Dollar Tree DIY Lighted Chandelier

hello everyone Daniel Walcott here butwe're going to be making a do-it-yourself lighted chandelier thatI'm very very anxious to share with you how many times have you looked on thesewedding sites and on these in these bridal pots when you see these lovelychandeliers with these zooming crystals just hanging with

the light just ever sodelicately reflecting off of them well today I'm going to show you how to makeone of these chandeliers for yourself using mostly about ninety percent dollartree materials with of course some crystals that you will have to getelsewhere I will place those links in the description

box belowbut without any further ado let's get started for this project you will need four ofthese candle holders you will also need two of these LED push lights you willneed one of these decorative plastic platters and one of these decorativeglass bowls you will need a roll of bling

wrap and all of theseaforementioned items came from the Dollar Tree you will also need anassortment of crystal garlands I'm working with two decorative types todayand I will place those links in the description box below and of courseyou'll need flowers any color scheme of your choosingyou will need of

course your handy dandy tools and for this project we will beworking with a soldering gun that is going to help us to poke the holes inthe plastic using this sharp attachment alright let's get cracking so the firstthing we're going to do is a fix our candle holder excuse

me to our glassbowl and the reason why we're doing this iswe're going to be creating a base for our chandelier to stand and so the firstthing that we have to do is a fix one of these glass candle holders to thisbeautiful decorative Bowl and we're going to do

this by using e6000 glueonly that means my darlings that we are going to or you are going to when you'rerecreating this have to work on this project in stages in order to give thatglue a chance to dry and so just using my e6000 glue I'm going to fix

thisright at the crown of that bowl of course having turned it over and once Ihave done so and found my placement I am going to set this portion of our base onthe side to dry and I will give it anywhere from 12 to 24 hours then thenext thing

we're going to do is take these two candle holders which is goingto be again a part of our chandelier and I'm going to fix those two together andthen that other one I'm going to place on top of the candlestick that we'rewaiting to dry that is on top of

that bowl and so again just going in onlywith the e6000 glue setting the other candlestick upside down on top of itmaking sure by using the beveled edges that those two candlesticks are lined upcongruently exactly alike and then we're going to set those two candlesticks todry the third one

we're going to wait until that bowl is dry so we can fix allof them together and so the next thing that we're going to do in preparing forour lighted chandelier is we're going to make some holes in that littledecorative lip of our platter and to do this I

am going to be using mybrand-spanking-new soldering gun that online and I'll be sure to leave that inthe description box for you and so just making sure that that soldering gun hasturned on I have mine set to 350 degrees and I'm using the pointed attachmentthat came with it all

I'm gonna do is following the pattern that is already onthat lip I'm just going to poke holes and as you can see like butter it is avery smooth process and just continuing this process going all the way arounduntil I have continued and made all the holes I needed

– coming right backaround on the backside and if you can see my holes are nice and situatedalright so now that we have made our holes what we're going to do now is afix our crystal garland to that platter and as you can see here I'm going inwith alternating

patterns and to do this of course I pre measured and I realizedthat I needed only 21 gems to get the length that I needed now note I did notcount the Rings that attach these gems together I only counted the gems itselfand so alternating them one pattern the next

pattern one pattern the nextpattern until I got all of the crystal garlands that I needed and now justgoing in making sure to use your nails to open those rings as best as you couldI promise you it is an easy process once you figure out your style or once

youfigure out how you're going to get it done eventually I did but at the cost ofmy two thumbnails but it's okay I got it done and all we going to do is continuearound the circumference of that platter until we have affixed all of our crystalgarlands I'm going to

continue working and then I'll come back to show you whatthat looks like alright so here we have the top of ourchandelier with all of our crystal garlands now what we are going to dohere now is turn this platter upside downover on itself now mind you because we're working

with rings some of thosecrystal garlands will or may tangle up one on the other but that's okay it'svery easy to untangle them but what we're going to be doing now is placingour push lights this is the mechanism that is going to give our chandelierthat elegant luxurious l-e-d light

that we see so often in these commerciallights that they sell for what two three four five hundred dollars and up and sojust going in with my bling wrap to make sure that these lights are just notunderneath there you know doing nothing we got to fix it up a

little bitdecorate it a little bit so that we're working with a complete project I'm justgoing in with my e6000 glue and I'm going around the circumference of thatlight to make sure that if that light is visible it too is seamless and it fitswith the decor of this chandelier

once we have a fixed up bling wrap down oraround rather that light then we will fix those lights to the inside orunderneath of our platter and if you have not worked with these push lightsbefore you may not know but they come with an adhesive that's already stuck toit

kind of like double sided tape for my teachers if you know and you just peelthat off and you stick that to the plastic container now if you want tomake this in more permanent fix you could also go in with some e6000 glueand what I'm going to show you

that even though you peel and you um fix thatlight to that plastic you still will have accessibility to your batteries soyou will be able to change your batteries out once they die or if theyI and this project will last you a long time and so if you see

here I am goingto turn them on show you that they work and then I'm going to show you what oneof them how is just quickly a turn if you notice the back stays the top halfof it comes off with the batteries pop those batteries out put some morebatteries

and lock it back in place and there you go so our chandelier is nowlighted now what we're going to do here now is complete our base and stem forour chandelier and as I promised you we are now going to take that one candleholder that was left out like

the cheese the cheese stands aloneand we are going to glue him to his partner using e6000 glue and just alittle bit of hot glue so that we can continue working if you're doing thisproject at home I would recommend only using the e6000 glue because sometimeswhat the hot glue

done is allow your glass maybe to get crooked if it is notsqueezed all the way together and so now that we have placed that lonely kind ofholder with its partner we're going to go in with our second set of candleholders and place them on top of the first

two that are already there andthen once we have done that what we're going to do is yep you guessed it putthose or that base that foundation on the side so that it can dry and like Isaid I would possibly leave it for maybe about a good 12 to

24 hours the longeryou leave a 24 to 48 hours the stronger that bond will get but for my purposesI'm just going in with some e6000 glue and some hot glue to ensure that I cancontinue filming the video and completing this project ofcourse for you to see and once

we have a fixed those candle holders all togetherit is just a matter of waiting for them to dry so that we can continue so nowwhat we're going to do I'm going to be giving you one option with which you canuse this project I actually made two of these

as I'm preparing for an eventthat's coming up I have to make five of these for that event but what I'm goingto do now is I'm going to show you how you can fix flowers to this using yourfloral sponge but not making it necessary a permanent fix and so

whatI'm gonna do here now is I'm going to go in with some velcro strips that I gotfrom Lowe's I believe it is and these velcro strips luckily have adhesive onthe back of them so really all you have to do is put down your velcro strips oneon either side

one on your platter and the corresponding side on your floralfoam and then what you can do is as you will see me do you will be able to placeyour flowers on it for an event if you so choose to use flowers one time if youwanted to do something

different the next time you could because all youwould have to do pull your flowers out pull your floral foam off take yourvelcro strips off put them back on the little piece of plastic that I'm takingthem off now as you can see and you can go in with another

idea so this projectis very versatile and in the outro you will see one with flowers and of courseone without flowers and so now that I have affixed my velcro pieces I am goingto show you that once you place it down it is set it is stuck now yesput

a little bit super fucker and so they came right off the velcro stayedattached to the velcro and the adhesive came off of the foam but my darling itis a good thing because it shows you that this is not a permanent fix it'snot going to stay attached to your

floral foam and that floral foam will beable to be reused time and time again and so just continuing this process withthat one and going in with its partner on the other side just using thosevelcro strips to do the same thing so that we will have a full base

with whichwe can affixed those lovely beautiful flowers that we got from Hobby Lobby ofcourse if you wanted to make this an entire Dollar Tree DIY you could getyour flowers from there but again as soon as I saw these flowers I just knewwhat I had to do with them

and so just continuing this process as I go puttingthem down but I just want to show you how easy this process is so that you canknow that it is not going to be a permanent fix and you will be able to goin and change things up as you

see fit if you wanted to have another topper onyour chandelier and here we go and there is the base for your flowers and thenonce I do that I'm going to start placing my flowers look at how lovelyand beautiful and large those roses are and then I'm just going

to continue thisprocess as I go around the base of that floral foam and then continue to Centerthe top and the sides alright so here is our floral base or sorry our floralarrangement on top of our shine there and so I'm just going in with my6,000 glue preparing adhesive

for where the top of our chandelier is going tosit and then I'm going to ever so carefully fill itthose acrylic gems to make sure that they're not getting stuck on that glueand all I'm doing now is finding my placement making sure that the top ofthe chandelier is sitting

flush right smack in the middle of that base and itmight take some time because I'm working upside-down but once I have found myplacement what I'm going to do is press it down a little bit adding somepressure to it to insure that it's going to stay in place right

where it's saidand so now what I'm going to do is clean this upget rid of my glue fronds and then I'll be back to show you guys the finishedproject so here it is my Danny's darlings our completed project Here I amI'm showing you two options the one that

we just created with the flowers on topand this second one or rather the first one I created that I have left to itsown devices so here you can see you are able to decorate these chandeliers asyou see fit or even just leave the chandelier in its natural form

allowingit to stand in its beauty for itself and so as you can see our chandeliers areturned on there is light coming from our two LED lights that we are fixed to ourplastic platter and what I also did after I thought about it I took anotherone of those LED

lights and I placed it underneath that glass bowl so you havelight shining from above you have light shining up from below and then all ofthose crystals are reflecting that beautiful light I mean these pieces aresimply gorgeous I must say I think this is one of the myfavorite project

that I have done this far listen you tell me what would you dowith these chandeliers would you use them for a bridal ceremony would you usethem at a formal event would you make one and simply just put it on yourbedside table I am curious please be sure to

leave me some comments in thecomment section below and not only that please be sure to like this video let meknow that you liked it and I would appreciate it so kindly lastly to myDanny's darlings and thank you guys for the comments of questions the love thesupport as we

continue to grow our DIY community and for those of you who maybehappen upon this video we would just collectively ask you to humbly considerjoining our DIY community as we continue to learn and grow from each other andcraft together my darling

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