DIY Crystal Chandelier Tutorial | Elegance for ONLY $20.

hey guys welcome back to my channeland if you're new to my channel go ahead and hit that subscribe button to seemore home holiday event in DIY decor some of you guys have been requestingfor me to recreate my DIY crystal chandelier that I have in my dressingroom and today

I'm doing just that here we go alright guys the first thing I'm goingto do is grab my 12 inch wreath frame and I'm going to remove the first andlast hoop as you can see this are held together by this wire so I'm going tojust grab my pliers and

I'm going to pull them open and I'm just going totake this two out so here I have two tears and to make mythird here I'm going to remove the first hoop from my 6-inch refrain and I'mbasically just going to do the same thing I did with my 12-inch

so here Ihave the three tears I'm going to be working with and I'm going to use mytransparent cord or my clear string to link them together I'm going to startwith my smaller hoop or my third tier make sure to keep your hot glue scissorsand of course your string

handy the first thing I'm going to do iscrisscross the string right here inside the hoop and I'm going to do that byjust you know wrapping the string right here and making a knot so just go aroundthat a couple of times or make a knot a couple of times

make sure it's tight andthen add a little bit one let me cut this little piece and then add a littlebit of hot glue to keep it in place and then just go around here a couple oftimes as well make sure that it's tight gonna make a knot and

you're gonna cutagain add some glue and then you're going to do the same across now I'mgoing to go around the middle one time so they can support each other and then I'm going to go around it acouple of times make it tight and then make a knot and

if you're wondering Iguess I should have said this at the beginning and if you're wondering whileI'm making this crisscross in the middle it is because I'm going to be hanging acrystal from the middle so I need somewhere to hang it from so it will befrom here and here

I'm going to add some glue so you can stay in place and that'sdone now I'm going to piece these two together my next step is to hang mysecond tier and to do that I'm going to need a six inch distance between tiertwo tier and to do that I'm

going to make four 10-inch stringsso this strings will be ten inches long okay and I'm gonna make those ten inchesinto six and how do I do that I'm basically going to use two inches to tiearound the same four points that I did previously with my first strings so

it'sbasically gonna be an extension of this so this is my 10-inch string and I usetwo inches to tie it around here cut and then add glue so what I have here iseight inches okay so when I add my second tier and I tie it around I'mgoing to use

two inches of it tie it around cut and then glue so then inbetween I will have six inches so that's how youmake six inches distance from tier to tier here's what we have so far and right nowis your chance to move around the strings to make sure that

they're liningup with the one at the bottom before you add the glue to secure it now I'm goingto do the same with a third and last year alright guys so here is the frameof the chandelier I went ahead and added the links of the hanging basket to thechandelier

because I'm needed to see how you look all together now the next stepis to glue the chain the hanging chain here to the chandelier so it will moveso just get it as straight as possible just try to get it the same distanceapart and just add a little glue

there so when you start adding the crystalsit's not wobbling all over the place now I'm going to take it outside and give ita couple of coats of this metallic silver spray paint now I'm going to let it dry for about anhour to make sure that it's completely dry

so I can add the crystals now I'mgoing to start adding crystals to my chandelier and I'm going to start byadding crystals to my bottom tier and the first thing I'm going to do is add ahanging crystal to the crisscross I made here at the very beginning and Iactually

got this big crystal tear right here from a cupcake stand that I havedownstairs and I added it to my hanging crystals here so I'm going to this is alittle bit too long so I'll say see somewhere around there and this ispretty easy all you have to do is

detach the links from each other and just youknow place it wherever you want it if you like you can add a little bit of hotglue to the top of the link right here so you can stay in place adding blue – you're hanging crystal istotally optional I decided

to add blue on this one because this one is alwaysgoing to be right here in the middle and it's going to help me keep everythingCenter or balance a little bit but it's totally optional the chandelier in mydressing room does not have any glue at allthey're basically balancing each

other so if you do decide to add glue I wouldsuggest that you wait until all of your crystals are hanging and then you haveplaced somewhere where you want them and then you can add glue this is going tobe the lowest hanging crystal on your chandelier right here in

the middle andthen everything else from there gets shorter I'm going to start by addingcrystals to the Lord's here and all you have to do is just you know measure tosee how many hanging crystals you will want so it's totally up to you but forme I want six one

two three four five six so this is as much as I will like oras low as I would like so I'm going to add that there so you just simply openit and just place it right there so that's six hanging crystals right hereand this bottom tier has four

sections so it's one two three and four so I'mgoing to pull apart three for year three four here three four here and three fourhere for a total of twelve hanging crystals on my bottom tier for my second tier I chose to use tenhanging crystals but it's totally up

to you how many crystals you want to seehanging here and also how many crystals you want to use all around for me it'sgoing to be ten hanging crystals and I'm going to use three in each section nowgoing to arrange the crystals I feel like I should add one

more hangingcrystal to each section that looks much much better perfect now for my top tierI'd chose to use 14 hanging crystals because I think angles will right therewhere it stops and I'm going to be using six in each section just to be surebecause I kind of short-handed this

one so I'm going to use six on here so youcan look fuller and there it is beautiful and that'spretty much that guy's beautiful chandelier I love it I actually like itbetter than the one I have in my dressing room they wanted my dressingroom is a little smaller and

I made this one a little bigger so I love itthis project is easy but at the same time it's a little bit hard and a littlebit you know time-consuming so that's pretty much what makes it a little hardjust getting on these links out but it's totally worth it

look how beautiful itis and like I said earlier you can choose to hot glue the links right hereon top if you want to keep it in place but they pretty much balance each otherand it's absolutely beautiful and again guys you can put as manyhanging crystals as you like

the length totally up to you you can totallypersonalize it alright I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you guysnext time

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