Cheap Pocket Projector for Fun – Mini LED Projector Review & Demo (YG-300)

Hey what's up everybody !! This is Aamir Hussain and you are watching Trick i know YouTube channel.

In this video I have a small pocket projector for entertainment purpose this is the cool and the highquality projector at $40 you can enjoy full 1080p videos on it I got this product from banggood.

com as a review unit.

If you want to buy this projector check out the link in the video description.

So guys it's time to demonstrate our product.

So let's get into the video.

so guys here is our projector going to unbox it in the box we got a user guide here is our LED projector 12 volt power adapter an audio/video connector and a cool remote for the projector which runs on triple-a Battery.

In the front we got a projectorLED and a speaker for audio output in the top we got some menu Keys powerbutton and LED indicator in the left side we got 12 volt power point HDMI port USB port and a fan exhaust while in the back we got remote sensor micro SD card slot micro USB power socket audio/video jack and a headphone jack with two fan exhausts in the right side we got a keystone wheel to focus our projection in the USB port you can insert a USB flash drive to load media and you can also do same with themicroSD card it's easy to plug and eject here is our 12 volt power adapter going to plug it in just plug it into the power socket once you plugged in the LED indicator will glow up that means your projector is powered up to turn on the projector you have to press this power button and in the 5 seconds the projector will be on I am feeling the exhaust fan is running the projector is now started you can see the reflection of the projector in my table in this lighting condition with the lights off here is my projector and here is the image in my ceiling this is more brighter than I thought awesome.

So guys to run the projector you will need some white space on wall above my computer there are some white space if you don't use a whiteboard or a whitesheet here I have a light stand it's just like a tripod with height adjustment options the good thing about this stand is it's a 90 degree stand and you can adjust the height easily and in the top there is a mounting point now I'm going to mount my projector here all I have to do just rotate it clockwise here is my USB flash drive with some media files on it time to plug it in to operate the projector I am using a power bank you have to plug it on the micro USB power socket in the back of the projector.

Now our projector is ready touse now it's time to come in the darkness the projection is started and this is the projector interface here you can run your movies music photos and you can read your text also going to play a video file on it here is my USB Drive and here are some stock footage in this price range the video quality is awesome not the full Ultra HD but it's good for fun now you can say your friends that you have a projector wow the 1080p footage may be laggy in this projector so I converted the footage into 720p using the handbrake software to manage your projector there are some settings you can adjust the picture sound dateand time and some other options for input source you have HDMI audio/video USB and microsd card now guys I am going to do a cool thing on it here is my game console which I made in my previous video going to play some games on my projector for connection I am using a HDMI cable and here my game console is started now I am going to keep my monitor in a side to enjoy the gaming on the projector enlarging the projector screen by taking the projector far from the wall now here we have a big screen now playing a PlayStation game Now going to play a legendary game The Mario !! so guys that was my review on this cheappocket projector if you want to buy this projector check out the link in the video description if you enjoyed my video !! Hit that like button share my video with your friends and families and subscribe my channel for more videos like this thank you for watching guys see you in my next video :).

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