Hi This is a Samsung J7 Pro phone which incidentally does not support LEDs notifications, friends, but here you are notifications that have lights on it Or commonly referred to as leds well for those of you who don't support cellphones with the notification led you can use the method that I will share in this video see your lengths skip so you understand what I'm doing For Samsung J5 Prime users, you do not need to do the way later that I will share You simply go to settings for Activate the notification LED on your mobile, so you just need to go to settings then click the display section after that you can click the LED section here you activate it so that there will be lights in the right and left corner yes usually well you can activate in that section Let's switch right away for those who don't support the cellphone for the notification LED.

Okay, let's go straight to the tutorial go to Play Store to download an application called notify Badriah na his writing might be like this please download the application for those of you who have not downloaded it because I have already so I immediately not only the application Okay we just open it for the application and settings, and we wait until the process is complete then please follow the instructions.

Now we can't print because we haven't activate in the notification permission section so we can more directly click on that section to allow this application run on our device, OK, then we just click on it, then please activate it in this section, the Notifybar Early application you can activate it for allow then click Allow only Then you can go back again and activate in the overlay permission to and click section allow or permit, there you can activate it for this battery you don't need to switch it on yes it's okay to need to be activated only menu2 earlier and we go directly to the tutorial then we will be taken to this page view, yes there is a user then there four menus available at the bottom of this yes to set it please switch on the application that you will allow, yes, for example, here I will allow the WhatsApp application to provide notification use the Notifybar Diniyah application, so you can select the application that you want.

Okay, I choose WhatsApp Then here is the ibadi notification for the system, you can also just set it but here is not activated either one is not a problem But if you want to get a notification in the form LED or lights in the upper right corner you can activate one of the systems that are here still applications that only allow it to be activated we just skip the ad then here are some settings that are available, well, you can following what I do in this video I will explain some of the settings that are here and maybe not too specifications and incomplete yes so just give The point is, in the explanation of the settings, this part of the LED animation functions to regulate the duration of the LED flashes notification yes Then for Blink this interval sets the duration next blink Then there is a stop timer that regulates How long the notification LED appears on the screen then there is the time after that to set the notification alert appearance then then we can slide down or scroll down well here there are also some menus that have been prepared okay, I can just check it if necessary and can set it yourself, the most important thing is only at the top earlier this is for notification If you have a call you can activate it or not then here it is there for the minimum battery or eh one is a battery warning when the battery is weak.

Well, later there will be a dead fix so if my Samsung j5 Prime's cellphone if I turn on the notification LED there is a warning when the battery is weak.

Now you can also set it up yourself Then there are some other settings Okay, you can activate it yourself and you can set it, then here it is position or default color also now you can set the color of the notification LED so you just choose the color you want Then here it is at the position so this is to set the location of the LED lights well you can use 5050, yes, before I set it, usually compare it to 100 100 Nanda can choose 50 50 only to let go hello here you can test it and this is the LED notification that appears yes When there will be an incoming message later WhatsApp because we have set it up in the settings section.

Now, for example, we immediately show it on the camera This is an example of the result.

When the Whatsapp message comes in, it will display a notification in the upper left corner hopefully useful That's all and thank you.

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