BUY vs DIY – Recreating a Wood & LED Lamp

KATELYN: As makers, we often see somethingwe want to buy, but stop ourselves because we think we can make it.

EVAN: Ooh look at this.

We can make that.

Ooh look at this.

We can make that.

Hey Katelyn, there's a new Tesla.

KATELYN: We can make that.

Well today we're actuallygonna be following through and making this thingwe found on Amazon.

A lamp! The design kind of remindedus of these wood hexagon candle holders thatwe made a while back.

And it would be an opportunityto use some RGB LEDs, which we have becomeobsessed with.

Now you might be thinkingit would be easier and potentially cheaperto buy it on Amazon, where we found it.

And we're gonnabe doing that too.

We're gonna buy it, and thenat the very end of the video we will be comparing thepurchased and the made product and see if it was worththe time and effort.

This is logical human behavior.

Very logical.

Okay, so we haveall of the pieces we need to start building and we were trying to like step up the qualityfor our remake.

We're gonna make likea, a gourmet one.

We watch too muchClaire on "Bon Appetit".

(laughs) Yeah, we're trying to make the fancier version of theone that we found online.

Is this Maker Makes? Instead of Gourmet Makes.


(Evan laughs) We went the extra mileand we got some quality solid wood.

This is Red Oak.

Where online it looks likeits like a project panel, where its gluedup pieces of wood.

And the for the lightsthe one online is just a white light LED.

So we got some RGBcolor-changing LEDs, because again, we'reobsessed with them.

Ooh and were gonna make it alittle bit longer and taller.

Just so we can like beat itin at least one dimension.

Is that a dimensionwe're measuring? Like price.

How does it look? Height.

How tall is it? (Evan laughs) (mellow music) Okay, so now thatour pieces cut, the only sort of trickypart about this project is that the top-down ofthe light looks like this.

So it's like a funkyhouse with a tunnel to an underground mine.

(Evan laughs) That maybe has diamond in it.

So the good news isbecause this doesn't connect fully, we don'thave to be as precise about our angles.

The bad news is, everyone one of these pieces is a little different.

So were gonna getthe table saw set up.

Do some straight cuts, do some angle cuts.

And hopefully it shouldgo together like this.

(upbeat music) Lets see if we did that right.

Yes, its always kind ofnerve wracking cutting angles because there's somuch room for error.

Its like your mathcould be wrong.

Your pencil markscould be wrong.

The blade could benot angled correctly.

There we go.

This is supposed tobe on the outside.


There you go.

Is it beautiful? Does it lookbeautiful to you guys? How are we gonna clamp this up? Oh we're gonna blue tape it? Blue tape it.

Oh fine, things are satisfying.


Now, in the pastwhen we've done tape we've been able to tape itall the way in a circle.

This might be alittle bit interesting because we can't do that.

Oh yeah.

Okay, so we taped thisall together and its looking like we can put it all together with tape.

We'll do it a little bitbetter than we did here.

This is just a prototype.

But one thing I noticed it would be a lot easierto add this slash.

KATELYN: Oh my gosh, wealmost forgot to do the slash.

Yeah, we were supposedto do a slash here.

KATELYN: Oh my gosh! To like let the lightout and everything.

KATELYN: Oh! And its gonna bea lot harder if we do the glue up andthen try to cut it.

So lets take this apart.

Do that angled cut andthen let's assemble everything with tape and glue.

Yes, yeah.

Proper order of things.


Okay, so you can buy angled jigs to make cuts likethis on the table saw.

We don't have one, so Evan's just gonna freakingfree hand it.

I don't know whyyou're so confident.

I feel super nervous about this.

Like we're not even clamping it.

Everyone just hates jigsaws.

Everyone says they'resuper inaccurate.

KATELYN: I mean I don'tmind them, but like doing a straightline is not easy.

Here I'm gonna pull up a chair.

'cause I'm getting serious.

KATELYN: 'Cause also we'renot even clamping it, and this is such askinny piece, your plate has nothing torest on over here.

Are you ready? Um am I ready? (upbeat music) KATELYN: What do you think? EVAN: It's probably a B+.

KATELYN: It's decent.

It's decent.

The very first wood working tool weever bought.



EVAN: We're all prepped.

Our tape is applied, our glue is prepared, our angled cut is existing.

EVAN: I think thisshould be easy.

KATELYN: And I'll kindalike (makes noise).

I was gonna say a bun.

This is gonna bethe satisfying part.

KATELYN: I know.

Okay we need tobe careful though.

I think I'm gonna goahead and fold it up.

Like that might be good enough.

Lets check oursqueeze out and stuff.

Oh, its hard to fitmy hands in there.


Even though it's likelittle teeny bits I don't want to dealwith them later.

I think lets wait the fullcure time for this glue.

Okay, you want to have lunch? Yes.

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Can we eat now? I know I'm so hungry.

That looks so good.

It's so good! Okay, time to untape this and see if glue squeezedout everywhere or if we have very minimalwork ahead of us.


Yeah, we'll definitely needto do a little sanding.

We should get thatgiant belt sander, because we definitelyneed more equipment.

Oh you want tobuy something now? We can make that.

(Evan laughs) We can make that? Oh wow, that lookslike fairly seamless.

Yeah, I mean we have alittle sanding to do, especially on ouredges that got a little burned on the table saw.

But, I think we clean this up, we do some sanding, a little bit of wood filler, and then we can finish it.


(upbeat music) It is time.

For the LEDs.

(Evan and Katelyn makingelectronic noises) Its a dance club.

Before we add all of the LEDs that we need to kind ofadd some sort of exit port for the power cableto exit the lamp.

And this is gonnabe really painful.

But I think I'm justgonna make a little.



Can it fit in justthat little notch? Oh so flush.


So minimal.

We also taped off theinside panel where we're gonna be stickybacking the LEDs, because we didn'twant the shellac to mess with the sticking.

But like I want to fitas many passes of this in here as we can.

I'm definitely goingto need the assistant of your skinny hands.

Feels wrong.

(Evans laughs) Yeah, so you cango ahead and start.

Oh wait a minute we need todo it on the inside.

(laughs) Ha ha JK, that was a test.

Yeah, and I'll goahead and unplug this.

(Katelyn gasps) Oh.

My heart.

So I'm just gonna do thisas close to the cut edge as I can.


I'm like partiallygoing by feel.

This is an artsy shot.

Whoa fancy.

Look at this, I'mgonna rack the focus.

Everything got out of focus.

We can unstick it some if weneed it to be looser loose.

I'm just going to unstickit (mumbles) all fits Where's that clear tape? I like how like we're doing everythinglike pretty legit up until the end whenwe just tape it in.

You can barely tell thatit's taped together.

It looks nice.

Okay, are we done? I think that this is done.


All we have to do is turn it on.

Well and then compare it tothe store bought one because.

Its a package.

It just arrived.


Thank you.

Okay, so I can tellright off the bat that it is significantlytinier and this is the largest sizeyou could buy online.


So already we're winning.

Oh well the wood is.



Oh! The wood is fairly pretty.

The wood is nice.

Prettier than I expected.


Okay, are you ready? Ready.

Three, two, one.

I can't see.

I can't see.

Oh that's nice.

Well let me make ours uh.

The same color? Huh.

What about yellow? That's yellow.

Oh, our LEDs don'thave a like warm light.


What's this one? What's this one? (Evan laughs) These colors don't match at all.

Our urge to chasethe LEDs has almost like backfired on us.

No, because this iswhat we were going for.

Yeah, a cooler version.

So let's compare.

Let's compare.

Alright, time toofficially compare them among a few metrics.

The first one is gonna be price.

And I've broken it down.

This one cost $39.

88 Okay.

This one I'm gonna breakit into categories.

$26 worth of wood.

Only two and a halfdollars worth of LEDs.

Because we got atwenty foot length.

Oh and we cut them.

But, the power controllerand brick and everything adds an additional $10.

For a total of (drum roll) $38.


Are you kidding me? (bell rings) We were cheaper? This is lessexpensive than this.

Okay, that's impressive.

Usually, when we DIY things they are moreexpensive actually.

(cross talking) I was not expecting that.

I was like how much moreexpensive is this gonna be? And I will say thisis like assuming you have a couplebasic DIY supplies.

Like the cost of the shellacand the glue is cents.


You know? And you have equipment already.

I mean there's likesome small caviot.

But the materialsthat went into this are less expensive.

Okay, cool.

Okay, next category.

Construction slash quality.

Now I gotta say, there's a few things thatI'm nit picking about this.

There's a little void on top that they didn'tfill with wood putty.

It seems like the woodover all is unfinished and a little bit rough.

I will say that I wishthe cord for the light came out the backinstead of the side.


For ours, I think thatour finish is better.

It's a smoother finish and our jointsare more seamless.


One complaint aboutours is where the is the way theLEDs are attached.

If you get it fromthe right angle you can see the loop at the top.

So we might have to like shorten that or something.

But then I think wecould be like on par.

All right, so.



(bell rings) Okay Size.

(bell rings) Winner! I think impressive that wegot so much more lamp for just under the cost of this one.

Yeah, now overall aesthetic, I might call it a tie.

I might like the little one a littlebit better aesthetically.

I feel bad saying this but, I love the super light wood and I love thecolor of the LEDs.

I think the mainthing that hurt us is I got like a cheap LED strip.

I mean.


That's white.

Yeah, I wish thatwe had a warm white.

I think aestheticallyit's a tie.

I like them fordifferent reasons.

(bell rings) Yeah, I think a tie is a fair.


I think a tieaesthetically speaking.

Yeah, a tie aesthetically.

One thing I want to address that we're probably gonnalose every single time is time.

Because this tookabout three hours.

Yeah, whereas thiswas Amazon Prime.


Now I do have to sayif you need a lamp ASAP.

You could buildthis faster than you can order and receive this.

If it's a lamp emergency.

This one wins in time.

Okay, (bell rings) I'll give it that.

But now I think it's time for the most importantdeciding factor of all, Which one the Supurrvisor likes.

KATELYN: Okay Supurrvisor, which one do you like? No.


She wantsthe box it came in.


EVAN: Oh, she'sonly inspecting it.

She doesn't like it more.

KATELYN: She hasn't chosen yet.

Oh now she's inspecting.

EVAN: Oh she's alreadyspent more time with ours.

She is le bored.

KATELYN: Oh she's interested.

And we definitely didn't cheat.

(Evan laughs) What do you think baby?Does it look cool? Is it the best? Are you obligatedto say it's the best because you love us? (Evan laughs) EVAN: Did she shake her head? Oh you know what, she'sbeen a good sport.

EVAN: Yeah.

Let's give her the treat.

Oh that's it.

Well I think theSupurrvisor's endorsement was definitelystronger for ours.

Okay, so what do you think? You had thescoreboard.

Do we win? We totally won.

Ithink my favorite part of making is beingable to customize it.

We wanted RGB color-changingLEDs, we got them.

We wanted ittaller, we got that.

And I think that's the beauty of making something yourself.

So let us know ifyou guys want to see more videos like this.

And if you just wantmore videos in general you should go to "Evanand Katelyn Gaming, " which is our gaming channel.

EVAN: We do two more per week and we look forward toseeing you over there too.



I want to be a team.

You put it in here? Yes (laughs loudly).



Oh this is really hard.

Oh this is really really hard.

Oh no.

Hold on to my belly.

(car crashes) (laughs) What is happening? What was that?.

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