Brightest LED Bulbs Save 80% On Your Electricity Bill

today crazy ball bargains under twenty dollars hi I'm the YouTube deal guy Matt granite I find huge deals every day Rosen is a very popular face on this camera Faisal has camera face on this channel will camera deal soon though don't worry and you've tested a lot of

LED deals these are not the only ones that I associate with you other than that you are bright and wonderful to be around but you are now actually an expert I think you've tested every LED gadget on earth yes I think I haven't these deals Matt they're really

they're really good I think you need to let them know all right we'll let you know and a comparison between an incandescent and an energy efficient bulb that will rock your world but first make sure you subscribe to this channel because at the end of this video we

have our daily winning subscriber announcement you ready to put them to the test I'm ready to put them to the test here we go we've tested motion sensor lights in the past but these new ones with adhesives are four closets above counters they're rechargeable and at 18 bucks

one of the best ball bargains today these are located right under this video screen just click the show more tab for the deal link what I love about this LED light besides the fact that its motion sensor isn't that pretty cool is that it's great for dark spaces

so this would be great for our closet space may be getting into dark spots in your garage camping this is just something great that you can have in your emergency tool kit and on the bulb front the best light bulbs we've ever tested and again this company is

not paying us to talk about them look at the ratings insane under 20 bucks this is a 60 watt equivalent you get that warm soft light eighty percent in energy savings under 20 bucks the unboxing where you get six of those LED energy efficient light bulbs in one

box came really well packaged and again since this is an amazon deal if they break in transit they'll cover that don't worry about that they are insured so now I'm going to test both these light bulbs here i have my standard light bulb and here i have the

energy efficient light bulbs and as you can see the energy efficient light bulb outshines this standard light bulb even though they're both 60 watts i think this is a great deal Matt I couldn't agree more and you know what I like roseland this does not take any time

to warm up you don't some of the end gee efficient light bulbs it takes that second to pick up it's instant bright instant brightness why do I keep doing this to myself your eyes okay I mind are okay you might want to turn it off it we're good

and today we are giving an entire box of light bulbs and an LED light to a randomly selected subscriber from the two buddy system Lauren rector yeah Lauren congratulations congratulations Lauren the LED lights are really easy to set up and that makes me a huge fan man I'm

a big fan of heart I'm a big fan of you and the deals I found which our limited time grab located right under this video screen is there anything else you would like to save money on and leave me a comment and I will comment back as well

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click the show more tab and every link I have for every deal is right there there you go you are awesome thank you so much for watching you

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