Ebay LED floodlight scam warning.

led floodlights are very popular in eBay at the moment they're cheap and they seem to be quite bright and they certainly do save a lot of energy so let's plug this one in and just see how bright it is oh that's pretty good looks okay the sensor works

okay but is it 20 watt well let's bring in a parameter here I will plug it into the parameter and the parameter says the 20 watt light is drawing 13 watts and I know that the password farad sensor here uses one of those wires so the actual power

of the LED is 12 watts and you know what I got lucky because many of these are actually just putting out 10 watts to the 20 watt LED and I'm not sure why they're just using a 10 watt driver for a 20 watt LED and the same applies

to the same applies to the smaller fixtures like this 10 watt one which is actually using a 3 watt driver they led the whole fixture actually draws about 4 watts but that's that's nowhere near 10 watts that's not even half the reaching that you're paying for I'm not

sure if this is an economy measure or it's because they're overheating and it's a goodness knows I'm guessing it's just to save money no that's just the start of this story we're going to disconnect this now from my little test setup which is completely non-compliant the I would

have put a plug in this but there it's not very long lead and also you may have to cut the end off because there this one came stripped with such zealousness that it's through to the copper on every single wire where they've cut it no let's look at

the error so I've got a meter here and we'll check earth continuity to the case this is a simple continuity test here and we're going to be testing from the earth wire on to any metal exposed metal that's red that's not covered and pinned so it the screws

I'm going to test on him so here's the earth wire and the key Flags nothing no earth continuity at all so let's open it up and take a look inside the cover comes off with four screws this short flex is annoying it means that theoretically you have to

try and put it into a junction box very close but in reality and it's not going to even reach once you get that bracket in a wall the Flex isn't good to reach anything so that's going to result in people making pitting joints which isn't a good result

or having floating junction boxes so that's the four screws out the cover lifts off this little frame and then the glass is stuck to silicon and Mobb just lifts off it may stick to the silicon a bit but it comes off watch out for broken glass shards on

the corners where they've chopped it this starts off as a rectangular piece of glass and then they smash off the corners and sometimes they remit rough with them so inside we have the LED a reflector and a ballast so let's take the reflector off this is usually held

on by a screw at each corner diagonally opposing corners but I see they've got three screws in this one this must be the luxury model the reflector comes off reveal the LED and a floating earth wire not connected to anything sometimes even just crop it off or sometimes

they actually hide it by gluing it out the way sometimes it's even got a little Spade crimping it a ring crimp but still not connected to anything I am not sure why they do this it's really common in these floodlights they just leave the earth floating and this

is an aluminium case it's conductive it's a means voltage light it should be grounded and if you decide to ground one yourself then you can put a ring crimp on it and maybe clean up one of these connections one of these pillars make sure you're getting a good

connection and sandwich it between the reflector but I just don't know why they they just leave these disconnected it's really common the LED is held on by two diagonal opposing screws and there should be heat sink compound behind it and there is heatsink combo de can see it's

squishing out the sides that's a good result some of them they don't put much heat sink compound some of them they put none here's the little ballast it's the culprit here because this should be a big ballast there should be a 20 watt power supply and it's not

even stuck down oh they've tried sticking it down but it's obviously come off and but this as I say should be 20 watt but it's a 10 watt supply and just don't know why they're doing this the first and LED lights like this came out with proper ballasts

proper power supplies but they don't have them no they seem to be a lot of them seem to be Oh with these half rating supplies I'm not sure if it's a thermal issue because maybe they weren't dissipating enough heat from the back or maybe the supplies were overheating

inside the case but yeah so just keep this in mind if you buy these that if you go for a 20 watt you may not get a 20 watt you may get if you go for a 10-watt you make up for what or less and and they almost

certainly seem to just come with the earth disconnected so just a note you know what you're buying [Music]

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