DIY Epoxy Resin Sign with LEDs

hey guys what's going on I'm John Maleckiand in this video I'm gonna show you how I made this sign completely from epoxyI'm going to show you how I made sheets in order to make the lettering we'regonna do a little bit of the Shoshugibon finish and I'm gonna show

you how Imagnetized it so I could change the batteries and the light check it out sothe new shop I share an office in the common space that's going to be theshowroom with the other business and one thing that's been happening is peoplewalking in and out while I'm recording

the podcast I want to solve that problem bybuilding an on-air side so instead of getting some acrylic and having thattinted and then cheating what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna pour some resinmake sheets cut the letters out of those back light it get this thing on the

wallwith a switch so the epoxy doesn't stick I'm gonna putsome packing tape down before I assemble them and then I'll fill the cornersafter I get the box really pouring this stuff about quarter-inch thick so it'snot gonna be some crazy deep river table resin pour so removing the excess

tape toget a nice tight seam here you could actually use melamine for this and thennot have to cover everything in tape typically the epoxy won't adhere tomelamine you still need to see all the corners though so I cut the boxes bigintentionally so I could just cut them down

so I'm just actually gonna laythere this way lay some tape in the corners here that should be good enoughwe're not pouring a ton of epoxy and I don't expect to have a ton of leaks thepressure so we're using some total boat epoxy here and it's a two-to-one mixtureit's

pretty cold in here which sucks because it's gonna take forever for thisstuff to pour so instead of using the pumps I'm just going to straight-up pourit out it's a two to one ratio we're gonna pour the white and red andseparate and then use a CNC to make all

the letters so we let these dry overnight ourpanels should be good like I said I made these about a half inch oversized getthem out of the molds and then flatten them down and we're gonna CNC out theparts for the sign letters pray for me I don't think this

has gotten a fullhardness what I might do is just leave it out of the mold yeah it's definitelysomething you want to take into consideration I mean it is negativethree degrees here in Pittsburgh and I know temperature affects curing of resinso keep that in mind as you do something

this awesome if you do try to choose too hold me closer tiny hammer such a good song great movietoo let me know in the comments if you know what movie I'm talking about but itis kind of cool to peel the epoxy away Bent lam resin pours well everyoneelse's

porn resin and worrying about if it's hard enough to keep tables stableI'm over here making Laffy Taffy coffee tables and we can do the the Pok thefemale pocket and no my pockets not sexist that's just how you say it andthen pour make a very red resin and pour

it in there and sand the whole thingdown I think that'd be I might be our best bet this time we're gonna use an epoxycoloring that's a little bit more red we're going to mock the box up so I canjust make sure that the sign is going to fit

inside and then we'll stand to signoff with some spacers instead of dadoing it in that way if I ever need toreplace it not a couple TIP TIME! because i already bored thiswhole out i want to make it bigger this won't find Center and we'll just wobblearound like that

so I'm just gonna take this piece ofscrap wood here cut a hole in it and use that as my template so hold that right Whos been messing with my drill that the important place these are pretty cool these arespring-loaded corner clamps they're used for like trim carpentry Iuse

them a bunch you do leave a little indent but they spring things in nicelywhen you're making biters I have a link down the description if you guys aregrab yourselves to see you said so we look at interior to be a littlebit more reflective than just bare wood sooo

we're thinking we're gonna paint itwhite I'll take this off hit it with a little spray primer in there so he installed this light I cut it outI wired it in I wired in the pull and the pull exploded because I didn't lookat how many amps are coming from

the light so we're gonna go different routewith this I went and got a wireless battery-powered light I'm gonna put thatin the background I'm not going to turn on from whereverthen we're gonna magnetize the front plate into the housing and that shouldfunction for if I ever need to change

those batteries out shut up we're recording thank you guys so much fortuning in this project was a complete experiment turned out really awesome andI'm super pumped about it if you want to see some more of my projects I gotanother one cued up for you right here I

also want to thank my sponsor for thisbuild Bernzomatic I've got a link down and description to the torches Iwas using in this build if you want to check those out and lastly thank youguys one more time for tuning in go punch your next project in theface I'll see

you on the next video

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