BEST WALL PLATES | SnapPower Guidelight VS Transacore Guidelight LED Outlet NightLight Comparison

– Hey dads! Have you everthought about getting some of those guidelights or nights lights that are built into awall outlet wall plate? I've got two brands hereand I want to talk about the pros and cons ofeach one so that you guys can have a better idea of whatyou're getting yourself into.

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So, like I said, I've got two brand of these wall plate outlet covers with the little lights on the bottom here, the little LED lights.

I've done video reviewsof each of these already and they both had their own pros and cons.

So I figured that I'd talkto you guys about that today.

So this first one is made bythis company called Transacore.

I'll link up both of thesedown in the description below as well if you all want to check 'em out.

The other one is made bya company called SnapPower and that's what this one is here.

Let's see, I had a screwdriver.

I was going to take it off'cause I wanted to show you guys the difference between thetwo because there is kind of a big difference on the back end of it.

So let me go ahead and takethis screw out right here.

And then let me go ahead and unplug that, pull this guy off, and plug that back in.

There we go.

Okay, so, I'm sure youall can see the difference if I were to just hold them up.

You all see the difference there? So on the SnapPower one, the contacts are just these little nuggets rightthere and that connects to the side of the outlet wherethe wire connects to it and that's what gives itpower to turn on the lights.

With this one, its the same idea except that you got a biggercontact here to be able to get around that socketso that it can create the connection to lightup the lights down here.

Another thing that I noticedis the placement of the sensor its really just whatever you like better, this one does seem tobe a little bit smaller the one on the transcend ones, is that how it says that? Transacore, sorry, this isthe Transacore one right here.

Its a little bit more liftedand over to the, my right.

And then this ones more to the left and down towards thebottom, so its just a.

Alright dads, a slight editthere because my battery ran out so I had to pop in a new battery.

But what I was saying isthere is just a slight aesthetic differencebetween where the sensors are positioned and then also this one is the Transacore is a little bit smaller than the SnapPower one, solittle nuances like that, that you may want to take a look at.

But I was mainly concernedwith whenever I was looking at these is one, the contactsize, because I think you get a better contact with something like this one on the Transacore thanyou would on the SnapPower, but on the SnapPower alsofind that this was a little bit more malleable I couldbend it around the socket a little bit easier and Icould actually fit it onto the socket and with thisone I was actually having a little bit of troubleand I want to demonstrate that for you guys real quick.

I was particularly havingtrouble with this outlet most of the other outletsthey went on pretty easily if you all watched theprevious video whenever I did a full on review of this guy right here and you all saw that I put them all around the house and whatnot andI was able to get them on.

Its just a little but I found this one to be a little bit more difficult.

So I'm going to take thisout, I need to unplug that and see I put it on, I'm going to put it on, but I'm just having trouble.

I don't know if I need tolike rock it a certain way or anything and its justthis particular outlet that I found that Ijust can't seem to get, get it to go on well.

Let me see, try putting upside down.

Again, same thing I'mjust, I don't know if these connections arejust a little bit too big.

I tried to remove some of thewall right here where the, its bigger than the box tosee if that was an issue, but that didn't seem to be an issue.

I'm very far away from that.

So I don't know what was going on there, but its definitely, I'mdefinitely having an issue there.

But, with the SnapPower one, since these are a little bit smaller and their alittle bit more malleable, I was able to put thisone on here pretty easily.

It just slid right on, the connection was made.

I did notice that there was alittle bit of a wobble there, so it could be somethingagain with the socket and not necessarily with the wall plate.

It could have like fatterscrews or something.

I don't know, but I do know that this one just seemed to go a littlebit, a little bit easier.

I want to also note thatthe lights on the SnapPower, seem to be a little bit dimmer, I'm going to cover this up.

There they have a little bitmore of a orange hue to them, rather than this one here, this one has more of a, lets see if we can getit to turn on at all.

Nope, this one has moreof a blue hue to it.

Watch I'll take you all to another one that we have around thehouse and you all can see the color of, lets see that's SnapPower.

This one right here, move that over.

See, I find that one to be alittle bit more, more blue lit as opposed to like that softwire orange or whatever.

But all in all they all lookgreat and they work great.

As long as, as long as you can get them on and you don't have a funkysocket like we have here.

So, so I'm just, I've just been keeping the SnapPower one on this one right here.

I mean they all do thesame job so you know its just since that onefits on there I figured that I would use that one there.

And then to install this thing you all are watching me do it right now and basically, they recommend that you turn off the power to the socket so thatyou don't electrocute yourself on accident, youknow stab a screwdriver in there or anything butif you're very careful like I am then you canjust take that screw right on in to thereand you are good to go.

So that's, that's mainly the things that I wanted to take to you guys about the two differences between this is with the Transacore onesI had a little bit trouble getting it on to a couple of the sockets but for the most part they all worked.

I wanted to note the sensor where it was and the size of it, justfor aesthetics for you guys.

And then also, the color of the lights.

I found that the SnapPowerwas a little bit, a little bit more towards the orange and this one was a little bit more, the transcend, Transacorewas a little bit more towards the blue color of light range.

But all in all, they work as they, as they say that they would and I can definitely recommend either one.

Just kind of a matter ofwhich one you prefer better.

This one I think is, if you can get it on, its a guaranteed connection.

This one I like the back wasa little bit more malleable these little tongs here so they seem to go wrap around the socketa little bit easier.

But its just a matter of whichones you want to try out.

I'll definitely link up both of them down in the comments below if youguys want to check them out.

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