Exhart Solar LED Spinning Flowers Garden Stake

sound effects so we're gonna step over into the other part of our yard and we've got more things here that I think that's a cardinal let me say it is a Gardo clue the cardinal can you get a shot of them oh my gosh see I told you you do things we have Tracy we have the most beautiful Cardinal we're gonna try to get a shot of it deacons right up under the light there he goes we missed them and there's his partner can you actually hear that I wonder if you guys can hear that in the background while we set up our cameras here that's pretty awesome I just I get so excited when we see Cardinals because I think they're wonderful anyway we're gonna talk next about the garden stake that we have if the Cardinal comes back we'll get a shot of it but it was beautiful gorgeous we love this so every little individual flower here you'll see sparkles and glitters these are also solar-powered you get your choice of either the blue or the pink these are on sale today these are only $29.

95 and these also have beautiful details and really really nice auditions to them and each one's got lots of little blooms on it as well Tracy tell me a little bit about these we have nineteen LED lights in here and each individual flower each blossom actually is going to move oh my gosh so it actually gives it a little bit of energy to your garden that is gorgeous so that is really really beautiful so we've got two color choices it either comes in blue or it comes in pink each one of those little flowers kind of works on its own they spin and look at them look at how they go and these are also a solar-powered so yeah you know I love things like this because again to your point earlier Tracy no maintenance right they are fantastic so I'm gonna step over to one and I'll show you exactly what they look like so here they are this is the one that's in pink and you'll see these are all those little individual flowers and there all wired up so that they will all light up at night and you can't tell it now cuz it's daytime and the solar dose turns on when the Sun Goes Down but it guy has a little arch to it and you could put this absolutely anywhere I mean think about it if you want to put this in your yard you could do that you could flank certain plants you could put it where you have a lot of greenery where you want to get something just a little pop of color it is the battery is already pre-installed and that will charge up all day and then they'll go for about six or seven hours to eight hours at night it really depends on where you put it how much sunlight it gets but I just think just a little touch you need to put them on either side of the front porch and have them just nestled in there so when you come home at night you got a little something lit up to make you feel good I love stuff like this Tracy you know you were saying God how you have something you have mostly like shrubs and bushes a lot of green in your yard but how pretty the sixties in the middle of that and then you'll have that pop of color but yet you're not having to take care of it you want to make mention though on the screen on the video it is looking like the flowers are purple they are pink it's pink it's a really pretty pink yeah yes right there you know you're a hundred percent right I think it's just the way that it was shot will show you actually what the pink looks like live and you can see right there I want to get in the shot so you can see it there it is in the pink 29.

95 is your price by the way we have flex pay and you know if you use your $20 gift card on this it would only be 995 I always tell everybody you know if you don't have a lot of room in your yard this is a really great thing to have because like like you were just saying I don't have a lot of flowers around my yard everything is pretty much out on the deck I do have a couple of flowers in the front but because they don't get a lot of Sun I don't supply it all I have mostly green stuff there Tracy I could put these I could just tuck these right in and around and just make sure they get a little sunny yeah right yes you didn't have to make sure that little solar disk is getting some final light effect on for you and they stand 28 inches tall so it's a nice tight fit in with the rest of your greenery the rest of your plant and these are made of a durable weather resistant material so they're gonna stand up over the test of time and just look beautiful for you and you don't have to if I was awesome no proving necessary now yeah and remember it what you could do too is in the off season yeah these are really easy to just pop out and put into your garage or your storage shed if you want you could leave them out all year it's totally up to you but I love the fact that you have options like that so if you'd like these again listen to those Cardinals can you guys are my Cardinals up in the control room yeah you guys air really laughs we're gonna try to get a shot of them dink it's gonna try to catch one of them it's a male and a female they're right behind me up here somewhere grab these while you can flexpay only $4.

99 brand-new six eight nine one four nine is that it for Tracy I think that's it for you my dear thank you hey listen we're out here by ourselves we really appreciate all you guys calling in and Skype it in with us so have a great day and we'll talk to you again soon Tracy see you later all right grab him while you can't 29.

95 flexpays available this is guys in the garden you know I know a lot of your home and you're looking for stuff to do and maybe you're looking for some to add to your routines what a great little project to have some beautiful artwork and I have more.

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