Budget RGB Lighting: Yangcsl Color Changing Light Bulbs

AAAAHHHH!!! Let me fix that.

Today, let's talk about some budget RGB lighting.

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Today, we're going to be looking at the Yangcslcolor changing LED light bulbs.

I've yanked out the Yang bulbs and behindme you see the blue lights that I've been using on this channel for a while.

I've wanted some color changing LED bulbsfor a while but I've never wanted to actually put out the money for them until I found this2-pack for thirteen dollars on Amazon.

All right, now I've got the Yangs back inthe socket and they're set to the blue setting on this remote.

Clearly, they look fine when I have them setto blue.

In fact, I think they're brighter and betterthan the Walmart brand that I've been using.

A neat thing on this remote is that there'san on/off switch so I can shut them off and I can turn them on without having to get up.

This is an infrared remote, that's to be expectedwith a thirteen dollar set of light bulbs, but it works pretty well as long as there'ssomething for the light to reflect of, such as a white or gray wall.

There are 16 different colors on this remote.

There are 15 actual colors and one which iswhite light.

There are two models of this 2-pack on Amazon, so be careful which one you buy.

One has the white light and one has the soft-whitelight, which is the more yellowish kind of color that you're used to if you use incandescentlight bulbs still.

Let's just run through all the colors here.

Here's blue.

Here's green.

Here's red.

This one doesn't really show up as well, atleast in my opinion.

It may be because I'm slightly colorblindor color deficient to red, blue, some purple, etc, etc.

Let me know in the comments, can you see thisred behind me? Because I sure can't.

And then let's move down the red side of theremote.

We go from red, to orange, to a lighter orange, to yellow, yellow.

Some more yellow.

We'll go back up to green and then we'll godown.

I don't even know what you'd call these colors, so we'll just go down the green center aisle here.


A different green.

A more different green.

Now we're getting violet? Turquoise? I don't know.

That's a cool one.

And that one.

Now we'll go down the blue side of things.

There's the blue.

At least I think that's blue.

That might be purple.

I don't know.

Let me know that in the comments, too.

I can't tell.

Go down, down, down, down.

And, yeah, that whole right side there, Ican't see a difference, so you're just going to have to take my word for it.

I am pushing the buttons.

Next cool thing, go back to blue, regularblue, you can adjust the brightness with a simple up-and-down.

And also there is a flash function, whichtransitions through all the colors slowly.

There's the strobe function, that strobesthings out.

And then there is a fade option.


And then there is a smoother fade option, which is just a little bit slower.

I've only been using this remote for a fewmoments here and I can already see that from my fingers and my fingernails on here, they'restarting to get some indents on the buttons, so I'm not quite sure, I'm kind of nervousnow how long this remote is going to last.

It's a good thing I've got two of them, though.

Maybe that might just be the plastic filmover the top.

Is that removable? Oh, oh, look, you saw here, there's a plasticfilm over top of the remote that I didn't know was there.

Oh, that's a nice feeling remote.

Look how shiny that is now! Whoa! There you go, that's a quick look at somebudget RGB LED light bulbs that you can buy on Amazon for $12.

00 for a 2-pack.

I'll put a link for these in the descriptionbelow if you want to go buy them on Amazon and help support CapOhTV.

I will receive a small commission if you buythrough those links because they're affiliate links.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed by these lights.

I wish I would have bought them a while ago, so I could have some variety in my background at the touch of a button.

And they're only $13 on Amazon the 2-pack, so if you've been looking for some cheap budget LED color changing light bulbs, go check themout.

And for some reason if these things stop workingin a couple weeks, then I'll put an updated comment and pin it and I'll let you all knowthat these things are junk.

So far, I don't think they're junk, and infact I might have to order another one to replace the light bulbe up here so we canget consistent light set up behind me.

I've you've been looking for some color changingLED light bulbs, what do you plan on using them for? Leave a comment down below and let's talkabout that.

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Thanks for watching, see you later, bye!.

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