Can You Start a Fire With LED Flashlight?

What's up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where safety is number one priority Today's video we're gonna do a quick test with the most powerful flashlight.

This is a 32, 000 lumen flashlight Right here, and it's an LED flashlight what I wanna See can we start the fire just by using the world's most powerful LED flashlight? You know LEDs don't heat up as much, but this is a very very powerful flashlight I'm wondering if it's possible to start a fire with it of course.

We're going to do a quick unboxing By the way this flashlight cost on Amazon like three hundred and eighty dollars Give it or take it WOAH Well guys first impressions this flashlight is definitely exceeded your expectation by size Because on the pictures definitely does not give a justice compared to when you get in it this feels like about five pounds easily, maybe a little bit less but Definitely a pretty hefty flashlight.

There is a holder for it you can stick it like that 💥BOOM💥 And close it And hang it on a belt over your shoulder whatever you like definitely really nice.

I like the holder for sure By the way do not want to forget to remove this plastic because if you're gonna turn off the flashlight This thing will melt into your glass Wow look at this LEDs Pretty amazing ended here is the charger how do we charge it right here open this up Plug it in put it into the wall and when you put it into the wall right here is a display How charged is your flashlight? I'm pretty sure it's fully charged I actually tired to charge it earlier before was gonna make a video just to make sure we have enough juice in this flashlight because a lot of times you buy a flashlight The batteries are half charge or not charged at all yesterday I tried to charge it look like it was fully charged How do we turn it on I have no idea first thing you wanna do is unscrew it because you figured out when you tried to turn it on and off it's not working because you have to open this part and Take off this plastic piece 💥BOOM💥 So i guess when you're shipping it You don't want it to turn on Automatic device by mistake, so I guess it's a safety feature Which is really smart So what we're going to do is Put it on highest and try to start the fire with this WOAH smokes instantly There's no way by the way you do not want to look at the light Its shine but will it start the fire it almost want to start the fire, but it's not (CLICK) (BANG) WHOOO Look at that Almost did but they didn't start the fire just yet the but it melt hole to the Newspaper super easily you know what we should do is fold that many times so that way there is layers So there's something to catch on fire So I think this will work a lot easier Okay the highest do not look at the light if you're using this flashlight in their life It will hurt your eyes to the camera.

It's not a big deal It's a (dramartic short pause) Yeah, wow that was fast and it a just LED flashlight Crazy look at that and we started a fire.

Can you believe it? And if I touch this flashlight it is warm But it's not hot like the other flashlight was it was amazing.

That was so easy That's insane I can't believe how awesome that is you probably do not want to touch this part When you are on a high setting for too long you're probably going to burn yourself This is why there's a special heat-resistant pieces out here also I like this flashlight a lot because when you unscrew it This whole thing is the battery and it says do not disassemble its battery That's it and What I will do for safety when I'm not using this Flashlight because it's kind of dangerous if you leave it somewhere in the storage, and this get press by mistake Maybe it fell over or something obvious you can start a fire, so I'll put this film back in and assemble it together So that way when I'm storing it, and I'm not using it kids will not find it or Something get fall over and push on this button who knows two times you see now it doesn't work So it's a good safety measure to take if you own one of these stone flashlights But that's incredible light up the news papers so quickly let's see if we can light something else up Just as easy as newspaper.

Okay, this time.

We're going to tell you our bunch of dried grass Let's see if this flashlight will start it My assumption this might be not dark enough so maybe I'll try this again with dry leaves I don't see much smoke coming out.

Oh there you go.

There's some smoke Even more smoke Let's see if it slides up Obvious is gonna take a little longer because it's not as thin as newspaper, and it's not as dark It's definitely smokes a lot look at that.

Oh, yeah I'm gonna turn it I'mma turn it off.

Yeah, you see what I'm saying this charring going on (Vigorous Blowing) OH Yeah (Vigorous Blowing) It's just not the best to start the fire with grass like that let me tell you something better, okay? Let's try to do this again but with the leaves Oh yeah leaves are a lot darker, so they start smoking almost instantly But again they are not ideal to start a fire with Because they just for the most part smoke don't burn as well, but it might give us really good ember All right, I'm gonna turn off the flashlight (BANG)x2 (Vigorous Blowing) And guess what we started the fire even with the Leafs Wow crazy Usually it's hard to start the fire with the leaves, but this flashlight did ok next test We're gonna do can we cook an egg with the LED flashlight? Ok Just hold it over it like this And it doesn't look like it's cooking maybe because it just transparent so it does not absorb light as good Okay, I'm calling it quits this flashlight will not do it Let's start to do the same thing but with this wicked laser flashlight flash torch.

I think this one will do it I have never done that before but let's see put on higher settings I can see it's smoking the air got shine No way Look at that.

It's fine of the egg almost instantly Good, that's crazy Look at that that's definitely fired up.

I got it here on the outside Anyways, probably will take a lot longer to fry up the whole egg well guys.

That's pretty much it I'll definitely put this flashlight to the test on my second Channel at night Just to see how bright it's going to be and we're probably going to compare it to flash torch wicked laser This is what I used to use and put to the test and it's very very powerful But this one is LED this one is the light bulb and this thing heats up super super hot There is even a caution because you might burn yourself this one doesn't even have a caution because it does heat up But not as much as this one so im really curious to see what is going to look like at nighttime By the way a quick warning any powerful flashlight You do not want to look at the light straight forward with the naked eye.

It's just looking at the Sun It's going to hurt your vision.

You know you don't want to look at the Sun straight forward you know it's going to hurt same thing with the Flashlights even the studio lights you do not want to stare them because it's going to hurt your eyes even might lose your vision temporarily That's a warning that you should know for sure most of you probably already know but for some of you who? Doesn't make sure you don't look at the lights, but anyways let me know What do you think about this what most powerful LED flashlights on the market? This is amazing in my opinion? I'm really glad.

I got this it is a little bit expensive three hundred and eighty dollars, but in my opinion so far It's really worth it beside the flashlight in a survival situation If you need to start a fire and warm yourself up You can do so with many many things not just with the newspaper with just dry leaves and you can find those pretty much Anywhere unless you in the desert But you I'm sure you can figure it out and find something dry and very easy to start a fire with Well of course don't forget to thumbs up this video subscribe, and I'll see you next time.

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