Construir Sable laser de Star Wars de LED – DIY

Hello everyone, in this video we are going to do an easy DIY lightsaber first of all we are doing the handle.

There's a lot of ways to do it, with wood or plastic tubes but I decided to do it with metal what we need for this is some tubes with diferent diameters that could be insert one inside the otherone the first think that we are doing is measuring and cutting the tube that we are using for the handle in this case I did it of 25cm now we cut about 10cm of an other tube that fits inside the first one this one will hold the blade of our lightsaber now we make a diagonal cut this will make it looking nicer and more similar to the ones that appears on the movies for puting the tubes together we can use some cloth tape and then welding them I'm not a really good welder, If you know someone that know how to do it better you will get a nicer piece now we remove the dross and sand the surface and for ending the handle we make some holes and make them threads with a screw tap there is were we will put the screws that will hold the blade I made 6 holes but with 8 we would have a stronger holding now we have the handle done, let's make the blade we will need a tube that will make as estructure, an other one thinner where we will put the LEDs, a multicolor LEDs strip, a battery, some wires, a shitch or a wireless LED shitch, and some materials to blur the light of the LEDs as packaging plastic or vegetal paper.

the first that we are doing is cutting the tubes at the lenght that we want that our blade will be I did it of 85cm now we cut the LED strip twice the lenght of our blade and we stick it itself making the LEDs pointing out.

for welding the connections we will have to remove a piece of the rubber protection of the LEDs Now, we can weld the wires to the LED strip I recomend you to use wires with diferent colors and welding both sides of the LED strip I used, Black for the positive 12V, and the color of each LED with the same wire color.

then, to protect the connection we can use hot glue once we have the weld done we have to blur the LED light for doing this, we will roll the LED strip inside the packaging plastic this material isn't the best to blur the light, probably you can find a better material for this now we can put it inside the first tube it's important to check that all LEDs colors are working well and anyone hasn't broken now we will use some more plastic to blur better the lights then we will put it inside the bigger tube for finishing the blade we will cut a piece of plastic at the same diameter of the tube and we will stick it to the tube we have the most important parts of our lightsabers Now we have to put them together with screws if them are to large we will have to cut them now we can put the blade in the handle and hold it with the screws an other esential part of this project is the power supply for the LEDs there are a lot of ways to connect the battery with the LEDs we can connect them directly to the battery, put an swich to turn on and off the lights and change the color by changing the wires or using a diferent swich for each color in this case I'll use a remote swich that comes with the LED strip as the box can't enter inside my handle I had to open it and take the board out of it in this board we can see the power supply of 12V, the wires that goes to the LEDs and the antenna the first thing that we will do with the board will be removing this big connector and as I saw that there was a broken wire I also welded to the board now we cut some wires that we will use as power supply to the board and we weld it to a connector in this case I'm using a DEAN connector and we protect it with a heat shrink now we weld the wires of the connector to the board being carefull with the polarity As this battery had a diferent connector I had to weld a DEAN ones to it finally we weld the LED strip to the board or to some one pin connectors for an easyer assembling and disassembling now we connect the LED strip and the battery and we check that the remote controller works well if everything is OK we can fix the board with some hot glue as the remote needs to see the antenna for working well we have to make a hole to the handle if you want to decorate the handle you could hide the antenna then we have to check that everything fits well inside the handle and finally for making the cap, we are going to cut a piece of tube and an iron sheet and we will weld them we also will make some holes and threads with the screw tap we fix the cap and we check that everything works well there we have our lightsaber I have made two and with a piece of tube with some screws and some cables to duplicate the power we can put them together and make a double lightsaber there is our lightsaber or our double lightsaber.

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