Cara Membuat Alat test Led HPL SMD Ide Kreatif Elektronik DIY led 3V, 6V, 9V

greetings healthy youtube see you again with radal05 pay attention !! all kinds of leds that I have This is HPL1W or 3W This is a 10W HPL it's 0.

5W this is 0.

25W and this is 0.

5W SMD This is RGB LED and this brand led bulb and led on this bulb I will test, is it still good? usually to know the LEDs are still OK by using a meter because I use a digital multimeter I choose in sound mode can also diode mode when using an analog meter, in x1 mode ok, we try general red leds if the test back and forth does not turn on, it means the LED is damaged yes .



this can be tested, it means OK I tried the 0.

5W although a little dim can still be tested, and OK I try RGB 5mm Yes, can and .



OK then I try SMD 5050 yes, it can still be tested with meters yes we try used, branded bulb usually with meters can not flipped back and forth, still not on there are 2 possibilities the LED is broken, or the meter is unable to measure and 10W HPL LEDs of course you can't either All HPL LEDs, cannot be tested with common meters because, HPL requires a higher voltage and slightly larger currents how to measure all types of LEDs with one measuring instrument I demonstrated, just an emergency because this is what I have this is positive and this is negative I have been using this method for almost 1 year and there are no obstacles at all ok i try on HPL 1W yes it is on, that means OK then 10W ones pay attention, still can this led is indeed half broken but with this test tool we can Test all types of LEDs then I try to test the LED brand if you flip it over it doesn't turn on, it means the LED is broken I try, it doesn't work I reverse the polarity yes it is on, that means OK we try again using the meter the right one is positive can't be tested we try with this super simple tool the right one is positive yes it's on .



great isn't it !!! you must think, that this tool cannot measure LEDs that can be tested with meters ok, i try the red one without changing anything I test yes it is on, that means OK I tried the 0.

5W yes you can .



OK now that is RGB yes, it is on what do you think, great isn't it !!! remember I have used this tool for almost 1 year and still OK to make it, arguably very simple before that I expect your support by subscribing, which has never been if you want to subscribe for free click the one with the bell pay attention !!! I only use 9V battery many in the market you guys, just add a 1K ohm resistor the price is only Rp.

100 easy isn't it !!! this tool is very useful to test all types of LEDs especially if you want to correct led bulb because of this led bulb, many types ok, I'll just practice it why only use a 9V battery and 1K ohm resistor We have, tested all types of LEDs incidentally, I have leds 1W and 3W which looks similar I also don't know which one is 3W this will be known, if we measure the amount of current at the voltage that matches the led specifications Both of these LEDs have specifications voltage, generally 2.

8V to 3.

3V which is different in the amount of work flow only for 1W HPL, the maximum working flow 350mA while for 3W HPL the maximum working current is 750mA pay attention !!! for beginners so all types of leds will turn on the minimum voltage specification voltage and the amount of current flowing depends on the amount of voltage we provide hopefully you understand so for all types of leds you all need to know the voltage specifications do not let more, will be damaged ok, we practice it measures voltage, and it measures current let's try it the voltage is still 0 I raise it to a minimum voltage of 2.

8V yes the current reads 30mA it looks like it's a 1W HPL I raise it again to 3.

3V yes the current reads 280mA so this led power is not up to 1W only around 3.

3V x 280mA around 0.

9W the other one, when the voltage is 2.

8V the current is around 140mA and when the voltage is 3.

3V note, the amount of current ok, that's all my practice this time if you have something to ask, just comment I will definitely reply thank you for visiting.

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