Exhart Solar LED Metal Bird Flower Spinner Wind Chime

yard well this is gorgeous it is brand-new comes to us from exarch solar love these guys this is our metal bird flower spinner wind chime it does a little bit of everything when the wind cuts is that the flower in the center will spin we glows at night

because it's got a solar battery a charged battery in it and it's it so spins it lights up and it has wind chimes on the bottom I love this if you're a fan of Cardinals I have it in Cardinal I have it in Bluebird and I also have

it in hummingbird and you'll see it's multi-level can I walk over to this one really quick sigh no Tracey Cain's gonna be calling in in a sec but I want to show you I'll just come over here real quick and show you so up here and this is

daytime so it's not so it's not lit up yet but up here this will spin right as it catches little bits of wind the light circles around there and lights everything up and there it is at night and you can see it actually lighting up see the little

lights in the center spins around and then on the bottom you've got wind chimes as well so you got multiple ways that this will entertain you again humming bird blue bird or Cardinal the size of it is about 20 inches by about 6 inches wide and it'll go

about 40 inches high so that gives you an idea look at the Bluebird isn't it great 3595 the item number is six eight nine one five one do we have Tracey Kane yet hey we got Tracy Kay Tracy Kane's one of our life I was gonna say our

home and lifetime expert she does a little bit of everything not with us and we're glad to have her with us hi Tracy good morning hey Tracy how are you I don't they really will you take us on a little tour as you're looking at it of everything

that you're seeing here but I love that it's solar that lights up at night I love that too so I love that these are really nice size also though being almost 20 inches long and six inches wide they make a really nice statement in your garden yeah what

I really love about these is that you don't have to have a green thumb like I'm definitely not a great planter but they add that and that beauty to your garden that make no pretty but you have eleven solar powered LEDs and these don't like really nicely at

night and it's being lit by the Sun so you don't have to worry about putting in batteries or doing anything to it love that no maintenance right you see your your your cut from the same cloth that's me tracing with it we got families to take care of

it all that stuff well listen that's why you know my garden is really on my it's on my deck I don't have a lot of other than trees and shrubs and grass and stuff like that I don't have a really a lot of room for a full out

garden so I love the fact that I can have something like this and you know it's great to traces if you don't have you know a lot of property maybe you live in an apartment or whatever it is you could put this anywhere you know I mean you

could literally long as it gets a little Sun every day and then you've got all these different layers of kind of entertainment as you go yeah I mean maybe a little stake and you put it into one ear plant the hots that you have on your deck that

would be so pretty and I love that shine found that this makes it's very soothing and I feel like that's something that we all kind of need right now and just enjoying their homes or enjoying our outdoors or spending so much time and this is something that's gonna

bring that peacefulness here home it really does and it does it in a great way you know this is great if you've only got maybe room for one thing we actually have a staked spinner coming up a little bit later so if you do have some area in

your yard but this one is really ideal to hang in and around your home so if you wanted to put this out on a deck or if you wanted to kind of nestled it in where your flowers are you could hang it it comes with the little hook

and a little chain so you can hang it but if you wanted to adjust you know you could use fishing line or anything like that but let me give everybody the choices one more time so hummingbird Bluebird or Cardinal you're looking at Bluebird there I love the fact

that all these are hand-painted and there's a lot of detail when you look at it up close Tracy there really is and I don't we're aware but that's actually been a family owner operated for over 30 years and they're just known for brains they like to say that

they're known for happy homes and smiling gardens yeah but you know they bring whimsical nasir home a Burin elegant but they also are really into having it's durable he says we're here so I've actually had one of my experts chimed out on since last year I didn't take

it in all year and it still as vibrant and it was again I took it out of the box because it's made of that weather resistant materials oh yeah metal yeah there's also for like UV protected so it's not going to fade in this honor now these things

are built to be outside in fact we've got one up in the corner I want to show everybody this one since Kimmy and Lindsay worked so hard to make it stand up there without moving the rod we had a little bit of a breeze and it was hanging

from a wire so it actually kept coming out of in and out of the shot so it's either one that we have in the back I'll walk back there Tracy I'll try to go through my little jungle here and I'll show you so here it is here and

you can sort of see this is when the wind catches that we put it in the corner and we kind of fixed it so wouldn't do that until I just messed it up but then you've got the chime at the bottom and Tracy you were saying you love

the sound you ready yeah I love that too because sometimes you have those big giant pipes and they're kind of like like an organ you know when you're playing that these are really really soft and subtle and you will absolutely love these all right so we've got another

thing that we want to go to and we're gonna be switching time but I want to remind everybody Tracy you stay there on the line if you want to get $20 off on this and make it 15 bucks you could do that if you get a brand-new HSN

credit card everybody we will put $20 in your account and we will are we moving over there I'm going over there right I didn't see any cameras over here so what's the turf I'm going over here anyway we are moving on but if you want to take advantage

of that credit card it's a really great way to be able get some money off something Lou listen to the birds

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