BEST MOTION SENSOR LIGHT BULB | Sunnest Motion Sensor Light Bulb Review

– Are you looking for the bestmotion sensor light bulbs? I got some in the mail from a company that I opened up in a previous video and I've been using them.

I've been really liking them and I want to showcase how I used them and how they work in this video.

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We got some motion sensorlight bulbs in the mail.

It's the kind that you just screw in, the motion sensor's built into the bulb, and they're LED so they last a long time.

So that's the first plusabout these particular bulbs.

The second thing is, Iwas reading the directions and they have 120 degreeangle of view, if you will.

So if anything comes inview of that, any motion.

This uses a PIR sensorwhich is a infrared sensor.

So it detects heat.

Whenever you, say, open your shed door, which is what we have here, and you go inside thatlight automatically came on.

Which is awesome becauseit detected the heat that I was bringing into itusing that infrared sensor.

So this is one of the great rooms that I've added one of these lights to and the main reason is because we come in on this side of the door and usually you want toflip for your light switch right here with the hand thatyou opened your door with.

But the light switch for this shed is way over there on the other side.

So you got to step in, theremight be junk in the way that you're going to fall on and then you can turnon and off your bulb.

So being that that lightswitch is over there, this was definitely one of the spots that I wanted to put this in because whenever we leave thisshed usually it's dark or it's going to be dark so you're fumbling over here to try and flip this light switchand you may not always get it.

So we usually never turn off this light.

Being now that we have thismotion sensor light bulb, that has been a greatenergy saver for us, really.

It's just something that we don't have to worry about anymore.

In about a minute or so, it usually takes about aminute for it to go off from what I can tell, fromthe testing that I've done.

Now, I do want to say that Itried this out in our closet.

I was like, “This will be a great idea because my wife neverturns off the light!” Do any of your wives neverturn off their lights? Or your kids, do theynever turn off their light? Let me know that downin the comments below.

By the way, if you guys wantto check out these bulbs I'm going to link them updown in the description below.

You can go and read otherpeople's reviews about them, not just take my word for them.

I'm just one guy givingmy opinion on them.

But we put it in the closet and we realized thatthat wasn't the best idea because our closetskind of shaped like a T.

The closet's right here, and then the bathroom area's right here, and there's a little entryway in between there.

And whenever we'd walkthrough the bathroom the closet light would turn on and so late at night, getting up to pee, we had got a newborn baby, itjust doesn't work that well because we don't want abright light coming on.

But another great place that Ifound to put these LED bulbs.

Check this out, that'sit, we got to go inside.

Oh, I want to know alsodown in the comments below if you guys have any other great ideas for these type of light bulbs because this is a way to like.



It's like smart tech, youwant to make a smart home but I don't necessarily need to control the shed light bulb with my smartphone.

That just seems kind of.



Unnecessary, I think a motion sensor light bulb works so much better.

The other place that, I thought about putting one in here in the hallway but then I realized thatwe come in late at night, kids are sleepy and we don'twant the light to come on and wake them up and what not.

But look! Up in the attic! If you have an attic, look, the light's already on.

All I did was pull down the ladder and now I can see all up in there.

It uses that PIR motion sensorto be able to turn it on.

And I just thought thatthat was such a great idea.

The main reason for that one is because the chain on that light bulb is breaking.

Every time I pull thechain the little hook that connects it to the little tiny chain always falls off.

And I have to kind of pullthat chain very precariously because the lamp thatthe light bulb sits in is a little bit wibbly-wobbly.

Every time before we had light bulbs I had to be very careful about what I do.

But now with these light bulbsI don't have to do anything! And it makes it to whereyou can have a light on whenever you're coming out of the attic and it's not super, super dark coming down.

Especially if you forgot toturn on your hallway light or if it's late at nightor something like that.

Definitely a plus there.

So if you guys have any other suggestions for places where I can put these bulbs, let me know down in the comments below.

I think this is some ofthe coolest light bulbs that I've had and Idefinitely recommend them.

Great energy saver, LED, I'm loving it.

If you guys are liking whatwe're doing here on Dad Reviews, and you all want to seesome more smart home tech, I'm going to put some morevideos right there on the screen.

I'll see you all in those videos.

In fact, we did some smart light bulbs you guys can go and check that out.

Thank you, dads, for watching.

That thumbs up is always appreciated and dad out.


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