D.I.Y. – How to Install LED Dash Upgrade | Jeep Wrangler TJ

first off I want to thank all my viewersfrom my previous two dash videos the first one is up to over five hundred andsixty thousand views so thank you guys for that it looks like he has reallyliked it so it was helpful no that's what the comments are saying

anyways sohopefully this one will be helpful to this one's gonna be on the Jeep theprevious one was for Mustang but let's get over here so for this – install youreally only need two things the LEDs and a screwdriver a Philips head for theJeep it's actually quite simplified compared

to the Mustang the Mustang hadto bob sizes the t5 and the t10 for the gauges with the Jeep there's actuallyonly one size of the t5 and for this one I've decided to go with the green lightsthe green LEDs for the gauges and then everything else just a white

LED you'rejust gonna upgrade it so just start out on the Jeep you got two screws you needto take out there Phillips head screws got one there and we got one therethere's my LED light bar that I installed on my other channel if youwant to check that out so

yeah basically you're just gonna undo these and thenyou're just gonna undo this screw once you got these two screws off you're justgonna pop the panel off they're gonna be a little careful cuz the wiring for thelight switch but this should just pop right off like that so you

got thatloose this doesn't actually need to come all the way off I hope I'm not gonnapull those wires out as you can see there's one screw there one screw thereand then up top here you're gonna have to pop this panel off and there's gonnabe another two screws there

okay so you pop this top panel off you may want aflathead screwdriver but you're just gonna go in here lightly pop it is pinsin here or clips and it should pop off let's go to the other side alright onthe other side again you're gonna just pop it up

or actually so you can seewhat the clips look like this is how they lookyou got another one in there all right let's get back to the other side therewe go so it's popped off now okay now remove this and you may want to clean itout it's gonna be

it's gonna be pretty dusty just gonna set that down rightthere so with the panel off let's go around to the front here and you can seethere is one screw right there one screw right there and one rightthere so there's three screws that you're gonna want to remove now

they areangled towards the windshield this one will work better you can actually get inhere so if you want to use just one screwdriver you could just use a reallysmall one compared to multiple tools and all thatso with those screws out we can now go down here and remove

these two that oneand of course that one in there and then this faceplate will pop off so now I gotthe two bolts removed and now let's just pull this off there we go we can setthat down now we got one bolt two bolts screw whatever three and fourwe're

gonna go remove that now I got the bolts removed now I did want to do itbefore and after but it's too light outside so I can't really show you whatthe – looks like you know with the normal lights but if you drive one andthat's probably why you're watching

this video you know what it looks like solet's pop this off there we go and now I just pull it right out and that's itthere's no wiring like in the Mustang as you can see there's just those two plugsit looks like they got the grease on there I

will use some diamond Lube afterbut okay got the – on the hood so we got this LED here so we got one two threefour and five now they're all T fives except these are the main gauge lightsthese ones are free like your warning lights and whatnot turn signals

up herebright lights I guess your high beams we are gonna remove all of them and replacethem with LEDs except for these gonna be the green LEDs so let's justpop this out here so actually with these there we go got it right there that isan interesting light did not

know that's what it was gonna look like it's gotsome kind of rubber silicon cover over it it seems I'm gonna pull the light outlet me there we go I'm just gonna set the light bulb right there and now wecan put the LED in here we are gonna need

to test it to make sure it's goingin the right way if it doesn't light up you just gotta turn it 180 degrees andthen it should work I'm gonna be using the green LEDs for this one of course sowe're gonna go test it right now make sure it lights

up let's open up theseLEDs get one out Oh everything again we'll be in the description of the videoall right so basically you're just gonna put it in like this hopefully the camerais good i'm using my gopro on the previous video I use my Canon but thatshould be good

there so you can you see it it's hard to tell on the GoPro butwe'll see how it works let's go test it in this video I'm going to be using abattery charger just to check it in the last one I used some little clip wireshooked up to the

battery basically the same thing just to run power to it therewe go with LEDs the negative and positive polarities do matterso I've aligned it so that the positive is where this dot is so basically youcan read Stanley not upside down so positive is where the dot is so

let'szoom out and it lights up so let's go install it and see how it worksjust to make sure you understand how this actually works a normal light bulbeither polarity will make it light up so there we go and we'll reverse it and itlights up either way now with

an LED the polarity only goes one way okay andreverse it does not light up so it has to go one way it won't go theother so you're gonna want to line up a little clip there and it's gonna goright in like that hard to get the camera in

there too and just twist itand that should be good I'm gonna go install that all the otherones and then we'll test it to see if they don't light up we'll just have totake them out and just flip them 180 degrees and then it should work andthere's the last

one I've got them all facing Stanley so you can read it it'snot upside down it's all the positives basically are to the right and let's goplug it in and see if it lights up and I wiped it down with a few paper towels soI'm just gonna place it

back in here a little hard because I got to go from onehand so it should just line up it's about it it doesn't really pop intoposition it just kind of sets right in there let's turn it on and see all rightlet's turn the key on there's that I

still need to do the other ones turn iton it doesn't look like it I may need to reverse the polarity yeah so anywayswe're gonna have to take it out and just like I said swap them 180 degrees sobasically what you need to do just go in here pop

it out alright so flip itupside down basically and pop it in lock it in there we go so that is nowStanley's upside down the positive is to the left I'm gonna do that for all ofthem I just what I'm going to do is with the turn signal lights

I am actuallygonna use the green LEDs and then everything else like the seatbelt lightand stuff I'm gonna use a white LED I'm just gonna start with these two turnsignal lights because they're the only other ones that are green and then I'mgonna take everything else else out at one

time and swap them out with thewhite LEDs but let's go do these ones so basically what these just been the samething let's see should there we go now these ones are the same housing as inthe Mustang but all right so let's go check this outall right so I

got it all lined up the polarities are correct so with this oneI lined the polarity up with there is a peeand then a number I lined the positive with the P you know P for positive so weare going to put this in really I'm not sure which way

it's gonna go forpositive so we're just gonna have to test it out so for the to turn signalsthis one and this one we got the P on the left side so let's go plug it in andsee if it turns on alright she is in let's see oh that

looks great now thatlooks good for some reason it's not looking too good for these let's turnthat on it's really dim for some reason I'm changing the knob the dimmer switchbut it's not doing anything you know just this switch right here it doesn'tseem to really be doing anything so

we're gonna have to see what it lookslike at nighttime I got all the LEDs in the right positions now basically Iswapped a few of the spots because I didn't need a few of them and then thereare a few basically leftover ones because I only had 10 LEDs which

thereare a few extra so anyways let's go plug her in and see how they look just turnthe key on oh those look really good actually turn signals there we go we'llturn the lights on and let's uh four-wheel drive let's start er up okaythere those lights to work those

look a little pink I guess because they'rebrighter white than what they were before with the halogen well let'sactivate before wheel drive now there is supposed to be a four wheel drive thingthere I do not see those working let's uh let's try the bright lights and thatworks really good

that looks good that looks goodall right so we're gonna have to wait till it gets dark out I'm gonna have toput this back together all right looks like the Sun is coming back out it wasjust cloudy but I'm gonna have to wait – look it's dark out I

am gonna put thedash back together now I'll show you that in a secondbut once it gets dark out we'll see how the gauges look and now to reinstall itall just gonna grab your screws make sure you get the right ones you don'treally want to mix them up but

I'm just gonna put them back in here remember yougot four here one there two three and fourthe next piece is this one and it's gonna pop up right here so let's getthat on like that just over and that looks good then we're gonna get thescrews down run over

there's one two in three screws there and then one and twoon the bottom and if you're wondering what it actually looks like when you'retrying to put these screws back in it's basically like this then you're justgonna screw it in here like that like that first person point of

view afteryou got the three bolts on the top and the two screws on the bottom in you'regonna go back to this piece and you're just gonna basically pop it back overlike that and line up the tabs and it should just push down like that andlet's go to the

other side and push it down like that and that looks goodnow that that's all done just the last one to do is this push that back overthere and line that up that's an extra switch basically the guythat owned it before me did that for some auxiliary lightsnow we're

gonna get the last two screws in here all right that should beeverything it's good not will again we're gonna have to wait till it getsdark out our guys so it's a few hours later since the last clip it's getting alittle darker out and I was checking the LEDs

on the dash and it's not lookinglike it's too good I'm gonna show you what it looks like now let's turn it soI mean that looks pretty good overall it's closer I'll show you the turnsignals like that looks really bright so that's goodsome reason that was the gas gauge

some reason that light's not turning on itshould be a yellow color to it there's no light at all so I may need to reversethe polarity on the – well let's turn the lights on and see okay so that it'slooking better than it was before it's still getting darker

out don't actuallyyou know what overall it doesn't look too bad so maybeI jumped the gun and because it was super light out but yeah it's stilllooking like this side is dimmer than the other so maybe a light needs to bereversed that sounds good okay so and then itlooks

like this one isn't lit up either so we'll see I may need to sit there'sonly one light in here though there's not another light down here so I mayneed to order some other LEDs ones with multiple diodes basically these are justone with a straight point which you saw

I've seen some other ones that have liketwo pointed to the side and one strip pointing straight forward so we'll seeif I need to do that once it gets a little darker actually I'm gonna pop thedash off again and see if I can get that gas gauge flipped around

and see if thatworks then all right we've had a little success let's turn on the car so we gotthose lights oh wait did the brake light come on it did come on okay so there wego looking better I just basically pulled out this onehere that goes for these

two gauges and reversed it and then the main one here Ireversed as well and it seems like it got better it's still a little dim ontop here but I'm gonna need to check the gas light reverse that one oh that worksnow two before that wasn't working a second

ago that seems to be working soit looks like the only one that's not working is this one and then maybe myfour-wheel-drive one I'll test as well all right guys let's turn her back on Ithink I got her working good there's the gas gauge roof that looks freakinbeautiful and

there we go so I'm gonna come back out once it's dark I mean it'sstill pretty light out but um yet there we go the gas gauge life is onit's a little closer here there we go and like I said I'll be back out whenit's darker so we can

see it a little better because we are having some glarefrom the sky and everything but uh turn signals work the brights work the gasgauge networks there is the four-wheel drive lights those don't work I waslooking on the forums that most likely the sensor is needing to be replaced

onthe actual transfer case I'm not gonna care because who really needs to know Imean boom not four-wheel drive four-wheeldrive out of four-wheel drive you know so it doesn't really matter as long asyou know the switch is down it's good to go so I'll see you guys once it

getsdarker I think it's dark enough let's turn the Jeep on and see how it looksall right look good there's my dashcam let's turn the lightson oh man those look really freakin good my gas gauge is working now so sweetturn signal that looks freakin awesome let me know what

you guys think butthese LEDs actually turned out a lot better than I thought they would so getup closer here so where is so as you can see where the red is on these gaugesthey don't really show up too good it's really hard to see but there's that'swhere the

red pigment is but everything else basically is just a white pigmentso that looks really good I think it came out better than I thought the greenlooks awesome let me know what you guys think really do like this green I thinkit came out really good let me know why

guys start in the comments I hope thiswas helpful for you he really did like my LED – install for the Mustang sohopefully this was just as helpful if not a little better so let me know whatyou guys thought have a great day and see you next time

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