Exploding Sun LED Lamp | Simple DIY Project

Hi! Maria here from Creativity Herochannel.

In this video I will show you how I made an exploding Sun lamp out ofStyrofoam and optical fibers.

The lamp might seem a bit complicated at firstglance, but it is actually very simple project that can be done in a day.

Alsoit requires just a few basic tools that everyone has at home, so I encourage youto follow my instructions and make your own outstanding peace of art.

Now let'sget started! For this project I used a Styrofoam sphere with 20 centimetersdiameter.

It consists of two halves, which is exactly what I need.

This socket needsto be placed in the center of one half of the sphere, hence I need to make ahole to fit it in.

The diameter of the socket is around 40 millimeters, but Icouldn't use the socket itself to draw a circle because it is bell shaped, and itis much wider on the end.

Luckily, the electrical tape that I havehas exactly 40 millimeters diameter so I took it to outline the circle.

Theopening I made with the utility knife which works pretty well on Styrofoam.

Itried to follow the line very carefully, making sure I don't remove more than Ineeded.

The opening perfectly fits the socket and now I can move on to the nextstep.

Here I have around 100 meters of optical fibers that need to be insertedinto the sphere.

But first I'll use a medical needle to make tiny holes intothe Styrofoam.

In order to be able to insert the fibers easily I made as manyholes as possible on both halves of the sphere.

The hub of the needle served as ahandle, thus it was very easy to make those holes.

Be sure to check out thevideo description where you can find links to all the tools and materialsneeded for this project.

Once I'm done with the holes, I need toattach magnets to the sphere, to keep the two halves together.

Instead glue, Idecided to use magnets because that way I can easily remove one half of thesphere and replace the bulb if needed.

I have for now Neodymium magnets with size 20 by 10 by 4 millimeters.

They are pretty large, so I'll attach themvertically, which means they'll attract each other with the smallest surface of10 by 4 millimeters.

The neodymium magnets are very strong and they'll holdthe two halves together pretty well.

To attach the magnets onto the StyrofoamI used 5 min epoxy.

But if you choose different type of glue, you mightwant to test it first, because it can melt or dissolve the Styrofoam.

Also, when gluing the magnets make sure they attract each other on both sides.

Now itis time to make the sphere more vibrant by adding some color to it.

At first I wanted to spray-paint the sphere, but after spraying a scrap pieceof Styrofoam, I noticed that it started to melt.

That's why I went with acrylicpaint, and combined white as a primary color with a few drops of yellow and redtint in order to get a color that will remind of the Sun.

While the paint was drying, I continuedwith the optical fibers.

I cut different lengths of the fibers with scissors.

Theshortest are 5 centimeters, and the longest are around 60 centimeters.

This will actually give the effect of explosion of the Sun.

Before I startedinserting the fibers, I noticed that I actually needed more holes into the foam, therefore I took the needle and made a bunch of other random holes.

Thisadditional step didn't affect the color at all.

Now I can move on to the mosttime-consuming part of the project, which is inserting the fibers into the holes.

This type of optical fibers perfectly transmits to light from one end of thefiber to the other.

It took me around 2 hours to finish this step.

To keep the fibers in place, I appliedhot glue onto the fibers inside the sphere.

I used toothpicks to apply a small amount of hot glue on each fiber.

Thisalso gave the hot glue time to cool down just a little, because when applied directly it melds the fibers.

You need to be very carefulhere and avoid applying glue directly onto the end of the fiber, since youdon't want to prevent the light transmission.

Next, I moved on to thesocket.

I cut around 20 centimeters cable and removed 2 centimeters of thejacket with a utility knife.

I used wire strippers to remove the insulation offof the ends of the wires.

Then, I attached the wires into the socket interior andscrewed on the shell.

I chose warm white LED light bulb.

It isvery important to use LED bulb because it produces very small amount of heat.

Now that I am done assembling the parts, I can mount it onto the ceiling.

Finally, I can attach the other half of the sphere, turn the light on and enjoy themesmerizing beauty of the lamp.

This is very simple and unique project which canbe used both indoors and outdoors.

There are no limits on how you can make thislamp: you can use larger or smaller sphere, you can add more optical fibers, you can even change the color of the sphere and the lights, it's all up toyou.

Thank you so much for watching.

I hope you enjoyed this video.

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