Dodge RAM LED License Plate Bulb – Sylvania Bulb CANBUS FAIL

What's up guys at today's video we're gonna be installing LED lights again, so I'm trying to get this right this is for the Lights that go around the license plate area, so the ones that surround the license plate area basically just illuminate there I put in cheap $0.

99 ones that you guys probably saw the video on before But these ones basically are a name-brand one that we're gonna try this time, so these are Sylvania ones.

They're LED and I'll bring I put these in they won't throw an error and That's a laugh a little bit longer because actually one of the ones and hopefully I can catch it on film But one of the ones sometimes has a little flickering tendency on the one side so and again I can't really expect too much from those guys.

I mean there were 99 cents so I mean they did their part They still work they function one of them might be flickering they throw the light on the dash But for the most part, I mean this install is super straightforward It's not really complicated, but I want to basically review these for you guys See if they actually work for our trucks, and they don't cause a lot of headaches.

They were super cheap I was at Walmart And I just saw them on the shelf so they were like six bucks a piece so whatever you wanna Call it like twelve bucks for two of them so and you give these guys a shot again, and let's see how they hold up Okay, so to remove it you're basically just gonna stick your hand up here.

You're gonna turn this in counterclockwise the connector It's gonna fall out and then you're gonna see like that Break these guys.

I've got a package here And swap our bulb Well, there's the old one Slide the new one in here You'll also want to check for polarity because I think they only work one way so go ahead and hit our key It doesn't work right now Don't we take this out? flip 180 degrees of Course it works now, so we're good to go Put it up here So you put it up in and then you turn it clockwise and it's in place Notice how it looks now, that's a comparison to that one and here's the cheap 99-cent one so this one looks a little bit more blue Then the Sylvania one which is okay, this one's just a clean white light, so let's go ahead and swap the other side Same thing on this side you're gonna turn it counterclockwise Pull it down And then of course you have your bulb And get a wiggle it out same things before you get your Sylvania bulb Pop it in That doesn't illuminate take it out flip it on 80 degrees Good to go throw back in And turn it clockwise Okay, so here's the color both sides During the day and hope that they don't throw light on the dash okay, guys, so it's been a couple days now since I put those Sylvania bulbs in the back and It has come up before well.

Let's see if this error message is still coming out.

Let's see we got here, so it'll cycle through to our messages Yeah, this one here service tire pressure system that's because I stole all those sensors in but this one Four six, it's still Yeah, I'm gonna pull those bulbs out of there, I mean there were six or seven bucks a piece plus tax and then obviously the 99-cent ones 99 cents ones that I had that for the pair they basically they worked fine they worked the same as this so I Can go ahead and put the cheap ones back in and probably return those Sylvania ones, but I'll keep on the lookout for Ones that actually are can bus compatible because doesn't appear that these ones are And I'm gonna finally find them that actually worked correctly, so don't don't worry I will get those in there, so I'll find those and at the same time to Try to find those bulbs, and hopefully we get this all sorted out once and for all But I'm gonna try to try to make it work And hopefully we don't have to cut into the harness or do any Resistors or anything like that so that's the goal.

I know this wasn't the outcome we wanted but again This is me trying stuff for you guys So if you liked this video give it a thumbs up subscribe and we'll see you the next video take care.

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