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your house for the very first time and here's what's so special you don't need a special little hub to turn any of your light bulbs into a smart bulb so you're getting four of these bulbs what you're seeing right next to me actually as a pink bulb you're not gonna have to choose the color either if every color in the rainbow is included in these LED bulbs and of course nice bright white but to show you how simple it is to use I've got my guest Justin Smith here and he's hanging out back there on the couch to show you that kids may have to get off the couch to turn off the light bulb that's right Jana I don't I mean this is so easy and so convenient it is the latest in smart home technology these smart bulbs like you said all the time I come home late after work and I don't want to get up and turn the light off so I can just open up my phone or my tablet and I can turn my light off anywhere in my house inside or outside DG what they have done is they haven't just reinvented the light bulb but they have reimagined the light bulb they have improved upon it giving you the ease and convenience to have your light switch in your hand always Within Reach so you can control your lights anywhere anytime whether you're maybe your 5, 000 miles away on vacation and you say I got on the plane I forgot to turn off the lights in my house well easy check this out all you have to do is open up your smartphone go to that free DG app and turn my lights off right turn them on turn them off or maybe you know what you're just like Shana I said you're sitting on the couch and you've fallen asleep watching a movie on a lazy Saturday and you don't feel like getting up to turn those lights off you just want to fall asleep on the couch go ahead and they're on now you can turn them off maybe you're sleeping in bed in the middle of the night and you hear something go bump in the middle of the night you don't want to get up and go poke your head outside and danger because you can put one of these outside on your porch light on your garage light you can screw them into any existing light sockets and so if you hear that danger something go bump in the middle of the night you don't want to go outside just roll over get your to yourself on your tablet and turn those lights on outside to give you that added extra safety feature before you go outside and all you need is the DG bulb and no extra hubs and the free DG app and this also will work with your Alexa if you have an Alexa at home so if you're already sort of getting into that smart home area you're going to be able to incorporate these right into your smart home but if you don't and you just don't want that extra added expense but you want to be able to have a remote to every single light bulb in your house this is the way to do it beautiful bright LED cool to the touch and these will last twenty two and a half years without ever having to change a light bulb that's pretty incredible but Justin I was telling you when I when I saw that we had these bulbs I saw that we had smart bulbs for for only 69.

95 I was like okay well where's the Alexa with to sell an Alexa with it or a Smart Home Hub with it because every other smart light bulb that we've had requires some sort of Smart Home Hub but these ones don't that's right and that's what makes these so smart a lot of people like well what makes it a smart bulb well not just because you have that remote access but also because you have that voice access through a lexer you can simply tell Alexa hey Alexa turn my lights on dim them change the colors and Alexa will do that through voice control these are also 60 watts some of the other more smart bulbs on the marketplace there are only 40 watts so with 60 watch you're getting exponentially brighter light and they also you only need one bulb to control other features like Shannon said you don't have all those extra hubs all those extra things the devices it's truly plug-and-play you get the color bulb you get the white bulb all in the same light bulb right here with these DG bulbs you don't have to have a bunch of separate bulbs and expensive expensive hubs or anything like that and we're gonna show the different colors and you're gonna show us how easy it is to get the color so do you just want to give you a little bit of an update we're in our final 200 available to go around for everybody so these will sell out this morning look above but like keep I just wanted to let you know that you can get them home on three flex so you can get them home for $23.

32 and never change a light bulb again these are for inside for outside imagine having a schedule for your for your porch light for your back you for your outdoor light or even just but my dad would love these with four girls always like turn off the lights when you leave the room now he could literally just from from he could be at work and turn off all the lights when everybody's away this is a great way to be able to save money because you'll never need another bulb for 22 and a half years and you're getting four all right so the colors you promised us colors I did what's your favorite color my favorite color come on give us yeah look at that I did already for can you see that can we bring the lights now maybe just a quick second maybe you could see that a little bit better there we go check that out blue give me another color name we've got millions of options in columns chartreuse search chartreuse I don't even know how you spell a chartreuse but you're you are so smart yeah all right let me go green yellow there we go there's there's like a green yellow you have a whole spectrum of colors there I thought when I first saw it now on the website it shows like purple blue pink but it's not just those colors it's any color that you want in a beautiful bright glowing bulb this just sets the mood taste the rainbow [Laughter] imagine being able to set your light for whatever holiday it is or whatever mood you know maybe a red light symbolizes a little bit of romance or maybe you want to be able to to decorate with certain color lights and one of the great things about these is once you set them maybe you put them in one of those high chandeliers yeah way to just touch that that's it's cool to touch so you know there you never have to change it for twenty two and a half years and you can you can set it you can schedule it to go on and off and you can also turn it off right there from your phone or tablet yeah and you know what that's something so smart like you said is if you know if these are high in the chandelier right and you know there you're lucky I know what these have been running for hours I don't like where they are I want to go and put them in another light socket you can literally touch them like you said and you can take them out you can change them we can bring the lights back up here but I can take this out right here it doesn't ruin anything I take it out and you can't do this with a regular light bulb with those incandescent bulbs and I certainly I certainly couldn't do this with it I would break it you know so and then I can put them back in I'm not gonna burn myself I can put it right back into any light socket it goes inside or outside and I can still have that smart light anywhere I want yeah I'm glad you showed that Justin because this really is just a regular light socket so all you're gonna do is take out whatever light bulb you have right now some of those light bulbs have special like you have to handle them specially you have to you know just both of them in a certain way not these they're cool to the touch you're just gonna put these into any light socket that you have inside or outside and they're going to sip electricity for 22 and 1/2 years so you're gonna save money when you do use them because they're just barely using electricity these are brighter than a lot of the LED lights that we have as well that's right these are gonna be 60 watts that's the equivalent of about a hundred and twenty volts so it's going to be exponentially brighter than your typical standard smart LED bulbs that are only about 40 watts you're gonna get much brighter light in fact I'm looking at it and I look up at you and I get I get stars in my eyes but like you said you know I can't even think of what I'm doing in in a month from now nonetheless 22 and a half years from now I mean think about not changing a light bulb until the year 2041 and those old incandescent bulbs the other thing about those is they're not eco-friendly they're not energy efficient they're costing you about 15 bucks a year on your energy bill where the bulb like per bulb were these DG bulbs they're only costing you about a buck a year on your energy bill think about that savings and I'm changed I used to change incandescent bulbs like probably two or three times a year these twenty two and a half years those incandescent bulbs are like dinosaur technology these things right here are the latest in smart home smart bulb technology so even if you're just getting them cuz you never want to have to change a bulb again you want that twenty-two and a half LED light you're getting that maybe you just want pink lightbulbs and you've never be able to find them or soar amber cruise you can get that color here at a fraction of the cost of any place else or if you're thinking you know what I've been wanting to get into that sort of smart home technology this is the simplest way to do it and even I we sell a lot of smart technology here at HSN all of the LED bulbs typically bulbs are the way that we first get into smart home because that's what we want to control we wanna be able to control that from any place in the world we're gonna be able to control that as a remote from our phone or tablet you want to be able to be in bed or at your office and turn off light or on a light to be able to schedule that light but you always have to have an extra device maybe you've even gotten those smart bulbs home and you went wait what now I have to spend $100 on a hub that I can talk to and that hub is in one spot in your house your cell phones always with you now you've got control anywhere you are and it's as simple as just plugging it in right like you screwed it yeah when you get this home this is you're gonna get this right here you're gonna get this DG bulb right here this nice neat sleek package and all that comes in that I'll put this back down and I'll show you is this bulb right here your DG bulb this is what you're going to get you're going to plug this in like we said to any light socket okay you're gonna plug that into any light socket anywhere inside or outside and you are good to go you're gonna pair it with the free DG app there's no extra hubs or anything and real quick Shannon I just wanted to say one quick thing too I mean think about the safety feature of this as well you know if you've watched HSN for you know any length of time you've probably heard this statistic but there is a property crime in America every four seconds and if you haven't watched HSN and we haven't sinned if you haven't heard that statistic let that stake in every four seconds in fact in the time that we've been doing this presentation there's been multiple property crimes that occurred in America so the number one of the top three deterrents for criminals for vandals is light the lights are on the bad guys stay away and some criminals not all they're smart they watch our patterns so if you have an old incandescent bulb on one of those janky old plug in timers that you plug into your your AC let on your wall and they turn on the same light in the same room the same time every day criminals are smart they can learn your patterns and learn your times with the DG smart bulb you can set these timers right here as you see like I just have pulled up right there you can set these timers for different days Thank You Shannon different days different times in different rooms and don't forget you're getting for those bulbs so you can have a different bulb come on in a different room at different times of the day making you a much less likely target so giving you the illusion that someone is always home so let's clarify that each light bulb is individually controlled absolutely in one app you can control each life can you like label them differently like kitchen or porch or something like absolutely check this out when it's controlling yes so the two bulbs that I have setup right now are the one where I just was right so we can see that we've got one it here and then we've got one back there now you're gonna have four bulbs that you're gonna get home and you can label one garage porch living room bedroom you can you can get three packs of four and you can name 12 bulbs all on the same app it doesn't matter you can have as many bulbs on one free app as you can fit on there each one you can schedule individually remember you don't need a special hub but if you do have an Alexa now you can control your lights just with your voice turn on the kitchen later turn on the bathroom light or schedule the porch light to go on at 4 p.


now you're actually welcomed home or maybe you're not at your home now you can actually deter those criminals and mix it up confuse them you never know when you're gonna be up or when you're gonna be down but to get four for $69.

95 to never have to replace them for 22 and a half years this is a lot of value and you don't have to purchase a separate smart app we're in our final quantities we have about 150 left to go around for everybody in the country and that's our final quantity so I don't know when we'll get them back but this is really genius you have to be smart to use these smart bulbs no one think about and think about this too I have a buddy who this is great for your circadian rhythm falling into that deep quick sleep that's why on most of our cell phones these days they put on that that night shift mode right he has it scientifically proven that we need a warm amber tone light to fall asleep and to wake up much easier so I have a buddy he reads he reads a Sun a nighttime story right and he uses you'd have to shut off the lights his son didn't want to go to sleep now he can tell Alexa hey Alexa dim my lights ten percent twenty percent so by the time he's done with story time at night his son is fast asleep and you can be fast asleep well we're getting into that easier circadian rhythm Johnston thank you so much try those out for twenty three dollars you'll see how simple they are to use of course you've got thirty days come.

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