for watching guys.

I hope this was informative.

If you guys ever decide to get these bulbs, let me know in the comments how you feel about them because knowledge is power and there'sa lot of people out there who get these light bulbs for free and they give a positive review`becausethey got it for free and that's not good.

This is a real test.

I bought these with my own money and I amactually pretty pleased with the performance.

Other than the fact that the controller hasthe lights backwards in terms of high and low beam, I would say these are pretty good.

Thanks for watching guys.

Don't forget to comment, rate, subscribe showyour friends, check out my other videos, I got plenty of them.

As always, I will see you next time.


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