DIY DECOR: Builder Grade Chandelier Makeover On a Budget!

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I am taking a boring builder-grade chandelier and I'm Upgrading it with a little bit of bling and a little bit of glam and I'm doing it on a budget So if that sounds good to you stay tuned! Hello and welcome to Designed to the Nines.



I'm NataLee Callahan.

and if this is the first time we're meeting Welcome and I would ask you to consider subscribing to my channel below if you are interested in DIY Interior design and really all things home related because I post weekly tutorials that you're not gonna want to miss on all of these topics And so I just would love it if you joined and it would just make things so much better! I know I say this in probably every week but I'm really excited about this week's DIY because we are going to be making over my chandelier and it is something that I've been wanting to do for a while now because well We live in a master-planned community and there are probably a hundreds of homes with this exact same chandelier and so I Want something a little bit different.

I like to design things "to the nines".

And that's what we're gonna do with the chandelier So what we're gonna do is we're going to dress it up without touching it without.

Well, we've got to touch it but we're not gonna move it and so We're gonna leave it right where it is And this is something that you can totally do If you don't like the finish on yours, you could use chalk paint or paint it in place There are some simple electrical projects that I'm comfortable doing around the house But I recognize that not everybody's comfortable playing with electrical for obvious reasons So if that's something that you want to learn more about let me know in the comment section below because I can teach you Some simple things to do around your home.

I'm not an electrician.

I'm just a handy DIY-er so Just keep that in mind so but we're gonna leave this one alone So this is something that you can do even if you're not comfortable with Electrical and so anyone can do this and we are gonna take it from builder-grade boring to super glam.



By adding crystals and beads and making it a little bit more special and so let's get started Because we're going to be using some e6000 because I want good access to the chandelier The first thing that we're going to do is move the table and chairs Completely out of the way, so we can have full access to our chandelier Alright so I've moved the table out of the way and we are ready to kind of disassemble the chandelier as well as clean it thoroughly Keep in mind it's still connected to electricity.

So you just want to keep that in mind when you're cleaning it Just be careful and not get it too wet, but I'm a little I'm a little scared to take off the shades because I know that creepy crawlies always find their way into light fixtures And I'm a little nervous to discover what's there, so.



Let's see.



let's look.






(gagging noise) Okay, so while I was cleaning my Chandelier you can see that all of these are firmly attached to the bottom Except for this one.

So I don't know what happened here, but we're gonna repair that and we just use a little e6000 and glue that down.

Okay, so don't panic I'm standing on a stool.

I'm not normally this tall That'd be nice though.

As you will note, this chandelier was not built to have crystals or beads or anything on it So, how are we going to attach it? So Rather than drill in it or do anything weird.

I am breaking out my trusty E6000, you know, if you're a DIY-er or crafter, this glue is like the bomb.



love it! Okay, so we're gonna glue some Of these split rings.

It's jewelry.

I don't know if you can see that And I'll put all the supplies that I'm using in the description box below for your ease and convenience But I'm gonna use these because then I it will allow just enough of a hole To hook things to beads and everything but without being like overbearing or huge.

Now rather than putting the glue Directly on it and I'm just putting a big glob of glue in it I'm gonna actually put just squeeze some in my container here and then I'll just very gently dip The ring in and then we're just gonna glue it where we want our beads so now I'm gonna do a beads from here to here and I think I'm gonna do some from here to here and I'm contemplating Doing here, so we'll just kind of see how it goes and see how much bling I end up adding Alright, so let's get these glued on because it needs to dry at least overnight Preferably 24 hours before you hang anything from it so one of the things you want to keep in mind when you're sick gluing on these rings that you're gonna Attach your beads to is what direction you want your beads to run So this ring is gonna attach to the other ring.

So you're gonna want to make sure That it sits wide So that when you attach it It will sit correctly.

So just keep that in mind You're gonna want to be a little patient with this part because you have to hold it in place for a little bit.



also keep a rag handy.

because it's giving get your fingers all kind of sticky and a little bit messy, but it's actually very pretty and Matches the finish really nicely.

So We're just dipping it Well, that's kind of weird.

Do not use a Styrofoam container for the E6000 it eats right through it.

I just learned that I've never had that happen before.

So as you can see I've attached rings to strategic locations To support my beads this was probably the most time-consuming part because I had to hold them in place a Minute or two while they set up and now I'm gonna give it 24 hours to dry and cure so they can support weight And as you can see, it taped off that one arm as I glued it down so I've let my jewelry it hooks dry overnight and they are ready to go and the fun is about to begin so I bought A whole bunch of beads and crystals so I'm gonna start it by hanging these beads from my hooks and I think I'm gonna start by doing it from here to here and We're gonna have so much fun! So what I've done is I kind of held it up to see how much beads I need and I counted about 15 and what we're gonna do is this kind of like a keychain so it's just gonna thread on there like so so we'll just There we got it on that one.

That went on quicker than I thought! And then.



We'll do the same on the hook on the inside of this Ooooo!!! This is pretty, isn't it?! First one done.

What do you think? So pretty.

I love it! So we'll just go all the way around Okay, so now I'm gonna do kind of the same thing but on the underside so it's gonna follow the curve of this Okay.

So now what I'm gonna do is I've connected it all the way down this way and now I want to drape some this way So connecting from here to here.

I'm loving this project.

What do you think so far? Do you think this is something you can do? I'm very confident that you can! Okay.



So while I'm waiting for some crystals to be delivered from Amazon, I'm waiting.

They should be here any second I wanted to show you what I need to do to the light fixture the light part itself This was built for a glass shade that you weren't really supposed to see the light bulb But I wanted to switch to it to be a mini drum shade because I found these on Amazon I thought they were so adorable, but you can see when I put in the light bulb and put this on It doesn't look horrible But it's a little squatty and it's not really the way it's supposed to look.

I got this light socket extender and you just screw it in like a light bulb and that's gonna give us About another inch and a half to two inches of height, which is perfect and then you just screw your light bulb on top of that and then you put your lampshade and Boom, that's a much better height.

However That's not very attractive.

And that doesn't do anything for our beautiful glam Chandelier this would be easy if you have a skinny light fixture, but this is not a skinny light fixture It's a standard bulb width.

So I racked my brain of what to do to cover this I considered PVC pipe there was some also some other plumbing pipe that was silver that I thought might work, but I'm like that's really hard and it was kind of expensive so You'll love my result.

Hold on one second.

What I ultimately decided on is I had some paper towel holders that were Not being used and so I decided to cut them down and I covered them in white Contact paper and I think it's gonna work because our wattage of bulbs is really low and it doesn't actually touch them So what we're gonna do is just slide those over to hide all of that ugly and it looks more like a candle don't you think and then we'll just put our lampshade on and Boom so much more attractive don't you think? It's so cute and I'm not even done I'm still waiting for my dangly crystals, but I I think I'm in love! All right.

I got my crystals.

They're so pretty.

So we're gonna just finish this out All right My chandelier is done.

I am so thrilled with how it turned out I'm not quite sure that it's gonna translate well on camera I hope that it does because it is so pretty in person It is a massive transformation from builder-grade boring to something a little bit more glamorous a little bit prettier and Definitely more personality! The biggest take away hope you take from this is to be bold and brave in your decorating think outside of the box don't settle for less than what you want and Honestly, the worst thing that could have happened is yes, I would have had to buy a new light fixture if this went wrong.




maybe and You know, that wouldn't be awesome, but I didn't really like what was there before anyways? The best thing that could happen is that I have a result super happy with I love how this looks now and I saved money doing it if you consider having to hire an electrician Buying a whole new light fixture, you know would be several hundred dollars for that and then you get the electrician So what we did it was to be saved money I'm kind of proud of myself and that is exactly what I want to teach you how to do each and every week is to be brave in your Decorating and and it really feels good to do something yourself make something beautiful be creative It's awesome So that leads me to a question I have for you What is your biggest fear in DIY or decorating? Let me know in the comment section below because I want to help you solve that fear.

Let's tackle it together Okay, so I have another project for you to use with your leftover beads from this project It costs about three dollars and it's over on my IG TV channel.

Here's a little sneak peek of what we've got going So pretty and we're just using the leftovers from this project now I've been having a little bit of issues with the IG TV So if you don't see my videos that are you can pop on over to my facebook group where I've shared them there as well But hopefully we'll get the bugs worked out over at IG TV.

I'm having so much fun doing those episodes as well So make sure you come on over there to see my decorative blingy plate.

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It really does.

So, thank you so much for watching.

We'll see you again soon.

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