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LED projectors are not cheap and they usually take a lot of space and you cannot really move them around from a place to another well today I have the solution for you guys this is an amazing little LED that I found in Amazon that is not gonna break

that Bank and it's gonna give you that decent I'm not gonna say perfect but it's gonna give that decent a quality that you want in any location that you have and it doesn't require you to have those expensive background backlighting and even works during daylight so stay tuned

[Music] hey guys this is a song and if this is your first time here don't forget to hit that subscribe button turn that notification on so when my next video comes you be the first to know and as always thank you for watching couple of weeks ago I

was looking for a nice projector that I can use on the go and mainly I can use it in my room when I'm laying down and I want to watch a video so I can project it to my ceiling and I came across this projector it wasn't that

expensive I believe was under $100 and it gives out a great quality picture I watched a couple of the reviews on it online and I was like I have to have this and I have to share it with you guys so looking at the box itself it doesn't

have anything special we have all the information right here which the brightness is 400 to 600 luminous the contrast is 800 to 1 and the resolution is 320 by 240 pixel with a support and resolution of 1920 by 1080 so it gives you a high def it supports

a high def video it's not gonna support a 4k video I mean it's gonna output it but it's not gonna be 4k and it's not gonna be that large but for something to go I think this is this is sufficient enough and the LED life it's about thirty

thousand hours I like it I think it's a great product so without further ado let's open this and let's see what we have inside there was no taping there for me to cut using my trusty knife but we shall open this and see what we get inside to

be honest I had this for quite a while and I couldn't really get my hand around it to do the review on it so I'm kind of excited of unboxing it right now so taking it out of the box everything is inside of this styrofoam packaging and I

like their packaging your packaging is not bad concerning the price so I'm gonna put the top aside and this is the view that we get this is cool so we got our AC adapter I believe it's gonna be like output is 12 volts so yeah you got your

standard 12 volt adapter it's nothing special to it it's one of those regular adapters so if it gets lost easy to replace then we have a remote control and to be honest the remote control when I saw it online can I reminds me of the Amazon TV remote

control and mixed with Apple TV controls it's like Amazon TV and Apple TV had a baby and something went wrong along the way so this came out anyway put that aside also we have I think this is the VGA connector I'm not sure what entirely is this and

then the user manual guide which is not that big now first of all let me tell you that this thing looks great although I see a little fingerprint right here and I know who touched it but this thing is nice oh and it takes microSD card so you

could download your footage into asti card so you don't have to plug it in and just rock it we have our lens right here by the way this looks and it feels really really nice I love it so we have our lens here in this side we have

the USB input we have the AC adapter the on and off switch which sounds pretty nice check this out so the search is not bad we have a USB input we have speaker in the front a couple of buttons on the top so you could play pause forward

to rewind to play and okay and turn it on on the back we have the headphone jack we have the SD card AV input and I believe this is infrared so yeah that's the infrared for the remote control and on this side we have basically the adjustment for

for our little projector this is really cool so let's let's plug it in and let's see how it does [Music] [Music] this device puts out a great picture the quality is sure is not gonna be 4k but with the built in battery power that it has I used

it and the power lasts you about four hours which I think it's plenty enough for this little device four hours that means you could watch at least two movies although I love this unit but I'm gonna give it away to one of you guys out there in order

to get this just leave a like down below subscribe to my channel and head over to my website right in the front page there is a link to sign up for the giveaway put your email down there and I'll pick one of you guys out there I'll contact

you and I'll send it to you right away thank you for watching and I'll see you in the next one

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