BEST LED SOLAR FLOOD LIGHTS | Litom Solar Lights Outdoor 30 Unboxing & First Look Review

– Hey dads.

The same company sent me two boxes.

I have no clue what's inside there, I have an idea because Iwas talking to a company the other day about these lights, solar powered outside lights.

That might be what itis, but I'm not sure.

So let's find out what'sinside these boxes.

You guys probably alreadyknow by the title, but I don't know.

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All right, lets get intothese bad boys right here.

Let me chop open this box here.

I don't know if they're the same things, or if they're different things or what.

So I'm kind of curious.

Geez Louise.

What in the world? Yes, okay this is what I thought it was! Yes, the outdoor solar powered lights.

Nice, and they told me that they were sending me a few ofthem, let me go ahead, and like this is what itlooks like right there.

Go on and check these out, Ima link them up down inthe description below.

Man they got these things to me fast.

I'm impressed by that.

If you guys want to go and read other peoples reviews about these, what I've seen is that these were some of the best ones on Amazon.

And you can go read someof the other reviews just to get otherpeoples opinion about it, but these things look amazing.

I'm a, I can't, whoops.

I thought that they werebigger than this actually.

They look a lot smaller, theylooked a lot bigger online.

They're surprisingly smallwhich is actually a good thing, I like that, it keepsthem more low-profile.

So the way these work, let me see let going to take it out here.

Oh yeah, okay.

Anything else in there? It's going everywhere! Yeah, we've got some hardware, looks like some, just theanchor and some screws so you can mount it.

Box, then this is the unit right here, with the users manual in there.

It's the users manual.

And then this is the unit right here.

It's made by LITOM, LITOM? I don't know exactly how to say that.

And the way this works isyou have solar power panels on top here that aregoing to be collecting the light throughout the day, and then at night it'sgot this sensor on there.

So whenever movementhappens, the light turns on.

And it's 52? No 30 LED lights on herethat are like super bright.

So what I plan on doing is mounting this like above our garagearea, the carport area, so that whenever the kids areplaying outside after dark, they have a nice brightlight you know all out or if we want to stay out inthe garden a little bit longer, we can mount these things up there.

Also another thing about these light that I didn't even know about until after I contacted the company, is that they are the most waterproof solar power LED light on the market.

Apparently it has a score ofa IP67 if I'm not mistaken? And I want to do somewater testes on this one, whenever I give it a full review, because if you dads don'tknow, I live in Louisiana.

And we have torrential downpours, we have hurricanes, wehave tropical storms.

So there's all kind of, just in general there'smoisture in the air so I'm really curious tosee how this things performs down here in Louisiana.

So we're going to pop someof these us up onto the house and we'll how they work out.

I'm very, very curious tosee how this performs for me.

Very, if you're lookingfor some outdoor lighting because we have some floodlights outside, but for some reason thewiring isn't connected to it and I can never get itto work and at the far part of the attic and Idon't really want to have to go up into the attic to fix that.

So now I can just pop this thing onto the side of the house and I'm done.

There's no wiring, no hassleor anything like that.

So I'm very, very excitedto check this out, see how easy the installis, see how it works, do the water tests on it.

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Thank you guys for watching and dad out.


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