Cyclops Adventure Sports 10 Ultra H4 LED REVIEW + COMPARISON

what's going on guys – Its your boy GD warriortoday finally with the Cyclops adventure sports 10.

0 ultra h4 LEDheadlight bulb here you guys can see I'm standing right in front of my bike howbright that light actually is we got a 10, 000 lumens / 4 transmitter transmitters, that makes itor emitters that makes it actually 2500 per emitter and I want to show you guysthe comparison between the 10.

0 original and the 10.

0 ultra sothere's two versions out there and for ten dollars more you can get the ultraversion if you don't want the Ultra than you pay $10 less and get theoriginal so what is the difference between these two the ultra fires onhigh beam fires up all four emitters so you are blasting all 10, 000 lumens on highbeam on low beam everything is the same fires up the two transmitters uhmemitters I don't know why I'm saying transmitters emitters which are each2500 so that's five five thousand lumens on the original and on the ultra so hereyou can see the beam pattern the beam pattern is actually pretty much the sameand nothing has basically changed in the materials I checked and compared bothone more time if you want to see exactly how the materials look like check mydescription down below the whole unboxing video and comparison to the7000 lumen bulb that I did previously and right here you can see I have thelow beam on let's switch it to high beam so you guys can see how the high beamlooks like so on the low beam I gotta say it's a nice wide spread patternover the whole street and on the high beam as you can see it's more centeredit goes very very very far you will see that on the route that we will betaking it in a little bit I like this very much I adjusted tolight a little bit more down compared to the previous video you should see asplit screen soon once I start the bike and we'll go for right I'll show youexactly how the high beam compares to the original this product is fromcyclops adventure sports thank you cyclops so much for letting me reviewthis light bulb and i would say let's go for ride so you can see exactly how thedifferences between the high beams and how it looks like when you fire it upwith four emitters and how it looks like when you fire up with two emitters in myin the split-screen that you guys will see here in a little bit so let's getstarted it's got the bike fire it up I'm gonna take the exact same route that wetook previously and there is barely any lights out there so we'll see how itwould look like at night on the street with barely any lights on no lightsout there now I wanted to point something out guys something I see a lotof writers out there you know they they put some brand new lights on their bikesand it's not adjusted correctly if you want to show off how your how your lightfires up you know and how bright it is and blind other oncoming drivers andriders good for you but at the end you're just being a dickhead you know you are actually a safetyconcern on the road because people oncoming drivers I mean if I get blindedopen you know at night by an oncoming driverI am I almost get road rage and I'm pretty sure the only one outthere who gets road rage really season under headlights adjusted all the way uphere you can tell on just a one lane street you know the other side isanother lane and I see both lights illuminated perfectly fine here rightnow we entering a street where there is not really any street lights so let mewear out fire up the – right nowit looks pretty nice everything is nice nicely illuminated here is the low beamhere is the – one more time blow me I've paid and pay attention to thestreetlights on the high beam and when I'm on a high beam itmakes it really really really really bright for that money it'll slow down alittle I don't want to blame these people because it's actually reallybright see so now pay attention all the way there to the red light you see thatthe Livadia yellow lights are blinking boom and that's the high beam like itilluminates all the way the upper you know street signs and stuffsee that's low beam here's the high beam low beam high beam so this thing isactually really really really right let's go up to this street here it'sreally dark on here so this is still a low beam let's switch it up to high beampay attention to all these are street signs over there you know when I switchit between low and high beam they all illuminated I can see everything niceand clear which you know provides safety for myself you want to make sure that you are beingseen without blinding people on the other side of the road and then you cansee yourself and sack up said the adventure sports did areal really great job that you know look lookhow later this yeah you know what I'm gonna take the guys here to thisspeed over there where's also nice and dark you can see yourself but I don'thave any problems seeing anything on the road and I adjusted the lytic very veryvery far down just so I can see you know if I turn on the I'll Farrukh how far I can see all rightI'm not blaming this guy boom see that it's actually pretty farI could probably adjust a little bit more frontbut so uplike I said these slides for the original I pay pay pay $70 and around 80 bucks is all 89 pop is definitely worth it I mean if youwant don't wanna spend $400 these JBL speaker up for jbw Canada I'd like to get the same result of adventure sportsfour LED headlight bulb is definitely their way to falllike I said if you wanna see this light mobizen what materials to useof it is fan cooled so you don't have to worry aboutoverheating with it bucket off the headlight the headlightbucket so that's another nice feature very very high quality and where's thinkthey're called cray mirrors anymore for this usual setups adventuresports only uses high premium quality our boats and mirrors I started myself with one of the veryfirst ones that was at 3800 lumen LED bulb was a great ball tonight it wasI mean our so impressed that I went with the with the 7000 lumen bulland after that you know I heard that they have 10, 000 of over I had to haveit so I hit up type of suspension sportthey were so nice to walk and intervene to review it thanks againand they came up with theand Colonel ultra and this Cyclops adventure sports 10th 104 ahead level I mean it's badit looks nice the color is really nice on that uh on the headlight bookactually you know what I'm gonna put it aside in a little bit I'm gonna walkaround my back one more time to show youall nice it looks like so hard to talk a little bit more timeabout the headline itself the headline Popeit's a h4 connector so it's basically plug-and-play you know there is nocomplicated installation or anything like that you just pop out your yourheadlight bring a bucket whatever this right here and you basically you pullout the h4 connector and then you plug the village for connector packetvery simple you make a u-turn here and I'm gonnashow you one more time on the color of the light and stuff all right so I'm offthe bike now that's how the light looks like it's a nice and white color it'snot bluish or anything like this which I like it looks really nice definitely ahuge upgrade compared to the regular stock lights which are yellow you knowand as you can see the beam pattern is pretty dope let's put the high beam onone more time see how I have it adjusted so right nowit's on low-beam right and that yellow shield over therethat yellow street sign is not illuminated by the book but if I turnthe heavy one boom you know it glows like a candle Oh see that very dope andlike I said I think the color is either I think the color is 5600 and here's onemore time the beam pattern I think it's great anyways let's let's go back by the way if you're new to this channeland you like what you see you know you see any value and then three set thesubscribe button you know make sure you click on the bell button as well so youare reminded you know anytime I post a new video and stuff tell me how you like this comment below and I'll tell you whatkind of light you rock maybe rocks up there bride yeah anyways guys thank you so much fortuning in like I said that subscribe up if you haven't yet tell me what are youropinions on this 10th on ultra from cyclops adventure sports I'm very happythat they exist I'm very happy that they make a headlight I have light book likethis for for motorcycle riders and very affordable there were really goodquality loved it and yeah comment below and I would say Isee you guys in the next one it's a boy GT warrior right safe and don't forgetdon't fucking die.

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